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Connecticut Unemployment Phone Numbers

  • File your weekly continued claim: Sunday, 12 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., Eastern Standard Time (E.S.T.)
  • File or resume filing your initial (new) claim or reopen your claim: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (E.S.T.)
  • All other inquiry options, including employer information, are available 7 days/week, 24 hours/day.

To ensure the best possible customer service, the following call-in schedule for individuals filing initial or reopened unemployment is now in effect:

  • Callers with social security numbers ending in numerals 0 through 4 can call the TeleBenefits “Dial to File” system on Mondays
  • Callers with social security numbers ending in numerals 0 through 7 can call the TeleBenefits “Dial to File” system on Tuesdays
  • Callers with social security numbers ending in any numeral (0-9) can call the TeleBenefits “Dial to File” system on Wednesdays, Thursdays, AND Fridays

Call the telephone number listed that is within your local calling area. Directions to the nearest CT Works Career Center located in these areas can be obtained by the calling the number listed below.

Local Calling AreasTeleBenefits Phone Numbers
Ansonia(203) 230-4939
Bridgeport(203) 579-6291
Bristol(860) 566-5790
Danbury(203) 797-4150
Danielson(860) 423-2521
Enfield(860) 566-5790
Hamden(203) 230-4939
Hartford(860) 566-5790
Manchester(860) 566-5790
Meriden(860) 344-2993
Middletown(860) 344-2993
New Britain(860) 566-5790
New London(860) 443-2041
Norwich(860) 443-2041
Stamford(203) 348-2696
Torrington(860) 482-5581
Waterbury(203) 596-4140
Willimantic(860) 423-2521

If you live in the Kent, Salisbury, Sharon, North Thompson, Stafford Springs, Westport or Wilton exchange, you may call the following toll-free number:  1-800-354-3305.  This number is NOT accessible statewide.

TDD/TTY Users Call: 1-800-842-9710 – This is a relay service that can connect you to the numbers listed above in order to file your claim by telephone.

TeleBenefits Phone Number – Out of State Calling Area: 1-800-942-6653

  1. I need to file unemployment but the account I had set up from 15+ years ago isn’t accessible because I do not remember the email address I used to set it up. I All I need to know is how to change my login info/email so I can file electronically. I can’t even set up a new account because my ss# is linked with my old email. I’ve been trying for a week now to contact someone! Tina the virtual assistant doesn’t help, either. PLEASE HELP…

  2. Hi- I am trying to reopen my unemployment and I am not able to open my account. I have an account and card . I was on unemployment and then off unemployment for several months however, due to covid increase I have no work. Since the beginning of January I am out of work once again due to covid. Please, I try to call the phone numbers provided to me to re open my account and the recording hangs up . I tried to reopen claims and it will not allow me. I am concern for my bills and groceries. Please, could anyone e-mail me on how I can reopen my unemployment account. Thank you

  3. There was a glitch and I haven’t received any $$$ since April…I was finally able to speak with someone on July 2nd. My debit card arrived this week with only one week’s worth of $. My account with UI shows ever week has been paid. I cannot get anyone live and am waiting in the online chat queue for an hour so far.

    • Did you have any luck.i have same problem and cant get anyone on the phone and email they list doeant answer claim questions.

    • Cindy,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  4. Hello, can someone please advise on what to do if you receive the code 108 and your payment is held. I have searched the website there is no info regarding this issue. I have tried calling, and it just hangs up after recording. I understand they are overwhelmed, I just need to get to the bottom of this issue. Thank you!

    • My claim is being held says reason on message on right hand side when I click “ need receipt of new address “ I’m unaware of what that means when filing I used my correct current address not understanding what they need can’t contact anyone for over a week !!

    • Did you ever get a response? I have the same issue, sent them an email last Wednesday and still waiting for a response back
      Thanks Kim

  5. I completed an application online for unemployment due to COVID-19. I used my work email to submit the claim, not realizing that my boss temporarily disabled the email account while we are shut down for the time being. After speaking with my boss and explaining the situation, she re-opened my email account, however, I still never received an email about my unemployment claim. I submitted the claim last Friday (March 20, 2020) and still have not received any information about unemployment. I realized the email may have bounced back while my account was disabled and my claim never went through. I attempted to resubmit a new claim, however, I keep getting a notice that my social security number is already in the system and I am not allowed to submit a new claim. I do not know what to do from this point and all phone numbers I have tried calling keep hanging up on me. I keep getting redirected to the same website every time and no matter what I click on, nothing works. I am not able to edit my email address, nor am I able to start a new claim. It is incredibly frustrating and stressful to not have the ability to speak to someone who can help, clearly the website is not capable of solving my issue and I need further assistance. If anyone knows who I can contact I would greatly appreciate your help.

