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Max Weekly Benefit Amount
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Updated : March 24th, 2023

Connecticut Unemployment Benefits

The state of Connecticut provides Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits as temporary income to help workers who have lost their jobs and are searching for new ones. Taxes collected from employers fund this compensation. 

Read on to find out the eligibility criteria, the claim filing process, weekly benefit amounts, and other vital information to claim your Unemployment Insurance.

Eligibility Criteria For Connecticut UI Benefits

The state Department of Labor (DoL) oversees the UI process in Connecticut. It has set certain criteria to be met to qualify for the Unemployment Insurance. These come under monetary eligibility, job separation, and maintenance of eligibility throughout the benefit year.

Monetary Eligibility

You will be eligible to claim UI only if you meet the monetary criteria for eligibility in addition to the job separation requirements. The following are some essential words you will come across repeatedly when understanding your UI process.

Benefit Year: The benefit year refers to the 52 weeks after you have filed your UI claim during which it is valid. You can collect benefits for 26 weeks only in that year.

Base Period: You can qualify for benefits only if they have earned a threshold wage during the base period. The base period is a 12-month duration calculated in two ways based on your earnings:

  • Standard Base Period
  • Alternate Base Period

The standard base period refers to the first four quarters out of the five calendar quarters preceding the Sunday of the week of filing the claim. 

Thus, if you filed your claim in the third quarter of 2019 (Jul-Aug-Sep-2019), the standard base period would be Jan-Mar 2019 and Apr-Dec 2018, skipping Apr-Jun 2019

If you have not earned sufficient wages in this standard base period, the state uses the alternate base period. This refers to the last four quarters out of the five calendar quarters preceding the Sunday of the week of filing the claim. This period applies when you have less than $600 in your total base period.

Thus, if you filed your claim in the third quarter of 2019 (Jul-Aug-Sep-2019), the alternate base period would be Jan-Jun 2019 and Jul-Dec 2018, skipping Apr-Jun 2018.

Wage Credits: The wage credits are the total wages earned by you during your base period. Your monetary determination letter will show your gross wages, i.e., wages earned before being taxed as well as details of your employers and the base period. These details are collected from your employers.

Weekly benefit amount: The weekly benefit amount is the weekly benefit rate added to any dependency allowance you are eligible to get.

Weekly Benefit Rate: The average of the wages earned in the two highest quarters of the base period is taken and divided by 26, which gives the weekly benefit amount.This number helps determine if your wage credits are enough to establish a claim in the benefit year. Your base period wages should be equal to or be over 40 times the weekly benefit rate to be eligible to claim UI.

The minimum weekly benefit amount in Connecticut is $15, while the maximum allowed weekly benefit is $649.

Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA): This is the total amount of unemployment benefits that an individual can be paid in a benefit year. As per the law, this amount is the weekly benefit rate multiplied by 26, the total number of weeks one can claim UI.

Find out more about eligibility requirements

Job Separation

Once your monetary eligibility is established, the reasons for job separation become the next criteria. The Connecticut Unemployment Compensation Act provides benefits only if you have been separated from your jobs through no fault of your own. When an employee is laid off in CT, the employer gives a form UC-61 “Unemployment Notice” (pink slip) and an attached packet called “Application for Unemployment Benefits.”

The following jobs are not eligible to claim CT unemployment benefits

  • News carriers for doorstep delivery, aged below 18
  • Insurance Agents (Non-Life categories)
  • Real estate persons earning a commission
  • Sole partners and proprietors
  • Children under 21 employed by a parent
  • Anyone employed by his or her spouse
  • Certain religious employment
  • Railroad workers 
  • Outside sales representatives working at a for-profit travel agency
  • Elected officials, legislators, members of the judiciary, some high-level and temporary employees of a political subdivision

The reasons for job separation come under the following heads in CT:

Voluntary Separation

If you quit your job voluntarily, you must have a good cause, which is attributable to your employer. You should also be able to show that you took measures to resolve the issue with your employers and sought remedy for the problems.

