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Updated : December 24th, 2020

State: Delaware (DE)
Phone Number:1(800) 794-3032 or (302) 761-6576(available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day). Telebenefits Numbers: New Castle County - (302)761-6576; Toll-Free Outside of New Castle County - 1-800-794-3032. TeleBenefits for any claim period can be filed by 10:30 a.m.
Major Towns:Dover, Middletown, Newark, Wilmington, and Bear
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Delaware

Delaware Unemployment Questions

How do I know if I'm eligible?
There are certain wage requirements based on the amount of money that you were paid while you were employed. The amount of money you were paid during your base period (the first four of last five completed calendar quarters) determines your "weekly benefit amount (WBA)". In addition, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own, able to work, available for work, looking for work and willing to accept a job for which you are qualified.

How much can I recieve in benefits?
The booklet Your Guide to Unemployment Insurance Benefits that you will receive when you file your new claim includes a "Weekly Benefit Amount Chart" that indicates the range of minimum to maximum benefits for which you may be eligible. The amount is known as the "weekly benefit amount (WBA)". The current range provided by the Delaware Unemployment Insurance Law is $20 to $330.

How is my Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) determined?
The weekly benefit amount (WBA) is based on the amount that you were paid during the base period. The base period is the first four of the last five calendar quarters completed as of the Sunday before you file your first claim for benefits. Your weekly benefit amount will be 1/46th of your two highest calendar quarters in the base period. If you worked full-time during the four quarters, your WBA will be a little more than half your gross weekly wage up to the maximum weekly benefit amount in effect at the time.

How do I know if I am monetarily eligible and how much money I will actually get?
You will receive a form called a "Determination of Monetary Eligibility." It will show your base period wages and your weekly benefit amount if you are monetarily eligible. The " Monetary Determination," is mailed to you within 3 days after you file your claim. This is for your records and it contains a completed copy of your base period earnings. It lists all the employers who are covered by the Delaware Unemployment Insurance Law and all wages these employers reported under your Social Security number and your name during the base period. It also shows your "Weekly Benefit Amount" and the maximum amount of benefits you could be eligible to receive.

What are my responsibilities as a claimant?
If you are receiving unemployment insurance benefits, you must be able to work and available for work. In addition, you must make an active search for work, register for work with the Division of Employment and Training when required to do so, accept suitable work as defined by law, file a weekly claim for benefits properly and on time (see the question, How often do I file claims and when must I file claims?, for more information), and report to the local unemployment insurance office when directed to do so. You must report all wages, including self-employment and odd jobs, pensions, annuities, holiday pay, vacation pay, severance pay, and bonuses and special payments.

What type of notices will I receive?
There are many types of notices that will be sent to you while you are filing for unemployment insurance. Read all notices you receive carefully. If you have any questions, call the UI office immediately. Occasionally, you will receive a notice asking that you report to the local office or to be available by telephone at a specific date and time if we need additional information from you. If you have filed any type of appeal, you will get a notice telling you the time, date and place of your appeal hearing. You may be called in periodically for an Eligibility Review Interview. You will be given an "Eligibility Review Questionnaire" when you file your claim. Also, you may periodically be sent an "Eligibility Review Questionnaire" to complete and return to us. The questionnaire helps us offer you assistance in searching for work, and enables us to make sure you are still available for full-time work and that you are actively seeking work. It tells us whether you are also meeting the other eligibility requirements of the law. Therefore, it is important that you carefully and thoughtfully complete the form and that you appear on time on the correct date when scheduled for an "Eligibility Review Interview." Failure to do so may result in your benefits being denied or delayed.

What if I have moved to Delaware from an area outside of the state?
Your claim is governed by the laws of the State against which you file. This is called an "Interstate" claim. The Delaware office will take your claim and forward all the information to the State where you worked. Any benefits you receive will be paid by the State against which you filed and will be mailed directly to your home. You must meet all the requirements of that state's laws in order to be eligible. Also, you must be registered for work with the Delaware Job Service when required to do so and must be actively looking for work in the area where you now live. Since the laws of each State are different, it is possible that your base period, benefit year and check amount will be different from that of a Delaware worker. Your claim is governed by the laws of the State against which you file (the State that pays your benefits). You may file in Delaware against any of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. Note: Different States may also have different penalties, rules for dependents' allowances and sick claims. Also, other deductions may be required.

Can I have my unemployment check deposited directly into my checking/savings account?
The Delaware Division of Unemployment Insurance is pleased to offer Direct Deposit of unemployment insurance benefits to new and existing claimants. With Direct Deposit your weekly unemployment insurance benefits payment is electronically deposited into your checking or savings account as long as your financial institution participates in the Direct Deposit program. It is your responsibility to verify that your financial institution will accept Direct Deposit to your account. Some banks and credit unions will not accept Direct Deposit or they require that a special account number be used for Direct Deposit. Many brokerage accounts will not accept electronic transactions of any type.

Can I file for unemployment benefits online via the internet?
You can file your claim for unemployment benefits online via the internet. This site permits an unemployed Delaware worker to file an initial claim for unemployment insurance benefits via the Internet. Apply online at

Questions & Answers

  1. I never received unemployment and I feel some type of way I lost my house and family because I lost my job do to bus schedule being jacked up and now I am homeless and I haven’t heard anything but 50,000 people are getting money who never worked with out a problem the government is backwards and I was a tax payer what can I do

  2. I was laid off from Bank of America last september, i received a severence until May 2017. I have continued to look for work and have been working part time but nothing full time and nothing garaunteed, why are my benefits being denied?

    1. Bridget,

      I am not sure why they were denied. This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please contact the Unemployment Office. If you feel you were denied wrongfully, please file an “Appeal”.

  3. My unit was outsourced so I was laid off with a year severance. Can I look for work for six months and then file for UC benefits if I fail to find a job ?

    1. You can be eligible to apply for UI benefits after the expiry of the Severance payout. Please do not wait after this period.

  4. I reside in Elkton, MD but worked in Wilmington, DE

    In which state do I claim my unemployment benefits

    Thank you very much

  5. I am 59 and working. My wife is disabled and we take care of my mother . She is 80 and has Alzheimer’s, and my wife is now in a wheel chair and is havering a hard time looking after herself. So now my mother is to much for her to watch after while I am at work. If I have to stop working and stay home to take care of both of them can I get unemployment?

    1. Hi John,

      If you quit your job voluntarily without good cause attributable to your work, your claim can be denied. If you quit the job and are unavailable to work, then you mostly not qualified to receive unemployment benefits.

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