    • Laura,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing.

  6. I am furloughed due to COVID 19 and I filed last Friday. After I put all the info and received e-mail that my claim has been submitted. My co-worker, at least got the e-mail and was able to see the info but they said i have to wait and when I tried to go in, mine is ineligible and says “ you have not been authorized to file a continued claim via the internet”.
    I can wait for my claim but I am waiting for my file to be activated and the phone number they have it on, They dont want you to call in for any questions.

    • Clara,

      Please wait. There will be thousands of application for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

  7. I have been laid off due to COVID 19. I applied for unemployment and have not received any email confirmation. I tried filing my weekly claim and i keep getting an error message saying “i missed filing the previous week”. I was not trying to file for the previous week as i had just been laid off. I put in a form for being locked out of my account. I had previously reported when i started my new job and stopped receiving benefits. So I don’t understand what is going on. I sent an email out to the DOL. I cannot speak to anyone over the phone. I keep getting hung up on. HELP

    • We are sorry to hear about your difficulties. There is a huge shortage of staff across all unemployment offices due to a massive surge in UI applications. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response. Your state has activated the ‘emergency funding’ program authorized by the federal government. We recommend you to apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official website.

  8. I applied for UE over a month ago. I have never collected before I have 4 kids at home and no other income coming in. I can not reach ANYONE by phone, and haven’t received any word on my benefits. It just says 42- H what the heck!!??

  9. I returned to full time work and indicated it on my weekly claim. A message appeared stating that I needed to provide additional information on the UI-OnLine site. But when I clicked the link, I was taken to the main page and could not find
    a way to proceed. I am not expecting a payment and will most likely not be receiving benefits until I’m laid off in October or November.
    Is there anything else I have to do?

    • Tony,

      Please make sure to complete all the processes online or at least ensure they reach a logical conclusion. If you have any questions, please call the Claims Center for help.

  10. The other email I used for the account I don’t have access too does anyone know the number to call for me to change it

      • It essentially means verification/validation of the facts submitted by your during your claim application. On the basis of facts, UI benefits will be approved.

    • Cliff,

      It generally takes around 7-10 business days for the first communication to arrive. Please follow up if you don’t hear within this timeline.

  11. last week I filed for unemployment it was a partical had no problems , This week i file for full unemployment and now its on hold for a potential problem ? who do I talk to ? I didnt get an email .
    live chat doesnt seem to ever be available talk about frusterated

    • Pamela,

      I hope you were able to clarify the reason for hold with the office. Please visit the official website for alternate contact details.

  12. Hi there,
    Where is the best place to go to speak to someone directly about my unemployment benefits? I live in Glastonbury

  13. Hi-

    I opened a LLC years ago and found out it is still active. I need to file unemployment as i was released from my full-time job. Do I have to mention the LLC as self-employment even though I have never made any money at any time from it? Thanks.

    • Mike,

      Yes, please declare all types of employment and earnings in between. You may call the Claims Center for more information.

  14. a friend of mine is getting the You are not authorized to file message when he calls or tries to file his claim online and he can not get ahold of anyone to find out what that means, can someone here tell me

    • Tiffany,

      That is strange! We’ve never heard about that before. Perhaps, you can call from a different phone number or consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity to know more.

    • I filed my weekly claim but selected “yes” for changing my mailing address and I even submitted a change of address, and my claim was put on hold with a “109” message. Is there something I have to give the labor department or just wait?

    • Joseph,

      Please call the Claims Center and speak to a representative if you’re having difficulties filing over the phone.

    • Katelyn,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  15. i have claims saying they were paid 4 times @i just realized i put an old routing number of mine instead of my current one. what to do ????? help !!

  16. I opened and initial claim and now I want to cancel it, I do not want to file for UE. How can I reach someone to remove the claim?

    • Received an email stating I was supposed to start filing my weekly claim beginning this Sunday April 5, 2020. I followed the instructions to the letter went to click the green button like it said & it keeps telling me im Ineligible to file because i missed a week. I didnt miss a week only received approval letter Friday April, 3. Now what?

      • Jon,

        There will be no support. Please explore the Resources or FAQs section to find a possible answer to your question.

  17. How can I get to speak to a real live person at the CT DOL? Whenever I call and chose the correct options it just ends the call. Are there any live people there? I have tried calling off peak hours (If there is such a thing)There isn’t even an option to request a call back. Very frustrating.
    Help!! Please!!

    • Paul,

      The phone lines were probably busy due to the holiday season. Please try now (off-peak hours) or visit the website to find answers to your questions/issues.

