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Delaware Unemployment Job Search Requirements

In order to keep obtaining Delaware unemployment benefits you have to meet continuing job search requirements. Unemployment benefits are meant to be a temporary benefit until you find a new job, so these job search requirements are in place to certify you are actively looking for a new job.

Delaware Job Search Requirements are:

  • You must be actively be looking for a job
  • You must make at least one job contacts per week. Job contacts include filling out job applications and sending resumes
  • You should indicate the employer name, address, type of work sought, result of the contact and the date in item 8 on the back of your weekly pay authorization form
  • You must keep a record of all of your job search activities, including a record of all job contacts

You must meet these job search requirements every week, and provide a weekly certification to let the unemployment office that you are meeting all of the requirements. Be certain to have your job search record up to date, as you may be called into the unemployment office for a periodic eligibility review.

  1. My name is Cynthia A Wynn and I have been trying to file for the job seekers and it won’t let me sign up. What should I do?

    • Myeshia,

      You should be able to file it online after you log in. Please let us know if you’re facing issues with it.

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