It is considered a good cause if the conditions of working, hiring contracts, hours, wages, etc. are changed by the employer and/or adversely affecting your health.

Other reasons that would not bar you from receiving benefits are:

  • Leaving the job to care for a family member with illness/disability and only if the employer did not offer leave for the said period
  • Leaving work accepted during a layoff to resume your former job 
  • Returning to your regular occupation and leaving a different one
  • Leaving part-time work to join full-time employment
  • Forced to leave due to government regulation or statute
  • Escaping from domestic abuse
  • Loss of transportation to the workplace
  • Leaving your job to follow a spouse stationed in the US Armed Forces
  • Leaving your job because your spouse changed workplaces and the commute has become impractical

Getting Fired

Under the following conditions, you would not be eligible to receive benefits. You would have to return to work and earn 10 times the weekly benefit rate in addition to all other conditions:

  • Willful misconduct which includes disregarding the employer’s instruction, purposeful violation of uniform policies, unexplained absence from work
  • Committing felonies, theft of property or service of value exceeding $25 aka larceny
  • Failing drug/alcohol testing as mandated under a law
  • Participating in illegal strikes


Retiring does not disqualify you from claiming Connecticut Unemployment Insurance unless you have also withdrawn from the labor market.

If your retirement is due to the employer attempting to close down the position or if the work has become unsuitable and there was no alternate offer from the employer, it is treated as involuntary and you would be eligible for UI. If you retired voluntarily you would have to return to work and earn wages that are 40 times the weekly benefit rate, to be eligible.

Labor Dispute

You will be eligible to claim UI only if you are not involved in a labor dispute and you are not a member of the groups involved in a said dispute.

Factory lockout situations are exempted from the requirement.

CT-DOL will contact the employer if the pink slip indicates voluntary termination or discharge. An informal hearing with an adjudication specialist takes place to determine if the cause of job separation is sufficiently attributable to the employer.

Eligibility Calculator

Eligibility requirements – overview

Maintaining Eligibility

If you want to keep on claiming unemployment compensation throughout the 26 weeks of your benefit year, it is important to maintain your eligibility. Benefits may be reduced or taken away altogether if you fail to do so.

The following are the factors to be remembered if you want to continue to claim unemployment compensation in CT :

  • A necessary condition for UI eligibility is that you should be physically and mentally able to work, available for work and looking actively for work
  • You have to be registered with an American Job Center and participate in reemployment services if selected
  • You must maintain a record of the efforts made to find employment. It is considered a reasonable effort to find work if you have made three employer contacts on two days of the week. Remember, the Labor Department’s Benefit Accuracy System randomly picks people filing for benefits to audit their UI claims
  • CT-DOL selects some of the claimants for UI Re-employment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) through the American Job Center. Participation is mandatory
  • You are permitted to wait for employment based on your highest skill level that can offer you wages equivalent to what you were previously receiving, for the first few weeks after you apply for UI
  • After a reasonable period, you have to be available for other jobs and areas which may pay less
  • Weekly filing of benefit claims

You can claim UI benefits for part-time employment only provided you satisfy the following conditions:

  • You have a mental or physical impairment, which is either chronic or permanent or will last a long time
  • You cannot work full-time because of it
  • You can be part of the labor force despite your limitations

You can collect UI benefits if you are a college or university student or join one after becoming unemployed, only if you are available for and searching for full-time employment, not conflicting with your classes

Our eligibility calculator can help you figure out whether you are eligible for benefits with respect to your reasons for job separation:

Find out on job search requirements

How To Apply For UI Benefits In Connecticut?

The following documents are required to apply for benefits in the state of Connecticut:

The state of Connecticut has the Unemployment Insurance CT Direct Benefits online system to help you with filing new and continuing claims. There is also a Telebenefits line to help you file weekly claims and clear your doubts regarding UI.


