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Unemployment Benefits While On Suspension????

Discussion in 'Nevada' started by acvegas, May 12, 2017.

  1. acvegas

    acvegas New Member

    I am a Shuttle Bus Driver for a major casino/hotel here in Las Vegas, Nevada; been employed there for 3 years no auto accidents until today. No one was hurt. Damage to the other vehicle left back side of the car (estimated $4000+/pending); I accidentally side swiped a car. So, I was in the wrong and issued a citation by the cops. I have been placed on suspension by my employer until further notice and all of the paper work has been finalized/completed by my employer. It could take a few days to up to two weeks; no one knows for sure. Again, I was not given a return date. No, as of date I have not been fired (yet).

    In the state of Nevada – do I possibly qualify for temporary unemployment while on employment suspension?

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