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  1. I don’t understand I was working for a company in Missouri for about 3-4 months when another company offered me a position. So I quit the one worked for other then out of nowhere let let me go after 6 months. No write up, no explanation of being terminated even though I asked oh this one is good I have emails and text stating how good I have been doing within two weeks that they terminated me. When I filed unemployment denied how is that they say I didn’t work there long enough I understand that but really not even my fault. What can I do?

    • Hi, Gar – what state are you in? Depending on the requirements of your state and how it defines your base period, your earnings during that base period will be used to determine your eligibility and your benefit amount. If you didn’t have sufficient earnings during the base period, it will be very difficult for your claim to be approved. If your initial claim was denied, you also may appeal that decision – you may think about connecting with a qualified unemployment lawyer, who can help you navigate the appeals process.

  2. Well if I could have talked to someone or y’all would leave me somewhere in there with or have answers that relate to none I’ve already been through the whole process I didn’t qualify for the SSDI although I paid in the social security for 40 years but I did not work for the last 5 years prior because I was disabled already anyway I’m legally disabled went to court through through SSA administration and everything I’m not eligible so it only get SSI so if somebody wants to can help me out with that please give me a call.

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