To use the CT Direct Benefits online system for filing claims, go to and click on the blue button which says ‘File or Reopen Your Unemployment Claim.’ You can do this at any hour of the day.

Prior to filing your initial claim, you have to create an account with CT Direct Benefits by entering the information asked for.

After this, you must file claims weekly to keep getting the benefits. If you fail to do so you could be denied the missed benefits.

Filing Weekly Claims

You should log into the CT Direct Benefits system and then click on the green button called “Manage Your Unemployment Claim and File Your Weekly Claims.” Upon filling in the requisite information, you will have created an account with Connecticut Tax and Benefits System (CTABS).

This system also allows you to request the payment history and any other general information about your claims. You can modify the payment method of getting your benefits which is via direct deposit or debit card.

If your weekly claim has been completely processed then the system shows a ‘thank you’ message. If it says, ‘Continued Claim Pending’ then your benefit will not be paid and you should approach the American Job Center nearby. You can also log into and access the Weekly Filing Issue form.
Our eligibility calculator can help you figure out whether you are eligible for benefits with respect to your reasons for job separation:

Learn how to claim weekly benefits



Connecticut DOL makes it convenient for those who cannot use the online system by offering the Telebenefits phone line. There is a local number for each area which you can call to get information and prompts to file a weekly claim.

Residents of Salisbury, Sharon, North Thompson, Westport, Stafford Springs, Wilton, or Kent can call the toll-free number, 1-800-354-3305.

The Telebenefits line helps you establish a PIN when you first call. This number has the same legal validity as your signature and identifies you. Make sure that you are the only one using it.

The system asks you seven eligibility questions every week when you call to file continuous claims. You must listen carefully to all the information and questions and answer as instructed.

UI Benefits Amount

Benefits Calculator

Unemployment Insurance is a system of protection for those who have gotten laid off their jobs for no fault of their own. It is meant to provide partial wage replacement until the worker has been able to find a new job. Using the UI Benefits Calculator, you can find out approximately what amount of benefits you may be eligible to draw.

Know more about the Benefits Calculator

Things To Know After Filing An Application

To maintain your eligibility, you should carefully follow all the rules and regulations so that you can continue to claim benefits throughout the 26 weeks.

Some of the obligations upon a claimant are as follows:

  • The reporting requirements must be stringently adhered to
  • You must report accurately, the hours you have worked whether or not you were paid and all wages earned by you
  • You may be eligible for benefits even as a non-citizen of the USA if you are a legal alien during the base period and time of filing claims
  • You may be denied benefits if as a legal alien, you refuse to provide the personal information which would be verified by SAVE, the federal database
  • You should review the accuracy of your monetary determination letter and report any discrepancy in wage credits to the local American Job Center or file an appeal

Overpayment- When Is It Fraud?

Overpayment is said to have occurred when you are paid benefits you were not entitled to. If the Labor Department determines you as ineligible after having approved initially or you lose your appeal, you have to repay the benefits received.

There will be a hearing with an adjudication specialist after you have been deemed as overpaid to determine the amount, how it would be repaid and whether repayment can be waived.

If you intentionally claimed more benefits than you would have been eligible for, by misrepresenting facts, it will be deemed fraud. Making false statements is also considered fraud. 

UI Fraud is an offense punishable by law. Violators can face consequences ranging from penalty payments up to $5000 to jail time of 1-5 years.

Violators have to pay a penalty of 50% of the overpaid amount for a first-time offense. The penalty is to be paid immediately while the overpaid amount may be offset with future unemployment benefits. 

If you repeat fraudulent practices, you will have to pay a penalty of 100% of overpayment in addition to returning the amount. An interest of 1% is also charged on the remaining overpayment balance.

If you owe far more than the deduction from your UI benefits can cover, the DOL would make a repayment plan for you and/or deduct from your wages when you begin a new job.

