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Delaware Unemployment Eligibility

To receive benefits you must fulfill each of these requirements.

Non Monetary Eligibility

  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • You must be able, available and actively seeking work
  • You must register and participate in required services with the division of Employment and Training
  • You must quit job with good cause attributable to your work
  • You must be discharged from your job for just cause in connection with your work (unless exempt by law)

Monetary Eligibility

To be eligible for Delaware benefits, you must have been paid at least thirty-six times your weekly benefit amount by a covered employer in your base period. The amount of your benefit (WBA) will be 1/46 of your wages in the two highest wage quarters in the base period. However, an eligible claimant will not receive less than $20 or more than $330 a week.

Note: The base period is the first four of the last five calendar quarters completed as of the Sunday before you file your first claim for benefits.

Eligibility Questions

What Happens if I am fired?

You qualify for unemployment benefits if terminated without cause. If fired for misconduct, lateness, unexcused absence or violation of company rules, you lose the right to unemployment benefits.

Check with your local unemployment office to establish unemployment eligibility. If you experience a denial after filing for unemployment benefits, avail yourself of the chance to appeal the decision.

Can I collect benefits if I quit?

You generally won’t get benefits if you quit a job. In case the employer can show evidence or documentation that your termination occurred because you failed to execute your job, Delaware may deny your unemployment claim.

Telephone interviews usually take place within 2 weeks after you file a claim. The interviewer will ask questions about the reason(s) you quit work and try to verify that you tried to work out a solution to the problem with your employer. Interviewers may ask about current work offers and verify you can work. Proving eligibility for unemployment after quitting a job is your responsibility. It is essential that you document any conditions that led up to your quitting and actions you took when trying to continue your employment. The department tries to resolve claims as quickly as possible after you file.

Can I draw unemployment if I am laid off?

When it comes to unemployment benefits, laid-off workers have the opportunity to apply for and receive unemployment compensation because their employment at the company is essentially over.

If you get laid-off from your job, you should immediately apply for unemployment benefits.

Getting laid-off does not mean you were fired or you did something wrong. It only means that the company that you worked did not have sufficient work and could no longer pay you for the job.

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  1. If I quit my job because with the new mask mandates being lifted and I work in the hospitality industry and not knowing who is vaccinated and I’m worried about covid affecting my family would I be eligible for unemployment benefits

    • Tony,

      You can be eligible to claim if the conditions are hostile/hazardous. Please visit the Unemployment Office for more info.

  2. My job has changed management and the new gm is a struggle to deal with. I find that I’m likely going to be forced to move out of state with my family as I do not make enough on my own to afford anything reasonable. If I quit my job will I be able to collect?

  3. The company I’ve worked at for 4 years us being sold if I stay with the new employers and then get gired am I eligible to collect unemployment from my original employer.

    • Kara,

      If your employment is being eliminated involuntarily due to reasons such as a layoff, you should be able to collect UI benefits.

  4. I was hired a year ago to work a 5 days a pay period job. I was given set days that I work every week. I accepted the offer. Now they have decided to try something new, they want to give us a new set schedule that they choose for us and have us start it immediately next week. I have already told my boss I can not work her scheduled days because I also go to school and have two children I already have set care arrangements for but she says I have no choice if I quit can I collect unemployment?

    • Ava,

      This may be considered voluntary on your part which means you might not qualify. For clarification, please call the Unemployment Office in your state.

  5. I was hired and basically thrown into the position with lack of training or education. When I asked questions, I was told to review the manual. When I would review the manual, I was told I wasn’t working fast enough. After about 2 weeks, I was told by one of the other employees that I was the 5th or 6th person hired for the position and they were surprised I hadn’t quit yet. Yesterday, I was fired and the reason I was given – is because I was 4 minutes late to work that morning, that I misspelled a patient’s name on a chart – that someone else had written up, but I was handed the paper to scan into the system by the person who wrote it up. Although, the person that spelled the name incorrectly, had no write up or disciplinary action and because I added a new patient to the system and was not aware or told that there was already an open file in the patients mothers name. I understand the late was my mistake, however and not using it to justify the late, but there were several incidents where others were no show, no call and no write up or disciplinary action. I feel I was targeted and wrongfully fired. I am discussing this with a lawyer but in this type of situation, would I qualify for UI benefits?

    • Kelly,

      The reason for termination seems pretty strange. As long as you feel it was not your fault, you can claim UI benefits until you find employment. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  6. I ended up quitting my job due to the company eliminating my department and forcing me over to a different sector which definitely affected my earnings. I worked over 4 years with this company and never had a problem earning my commissions. Once the company switched out my manager to a new mgr, I was unable to maintain my standard production to earn my income. Additionally, I was not awarded the extra break time supposed to be received when a customer complimented me to the manager on duty. I also quit because I was told I was non compliant by disclosing the initial price of a rental van to the customer while waiting for the slow loading screens so I could get into the system to further help the customer. Because I confirmed the initial price of the rental prior to being able to get into the system screens they called me non compliant and that meant they were confiscating and not paying me any commissions for the entire upcoming week. I got denied unemployment and have filed an appeal. I have a hearing in 2 days and want to know if I have what is considered good cause to have quit my job.

    • Leonora,

      It all depends on you. If you think your exit was justified due to mishaps at work, please make sure to prove with supporting paperwork and argument when you’re called for hearing.

    • Aliyah,

      Unfortunately, personal reasons are generally not considered. I suggest that you contact the Unemployment Office to explore your options.

  7. I moved to Pa. and I am looking for employment. I asked to be transferred but never heard anything. I quit after not hearing anything for 3 weeks. Would I be eligible for benefits?

  8. I filed for unemployment and today an agent called me to ask me why I left the job I told her that I was fired, though they never gave me an just reason why I was terminated just that the owner where I worked thought it was best to go our separate ways. when I told the agent this she said that the owner should call her by Friday and that she would make her final decision. So just wanted to know it that normal for them to call and ask questions do you think Ill get my unemployment benefits?

    • Yes, its normal. They call you as a part of the process.

      If you haven’t heard from them as of now, please chase by calling the claims center.

  9. If I am being laid off from my job December 31, and have a job offer starting January 25, am I eligible to collect unemployment for those 3 weeks, because I will not be working? Thanks!

      • I have ill family members that need to be taken care of . I was unable to receive documentation for my call outs/lateness due to Covid . If I am fired will I be able to receive unemployment while caring for that ill family member ?

        • Lina,

          Unfortunately, UI benefits are only offered to claimants who lose employment due to involuntary reasons.

  10. What do I need to take with me when I go to unemployment? And do i just tell them I want to file for the hours i’m missing?

  11. If my work is cutting hours majorly even though i’m part time, can i still be eligible for unemployment?

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