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Moving from out-of-state

Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by JenPadilla81, May 31, 2016.

  1. JenPadilla81

    JenPadilla81 New Member

    I currently reside in CA, but will need to leave. My husband is in jail for domestic abuse, criminal threats and inflicting corporal injury on a child. I do not have any family in CA and cannot afford to live here without a second income (we moved here together 11 yrs ago). My mom and brother live in MN and I want to move back with them for family, emotional/financial/child support. If I quit my job in CA and move to MN, would I be eligible for unemployment or would I get screwed?
  2. charlotte_mason

    charlotte_mason New Member

    ohhh wow, poor you(((( I hope you will deal with it

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