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elibility for extention

Discussion in 'Benefits Extension' started by Randy Canaan, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Randy Canaan

    Randy Canaan Guest

    I was inform that I have received all of the benefits that I am to receive which was 24 weeks. I have heard that some people receive up to 2 years. How do I find out about getting an extention?
  2. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    There is no extension available now. The E.U.C(Emergency unemployment compensation) that provided additional weeks of benefits remains expired.

    Please check further with the labor dept in your state.
  3. nicholas

    nicholas Guest

    no question just a statement regarding the above question about hearing people being on U.C. for 2 years. as usual seems that those who can take advantage of a situation again ruined it for those who need it. who may i ask, is tasked with oversight to make sure funds are used appropriately? as the above person also is facing i have two children and im a single father,48 , ive worked and payed in since i was able to work. now for the first time i need the U.C. insurance i payed for all this time and what... its exhausted???? i am only entitled to 26 weeks then...... I also know of people who were on for way beyond 26 weeks.... what stopped them from gaining employment???? so many time i have heard " sure i got job offers but at 3/4 or 1/2 what i was getting paid.are you crazy..... i cant live on that... so they collect for 2+ years......GUESS WHAT you leaches......U.C. usually is only 1/2 of what you were earning at your prior job..... and it was good enough to ride out for the next god knows how long.....had no problem living on it then!!!!! did we???? im a former facilities director and i have apps out everywhere.... and will go back to "working for a living" on 1/2 of my former income.....something has to be done to weed out the dead self entitled weight of those who can but choose not to.....and are allowed to
  4. Steve

    Steve Administrator


    I can understand your frustration. Please note that this website is not a resource or sponsored by the govt. Wish we could do anything further to assist. Please check further with the labor in your state.
  5. Johnny

    Johnny Guest

    I have worked steadily and faithfully for the past 27 years in this so called foreign owned plant. Being Union, we were "Locked Out" NOT "on strike" .. The Company chose and decided to Order us Out .. Yes ! 450 members, along with that, aborted all benefits including insurance. Why hasn't Legislative reform made it possible for these "foreign owned" companies mandatory to at least cover 1 month to our members and families. Its a hard hit!! They can do this and get away with it without any repercussion or pressure from our so called "govt." whom so many members were war veterans, sons of veterans, and fathers of veterans,victims of cancer, on and on .. With 26 weeks of UI our chances of getting a decent paying job in this low populated area is almost impossible. When we do apply we are marked out as "the guys on strike" . and lots of the jobs are in there , where we will not cross the picket line. Legislation must act and change on this kind of act of inhumane decency for Americans to keep working. We did not walk out, we were ordered to leave. Now when we run out of UI . with the subject being "Extension in Texas"... What is expected? Is the extension even on the legislative agenda? One can blame us, but don't bring down our families !!!!

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