Colorado Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Updated : June 18th, 2019

You must make a continued and organized effort to seek work. A workforce center will assign you a number of contacts you must make each week.

You must keep a list of these efforts; CDLE (Colorado Department of Labor and Employment) may request proof at any time up to two years after your benefit-year end date. You may find work-search log sample on

For every job contact you must keep a verifiable list of:

  1. What action you took
  2. The method by which you applied for a job
  3. The type of work you were looking for
  4. The person you contacted, a telephone number, email address or other reliable contact information
  5. The outcome of the contact

CDLE may conduct an audit of your claim at any time. You may be asked to provide your work-search log. If you are unable to produce the log with all requirements, you may be denied benefits.

  1. One of the sites I look for work is Craigslist. Resume is sent to a Craigslist email address, and most times company info is not given. Does this count for a “job contact” as required?

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