  18. I need someone to call me at 860-558-7388. My weekly benefits after taxes is $428 going into my account. This morning the check that posted was $265 and I need to know why. How are you supposed to pay your bills when you count on a certain amount of money and then you don’t have it and then you don’t get worn that you’re going to do this please call me as soon as possible

    • Lorraine,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please call the Unemployment Office on the phone numbers provided for an update.

  19. Hello,

    I have a claim question and have called many times. Each time I’m told there is a long wait time and to call back. After that, the phone is disconnected. Can someone please call me ASAP?
    Thank you

    • Scott,

      Please note this is a private forum and we would not be able to arrange for a callback. Please try calling during off-peak hours such as afternoons or visit the website for hassle-free management of claims.

  20. Filed for unemployment it took a week on the automated system, I been denied with a list of causes spent the last week trying to talk someone 100’s of phone call just get disconnect or the phone just rings! This just another example how CT has failed it’s residents. After 30 year the company close tax burdens and state budget issues.

    • David,

      I can understand your situation. Why don’t you try other means of contacting the office including the option of visiting an office in the vicinity?

  21. The telebenefits line is always ‘experiencing a high call volume’ and disconnects me. I’ve been calling 4 times a day for the past 5 days to try to reset my online account which was locked for security reasons and the only way to access it is through phone. I’ve called all hours of the day from 9am up until 4pm and never gotten through. When exactly is it not peak hours and why exactly can’t you just put people on hold like every other government agency??

    • Nick,

      I can understand your frustration. Please note we’re a private forum. Perhaps, you can find answers to your questions or resolve a query by visiting the official website of the Unemployment Office. You can even apply for and manage your claims online.

  22. I am trying to extend my benefits your phone system does not allow me to talk to anyone I’ve tried the website they are very confusing please advise

    • The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  23. I am trying to file my CT unemployment claim. It told me I was on hold then sent me a “Further action required” but NEVER TOLD ME WHAT THAT WAS. It told me I can file a continued claim which I did. This was last week. I haven’t received any information since then. Every time I call I cannot get through. It just hangs up on me. Calling at peak or non peak has made no difference. I can’t even file online and it tells me to call them. Which I do… only to never actually get through to anyone. This Is BEYOND frustrating.

    • I can understand your frustration.

      Perhaps, the only option left for you is to consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

  24. My employer has laid me off due to lack of work for 2 weeks. I went online and filled out and submitted the required information on the unemployment website per instructions. Received an email saying to call in because they hae questions for me. Have been calling several times a day for 2 days now and keep getting the message that the call center is not taking calls due to high volume. Can I go to my local unemployment office to talk to someone which would be on South St. In Bristol but online it says permanentaly closed.

    • Well, I suggest that you visit the official website of the Labor Department in your state to get a list of nearest office in your vicinity.

  25. I have worked at my place of employment for 15 years. I started as an assistant and worked my up to front desk position. I just had a knee replacement and want to go back. I have been told my job was given to someone else and I could go back to being an assistant which entails being on my feet all day. I still have one bad knee and can’t physically do that. I also have been diagnosed with Lupus which causes chronic pain & exhaustion. I did get a letter from my dr stating that I can’t be on my feet all day and I am cleared to return to my position at the front desk. They have also been cutting my hours this past year. Can I collect? They have not called me to come in but have not laid me off either. Is there some way of speaking to an actual person at Unemployment? Thank you

    • You will not be eligible to receive unemployment since the injury/surgery puts you off work for sometime. If the injury was work related, please explore workers compensation scheme.

  26. I’ve had a job for fourteen years. When I started I was working between 20 to 25 hours. Now over the past three to six months. I’ve been put on the schedule for six hours at the most! Is there anyway that I can collect unemployment for the hours that I’ve lost?

    Thank you & have a nice day.

  27. I am moving to CT from GA for a new job. My wife will have to quit hers to follow me. Is she eligible to collect benefits until she finds another job?

    • She will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  28. How do I get through on the Telebenefits line? The automated system keeps telling me to call back in an hour or simply disconnecting me.

    • That should be a technical issue. Please try calling during off peak hours.

      You can also find additional phone numbers on the official website.

  29. I would like to know if I am eligible for Unemployment Benefits. My wife has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and requires my help functioning on an ongoing basis. I am currently on unpaid FMLA and am approaching the end of my time that I can take. My wife’s condition is not going to improve and she will need my help until the inevitable occurs. I understand that I may have to officially quit my job to become eligible. Can you provide some guidance for me going forward? The bills keep coming and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    • i might be getting laid off. i need to find out what my bennifit amout would be… there a customer service number i can talk to a live person

      • Katrina,

        Please note the benefit amount depends on multiple factors. Please use the “Benefits Calculator available on this website for an estimate.

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

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