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Quit Job

Discussion in 'West Virginia' started by Dee Dee, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee Guest

    Can I receive unemployment if I quit my job of 12 years because my new boss makes work unbearable daily? I work in a call center and our company owns several across the US. We have daily calls to touch base and discuss numbers. Every single day for the last few months my boss has done nothing but say terrible things about everything I do. I can currently do nothing right and it is making it very hard to go to work in that atmosphere. I am on salary and have worked double shifts for over a year - when not at work I am on the phone doing work related items. My free time is non-existent and now they are requiring several text messages a day from me on my personal phone that they don't pay for. I am also required to go in some weekends and am on call 7 days a week. My duties are over-whelming but the company will not let me hire anybody to help due to budgeting purposes. I am trying not to quit but I leave the office everyday in tears. I am in charge of 140 plus employees and I do not like the environment that is being created. Although my boss lives out of state and communicates mostly by phone the expectations are not attainable. He has said to me several times that I need to hire more male Managers in my office although I hire based on performance not gender. He says terrible things to me then follows it by 'this is not a threat I just want to help you succeed' - they are normally threats about my job. Not sure how much longer I can do this but I can't afford not to work.
  2. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    There is a very thin line here. Quitting voluntarily will make you ineligible.

    Please tread carefully. If there is a hostile situation, please seek relief under relevant labor laws in your state.

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