Non-Fraud Overpayment:

To keep from being hauled up for fraud, you should immediately report any accidental overpayment or incorrect details. Make sure to report:

  • All work is done and gross earnings, even tips
  • Factors making you unavailable for work such as self-employment, illness or confinement.
  • Job refusal

Your claims and information would be cross-verified several times to detect any fraud. If there is a possibility that you have committed fraud unwittingly, you should log into and go to the Overpayment Assistance Section.

Job Training Assistance

Connecticut Dept of Labor strives to assist the unemployed workers in moving out of their situation ASAP. Therefore many training programs to help workers upgrade their skills to get more suitable jobs are available.

You can be exempted from having to be available for work and actively searching, accepting offers and referrals if you have signed up for such training. The conditions to be satisfied are:

  • Training should be in a skill that is in demand in the current labor market and will help you find a job
  • Reasonable employment opportunities for you at your present highest skill level have diminished
  • The training facility has certified you as qualified for the course

If you choose your own training program then you should have the agency determine its acceptability by Approved Training Questionnaire from the website. Programs under Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) or Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) are considered as approved training.

You would not be able to get unemployment insurance while you are in training. However, you can receive Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) if your program is TAA-approved.

You may also be eligible to receive federal or state financial aid for such training.

The American Job Centers in CT, offer various services to assist in reemployment such as

  • Assistance in filing an Unemployment claim 
  • Career guidance and career counseling
  • Help with Résumé preparation
  • Reemployment of Veterans and training programs
  • Provision of Labor market information

Additionally, you can explore the following resources:

    1. UI-RESEA: This program from the US-DOL gives you an eligibility assessment, a review of work search efforts, a tailored reemployment plan and of course, information about all the services available at American Job Centers. Participation is mandatory.
    2. CTHires: This is a website run by the government which serves as a job bank. It offers help in resume creation, follow-up letters, and notifications when jobs matching your criteria are posted.
    3. Labor Market Information is a website helping you find out what the job trends are in the market along with average salaries.
    4. Connecticut’s Apprenticeship Program is a training program for earning while you learn skills. There is classroom teaching along with working hands-on on your trade of choice. Wage subsidies, stipends and other financial aid is available.
    5. Connecticut Reemployment Portal: It displays occupations requiring similar knowledge areas, general activities, and technology as your selected occupation.

Know more about job training opportunities

Office Locations and Phone Numbers in CT

To resolve any issues and answer any doubts you may have about the Connecticut unemployment benefits process, you can contact the Department of Labor representatives. Here are the contact details:
Phone number: (860) 263-6000
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The contact details of the offices of Appeals Division Referees are given below:
Middletown (Hamden)(203) 230-3700
Waterbury(203) 596-4138
Middletown (Norwich)(860) 892-2253
Waterbury (Bridgeport)(203) 579-6271
Middletown (Hartford)(860) 566-5262

Locate your nearest unemployment office

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can I collect unemployment benefits from Connecticut if I move out of the state?
Ans. If you have worked and earned wages in Connecticut, you can file for unemployment benefits in Connecticut even though you may live outside the state. Go to and click on the blue button and pick the ‘interstate claim’ option. If you satisfy the eligibility criteria under Connecticut law, you would draw benefits from CT.
If you want to continue to draw CT benefits after moving out, you should notify the state of your changed address by visiting the official site.
Q. What to do if I have been given an overpayment and I have not committed fraud?

Ans. Overpayments that occur due to some unintentional oversight by a claimant or the department can be reported to the CT-DOL. The official website contains a Benefit Payment Control Unit Online Assistance Center where you can fill out a form to clarify the status of your overpayment. ends is not deducted from your weekly benefit amount.

Make sure you don’t violate the law by reporting accurately all work done, your gross wages, any factors affecting your availability such as illness, self-employment, etc. and job refusal.

