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Standard vs Alternate base period

Discussion in 'California' started by Jules, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Jules

    Jules Guest

    In 2014 I only worked from mid August-December (I was a stay at home mom before this). I just ended this job on Feb 21 (it was a freelance project) and filed for UI the next week. They used the wages from my standard base period (July/Aug/Sept 2014) to estimate my benefit amount. Unfortunately this only amounted to $10,500 so my benefit is only $5,250 which will last appx 12 weeks. I am worried if I don't find a job within that 12 weeks, will I be out of luck to file for more benefits until my claim expires 1 year after I began it? After those benefits run out, can I open a new claim to access the money from the wages I made in Oct/Nov/Dec (which are a lot more and the benefits would last about 2x as long)? OR should I just wait to open this claim in April when they will use Oct/Nov/Dec as my standard base period. Thanks!
  2. Steve

    Steve Administrator


    The calculation is based on various personal inputs that includes based period earnings and months worked during this period. If you've been approved for 12 weeks, it means you will only be eligible to receive weekly compensation for the allotted time. The prospects of reapplying with wages earned after base period consideration remains open.

    Speak to a claims representative from the labor dept in your state and get their view before concluding. This will help to manage future claims in a better manner.
  3. jules

    jules Guest

    thanks for your reply. it's not that they gave me only 12 weeks of UI...it's that they only gave me $5,250 because the most I made in the quarters they used for calculation was $10,500 and they award half of that. in other quarters i made upwards of $20,000 but they didn't calculate using those quarters because that is in my alternate base period. if i could get someone from CA EDD on the phone i would, but that is sadly impossible with all the budget cuts. so that's why i wrote here trying to get some clarification. i guess i should find out from someone who really knows about CA.
  4. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    Sure. You can approach someone well versed with the rules in your state.

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