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Discussion in 'Utah' started by carlie chalo, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. carlie chalo

    carlie chalo Guest

    I`D love to know what or whom gets to make the decision as to whom does or doesn`t receive unemployment which as an employee we pay for, my wife was denied after her (boss) lied and you guys sucked it up, are you such idiots that you don`t check his track record, do you really believe there are that many people that go to work for him that are that incompotent, there really isn`t, there has been one common factor thru 3 years of him firing people which is him, he lies, cheats and makes up stories to cover for his own inadaquecies, blaming dozens of people for his failure but then you at unemployment doesn`t even see it and YOU are suppose to be the one that protects the employee as well, good job, not. You guys are an insult to the working people
  2. Steve

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    Please note that we're not a govt. organisation or associated with the labor dept in your state. If there is a grievance,please get it addressed by the labor dept in your state.

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