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Connecticut Unemployment Job Search Requirements

You must be physically and mentally able to work during each week for which you claim benefits. You must be available for work as defined by law, during each week for which you are claiming benefits.

You must make reasonable efforts to find employment each week. You may be excused from this requirement if you are participating in approved job training. If you are enrolled in the worker profiling and reemployment services program, you must fully participate in all assessment interviews, orientation, and referred reemployment services.

You must provide your work search efforts for the audited week. Failure to comply may result in a Disqualification and Overpayment determination.

If you fail to provide work search efforts for the randomly selected week due to the following reasons, you WILL be scheduled for an adjudications hearing, and may be disqualified for benefits that week, resulting in an overpayment:

  1. If you fail to submit your work search efforts within the requested time frame
  2. If you fail to submit at least three work search efforts on at least two different days during the week
  3. If the Department is not able to verify with an employer, based on the information that you provide, that you had sought work as you had indicated during the random audit week.


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  1. What happens if I was hospitalized due to having a stroke and was not able to actively look for a job for 2 weeks? Will my unemployment benefits be cancelled or can I file an appeal as I was in the hospital and under doctors care.

    • Hi, MaryJoe – you’re probably going to want to talk to someone either with the Connecticut unemployment office or who has the legal knowledge to assess your situation. In general, you must be able and willing to work in order to receive unemployment benefits, so you may not be eligible if you are hospitalized or otherwise unable to work. You also may check into whether disability benefits may be more appropriate for your situation.

  2. Hi i dont have a drivers liesence i would have to walk to the places i put applications in they are5 miles or more

    • John,

      I tried looking up for that info on the department’s website and could not get clarity. Please call the Claims Center or check your account online for more info.

  3. What constitutes a “work search effort”? Does this only include sent applications or can it include researching potential jobs, negotiating for a contracted job, drafting applications and going on interviews?

    • Patrick,

      It includes all of it and perhaps more. I suggest you speak to the Unemployment Office (Phone Center) to get more clarity on your question.

  4. I was laid off but received a severance pay package. Can I file for unemployment right away or do I need to wait until the severance ends? does the severance effect the amount of unemployment money amount I will receive?

    • Firstly, please apply when the payout ends. Yes, the severance pay will have a say when you apply for UI benefits.

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