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Unemployment application Issue

Discussion in 'Nevada' started by Gordon S, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Gordon S

    Gordon S Guest

    I have been trying to apply for unemployment for 3 weeks. I have all the paperwork it asks for and proper dates everything. When I get to the end it says I need to speak to someone, I call and have sat on phone for 2 hours at one point. When I put all my info into the phone it says Im not authorized to do it through the phone. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have filed unemployment before and never had an issue so not sure what is goinmg on? Has anyone else went through this and if so what was your outcome?
    I posted a thread a moment ago in a main area Thread not sure if I was supposed to put it here since I am filing in Nevada and its with Nevada unemployment issue, so I put it in both
    Thank you for any help possible
  2. Steve

    Steve Administrator

    Hope you've read my advice on further action in the main thread. Feel free to write back to us if you continue to face similar issues.
  3. bella

    bella Guest

    Hi somebody can help me i called the nevada un-employement about my claims i told them them my last full time job was 2010 coz i went back to school,but then they denied my application because they only accept who works from 2013-2014 so i was really confused how i cannot filed im paying taxes since i stop my job..thank you
  4. Steve

    Steve Administrator


    Unemployment benefits are only provided to those who were unemployed recently. While processing the application, they consider 4 of the last 5 calender quarters as base period and you do not have any employment during this time.

    Please research on other benefits that may be available for you.

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