Q.Are unemployment benefits taxable?
Ans. A. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the state of Connecticut can levy taxes upon your unemployment benefits but if it is necessary for you to file tax returns. You can choose when you want to have your benefits withheld for tax purposes, when you file a new claim or when your first payment is sent after your request.
To get more information on your federal and state taxes to obtain form 1099-G which also tells you about your personal tax needs. It will not be mailed by the Connecticut Revenue Services Department and is only available online at the portal of the Taxpayer Service Centre.
Q. What is new about applying for unemployment benefits?
Ans. The entire process of filing unemployment insurance claims has been digitized. Claims can be filed online through the Connecticut Direct Benefits website. Appeals, complaints, eligibility status, etc. are other aspects that can be addressed through the website. It is no longer necessary to go to the physical office unless you have a problem that is bigger and needs human resolution.
The website has an online assistance center that can help you if you need to reset your PIN, change your mailing address, or if you have missed filing a weekly claim among other queries.
For those who do not have internet access, there is the option of filing benefits over the telephone. This Telebenefits system even allows you to file weekly claims by answering seven questions to verify your eligibility.
However, due to evolving technological prowess, the CT-DOL will soon phase out the TeleBenefits system, but do not worry! It will still be available for use on three days a week- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. An enhanced electronic processing system is being brought in which will be mobile-friendly.
Q. Is it possible to get a benefits extension?
Connecticut does not have an unemployment benefits extension system however there is a Disaster Unemployment Assistance program. This program has been extended to people whose unemployment is a consequence of the Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The benefits are payable for 52 weeks in place of the usual 26
Q.Will I be eligible for a second benefit year after I have claimed UI during the first?
Ans. You can be, provided that after your first benefit year you had rejoined work and earned either $300 or 5 times the weekly benefit rate calculated for this second year. You must also have enough wage credits in your base period to qualify. The other eligibility criteria would also continue to apply.
Q. My weekly benefits were reduced. Why?
If you received the following types of payments in the course of your previous employment they would be deducted from your weekly benefits:
  • Pension payments contributed by base period employers
  • Severance Package or wages were given in lieu of serving notice
  • Wages for part-time work including tips and temporary assignments
  • UI benefits received under any other federal law or from another state
  • Holiday Pay
  • Worker Compensation
  • Disability payments contributed by employers
  • Stipends or Commissions
  • Earnings from self-employment
  • Retention Compensation

You should fill out the Severance and Vacation form on the website or go to the local American Job Center to report these payments. There might be a hearing to determine if a deduction of benefits is warranted for your eligibility.

Questions & Answers

  1. If I was laid off of a part time job because of COVID (and am a part time student), if I look for another part time job, will I lose all unemployment benefits if I get one?

  2. State of CT allows for Emergency unemployment extensions. It was supposed to be seamless rollover but have not received further instructions. They are not taking calls per website. And my Account shows only that “INSTRUCTIONS TO FILE FOR EUC TO FOLLOW”. That was 5/23/20. I have not received an email or correspondence with instructions to the EUC. How do I find out if the extension is in progress?

  3. I tried to apply for unemployment and was told my Social Security number is already in use. Who do I contact to find out who is getting my benefit??

    • Diane,

      As much as I am aware, there is no extension available. Considering the global situation regarding Coronavirus, please call the Unemployment Office to inquire about the availability of Extended Benefits.

      • Does anybody know if there was an extension approved for unemployment for people who were laid off before the Coronavirus emergency? These unemployed workers will be having their benefits end soon and they are unable to find a job now because they have been told to stay home by the Governor.

        • Karin,
          There is a huge shortage of staff across all unemployment offices due to a massive surge in UI applications. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response.
          Most states have waived the work search requirements and are participating in the extended benefits program. Find out more here. Please visit your state’s official website for information relating to unemployment benefits.

  4. I was denied my weekly unemployment benefit and told to call the CT Dept of Labor Tele benefits number 203-348-2696. I called but no one answered and I cannot find anything on the Unemployment website about what I should do? Who can I call or email?

  5. The Connecticut company that I work full-time for is closing for renovation s for 2 weeks. They told me to use my vacation time but then I’m won’t have any time left for a vacation w Jen my children are home. Can I collect UP for the 2 weeks?

