Connecticut Unemployment Application

Updated : June 19th, 2019

To file for Unemployment Insurance, you must complete a new claim. A claim should be filed with the Connecticut Department of Labor (CTDOL) either through the TeleBenefits Line or via Web Site as soon as you are separated from employment. A claim for benefits starts with the Sunday of the week in which you call in your claim. You may file your new claim via the TeleBenefits Line Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or via the Web Site from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Information Needed

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your driver’s license or motor vehicle ID card number
  • Your complete mailing address, including street, city, state, and zip code
  • A telephone number where you can be contacted during business hours
  • If you are not a U.S. Citizen, your Alien Registration card number
  • The full company names and addresses of all employers that you worked for in the last 18 months, including employers located in another state
  • The Employer Registration number or Federal Employer Identification Number of your most recent employer
  • If you were a federal employee, copies of forms SF8 and SF50, if you had federal employment within the last 18 months
  • If you are a service member, your copy of your most recent separation form DD 214, if you are an ex-service member claiming benefits based on your military service

File by Phone

Access by phone is usually limited on Monday and Tuesdays based on the last digit of your Social Security Number. (Monday access to those ending in 0-4; Tuesday access to those ending in 0-7; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday access to those ending in 0-9).

You can call the CT Unemployment Phone Number: Toll Free: 1-800-354-3305 to file your initial or new claim. (This number is only for the towns: Kent, North Thompson, Salisbury, Sharon, Stafford Springs, Westport, or Wilton exchange.

File Online

The Unemployment Benefits On-Line System runs most effectively on Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.

When creating your account, it is imperative that you remember the answers to your security questions.  You will not be able to recover your User ID or password without them.  The answers must be entered just as they are created including any punctuation, spacing or abbreviations you may use.  Failure to enter the answers exactly as they are created may result in the inability to retrieve your User ID or password.

Once you create an account, you will also have the opportunity to select your payment method.

All employers are lawfully required to provide a form UC-61 “Unemployment Notice”, commonly known as a “pink slip” and an attached packet “Application for Unemployment Benefits,” whenever a worker becomes unemployed for any reason. Do not delay filing your claim if your employer has not or will not issue you such a notice.

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  1. I received my unemployment payment the first week, but the last three weeks have been held. In trying to identify the problem, I have been directed in circles. Is there anyone I can talk to about it? I called the department of labor, but the extension for unemployment claims rang for 3 1/2 hours one day, 2 2/2, the next, etc. Is there any way to get to the bottom of it?

    1. Kyle,

      I can understand the ordeal. Perhaps, you can visit the official website of the Labor Department to find out additional phone numbers or consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

  2. I was receiving unemployment benefits due to a seasonal layoff. I returned to work part-time for one week and did not work the following week. I received partial benefit for the part-time week, but received a code: 108 message for the following week when I did not work. Will I receive benefits for the week I did not work?

    1. Katie,

      I think your claim is on hold for a potential issue. Please call the Claims Center immediately to understand its nature.

  3. I am out of state looking for a new job and I’ve received the held 108 thing, what am I to do if I can’t visit a location? What does this mean!

  4. I filed that I returned to full time work on 12/3 and stopped claiming benefits but recently laid off on 1/10. Am I elegibe for a continued claim? I submitted the info today but noticed a message 108. What does that # mean?

    1. Rina,

      If you’re managing your claim online, please check for options to edit the application. Else, please call the Claims Center.

  5. I did not receive my unemployment pay this week but received an error message, “Message Code: 108 Message: YOUR CLAIM FILED BY PHONE/WEB IS BEING HELD DUE TO A POTENTIAL ISSUE. VISIT http://WWW.FILECTUI.COM

    what do i do now? would the government shutdown delay payments?

    1. Camille,

      That is the possible reason “why” payments are not being processed. We’ve been hearing a lot on this forum about delayed payments. Please check within your community if someone else has a similar roadblock. You can also call the Claims Center to inquire further.

    2. I have the same message Code 108. Claim being held due to a potential issue. Not sure which number to call all say self service and live chat not available.

  6. My permanent address is in Massachusetts but I worked in CT, living there during the week as a nurse. There was a reduction in force. Do I file for unemployment in CT or MA?

  7. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in California, and I relocated to Stamford, CT in June. I need to take the MFT exam in CT because my California license is not accepted here. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits? And if so, do I claim in CT or in CA?

    1. Peter,

      You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  8. I am getting laid off in 6 weeks and will receive a severance. at what point can i apply for unemployment- at the time i receive my letter or after my severance expires?

    1. Nicole,

      Please provide further details surrounding your question. You can call the Unemployment Office if you’re looking for Unemployment Insurance.

  9. I am being layed off with 16 weeks severance, when can/should I file for unemployment and do I have to wait until my severance package has ended?

    1. Kristin,

      That is correct. Please wait for the expiry of the severance payout and apply immediately after that.

    1. The EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired.

      I suggest you call the local Unemployment Office to inquire about state-sponsored benefits.

    1. The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

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