    • I am not sure if you can claim for a temporary time off from work. Please call the Unemployment Office for assistance.

  6. I have worked for company for 8 years past 3 in Automotive same company new District Manager is discriminating against me because I’m a female and has been harassing me It has affected my emotional state if I quit can I collect

    • Christine,

      You can be eligible if you quit due to hostile/harassment at workplace. Make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute by your employer during claims processing.

  7. Hello, i have a question. Is taking care of a sick family member ok for eligibility? Also it says where a work condition that aggravates a medical condition. As the above post states why would rehab not be appropriate if the job aggravates hi alcoholism?

    • I was on a temporary shutdown for 2 weeks so i filed for unemployment, i filed my claims but never got any payment, i tried calling and they said it was voided Jan 4. Jw how this is possible and how i fix it to get my money.

      • JD,

        I am not sure if you can claim for temp. shutdown. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity for clarification.

    • Rich,

      You may not be eligible for unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  8. I recently posted asking you if I can collect unemployment after being fired for going into rehab. Your answer was I can only collect ui if I was fired for involuntary reasons. So does this mean since I went into treatment I cannot collect ? I went into treatment on my own free will and not at the request of my employer. I had previously gone to treatment and they were very supportive but decided to fire me this time.

    • Sean,

      That is correct. It can be considered voluntary. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office in your state for clarification in this regard.

  9. I am working for a company that I worked for 38 yrs come june 23,2018, as of august 10,2017 I went part time down to 20 hrs from 40 hrs and also collecting social security, if they laid me off can I collect unemployment?

    • Judy,

      If you’re laid off due to involuntary reasons, you can collect. You can also be eligible to collect partial UI benefits for the hours lost.

    • Jane,

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided to find out the exact reason for an appropriate action.

  10. in order to collect unemployment, how many days are the minimum number of days to qualify?
    can I collect for 4 days if my company is closing for a week but 1 days is paid?

  11. We just had a baby and my fiancé is unable to work for a while and also can’t do much herself. ive been with her for two weeks and now I’m out of paid time and back at work. luckily her mother will be with her this week but I don’t know what will happen after that.. am I eligible for unemployment to take care of her?

    • Kyle,

      You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  12. I reside in Connecticut. My position is being eliminated and I am to be surplus in Dec. I am eligible to retire, but just barely. Since the monthly pension payout will not be enough to survive on, I am not eligible for Social Security for several more years and I am loosing the job of no fault of my own, am I eligible to receive unemployment?

    • Darryl,

      You should be eligible if you continue looking for employment. The pension and SS benefits will have a bearing.

  13. I have been given the choice of going on half time or termination. If I choose termination I will receive some severance. Do I qualify for unemployment, and does the severance factor in in some way? Thanks

    • Please use the Calculator available on this website to determine eligibility.

      You should have earned the required income and have sufficient employment in the last 4-5 calendar quarters.

    • The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  14. I’m retired from the Army after 20years and 9 months of service I have a VA Claim in but will not be settle for 2 more years. Can I able to received unemployment claim.

  15. When you have been let go (fired) from your job what is the deadline on time to file a claim for unemployment benefits?

    • Please call the customer service of the labor dept in CT to see if they have an reservations regarding your movement.

      Each state has its own rules.

  16. i am in a proccess for my green card i been working since 2012 and paying taxes sss state tax can i collect if i dont have my gree card number yet.

  17. can i collect unemployment benefits in the state of connecticut if i was working at a temp agency for the past 8 months?

    • Hey Mark,

      You can collect unemployment benefits if you have been laid off or lost job through no fault of your own. Also you need to have earned sufficient wages in the base period to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Please have a look at the eligibility requirements and file for UC.

    • I was collecting uneemployment in conn. but i live in mass.. they say i’m not eligble for extended beifits in mass..Because of the unemployment is below the national average. what does that mean??

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