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Delaware Unemployment Weekly Claims

Delaware Unemployment Benefits

In order to receive your weekly Delaware unemployment benefits, you must file a continuing claim each week. This certifies that you’re still eligible and actively seeking new employment. Failing to submit these weekly claims could result in a loss of benefits.

Start asking for your weekly benefits the Sunday right after you start your claim, and keep doing it every week. You can use our TeleBenefits phone system or our WebBenefits online system to make your request. A benefit week starts on Sunday and finishes the next Saturday.

Choosing how to file a weekly claim

During the Delaware unemployment application process, you were asked to choose a method for certifying each week. You can file online using WebBenefits, or you can file over the phone using TeleBenefits.


To file a weekly claim online, visit You will be asked to sign in with your account, which you created during the initial application process.

Once you are logged in, simply follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to report any earned income, and if you received any job offers. You must also verify that you have completed the required work search activities and are keeping a record of your job contacts.


TeleBenefits Phone Numbers

  • (800) 794-3032 (Toll Free)
  • (302) 761-6576 (New Castle County)

You can ask for your weekly benefits by calling (800) 794 3032 or (302) 761 6576. Both numbers are open all day, every day. You can only ask for your weekly benefits for a week that has already ended. If you call before 10:30 a.m. Monday to Friday, it will usually be handled the same day. If it’s after 10:30 a.m., it will usually be done the next business day.

For your first time using TeleBenefits, you’ll pick a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). Don’t use the same number four times or use numbers in a sequence like 1,1,1,1 or 1,2,3,4. Keep this PIN safe. It’s like your electronic signature. If you forget your PIN, call your local office during their work hours to reset it.

If you’ve been using TeleBenefits and want to start using WebBenefits, your PIN stays the same. If you’ve never used TeleBenefits, you can use “9999” as your PIN the first time you log in.

When using WebBenefits or TeleBenefits, have your current weekly claim information ready. If asked, be prepared to show your work search log to your local office.

Note: You can only request benefits for the week that just ended. For older claims, visit your local office.

Weekly Certification Questions

During the certification process, the Delaware DOL will ask you a series of questions to ensure you are still eligible for UI benefits.

Here are examples of the types of questions:

  • Did you work this week? The DOL asks this to see if you’re still unemployed or have found work, which could change your benefit amount.
  • Did you earn any money, and if so, how much? Knowing your earnings helps the DOL adjust your benefits, as you might get less if you earned money.
  • Were you available for work this week? The DOL needs to know if you’re ready to work to continue receiving benefits.
  • Did you look for work? Searching for work is often required to continue receiving unemployment benefits.
  • Did you refuse any job offers or interviews? If you’re turning down work, you may not be eligible for benefits.
  • Were you in school or training? Being in school or training could affect your job availability, and thus your benefit eligibility.
  • Did you receive or apply for any other types of income, like disability or Workers’ Compensation? Other income types could reduce or cancel your unemployment benefits.
  • Are you still attached to your regular employer? The DOL asks to understand if you are temporarily laid off or completely separated from your job.
  • Did you complete the work search log? Completing a work search log is usually required to prove you’re actively looking for a job.
  • Are you willing and able to work now? You must be ready and able to work to get benefits.
  • Do you have a reason, like illness, that stopped you from working this week? Reasons like illness could affect your benefit eligibility.
  • Have you started or quit a new job? Starting or quitting a job changes your employment status and could affect your benefits.
  • Have you moved or changed your contact information? The DOL needs current information to reach you for any claims issues.

Always answer these questions honestly to avoid issues with unemployment fraud.

After filing your weekly claim

After you complete your weekly certification you can expect to receive your unemployment benefits within 48 hours – if you meet all eligibility requirements. If your claim is denied for some reason, keep in mind that you have the right to file an appeal.

When you first applied for UI benefits, you were asked to choose a payment method: either direct deposit or debit card.

If you have chosen direct deposit, your weekly benefit amount will go straight into your bank account. This is a fast and secure way to receive your unemployment insurance benefits.

If you opted for a debit card, the Delaware Division will load your weekly benefit onto it. The card gives you easy access to your unemployment compensation without the need for a bank account.

Curious how much money you’ll get? The Delaware unemployment calculator can help you estimate your weekly benefit amount.

  1. I havent got any unemployment since June i still have a balance and submitted a new claim i was told backlogged no letters nothing

    • Danna,

      There will be an indefinite delay considering the pendency. Please continue chasing the Unemployment Office at regular intervals.

  2. Hello I received a letter regarding to collect my benefits for Delaware but I did not receive a confirmation number but I did create a pin so for me to go further do I have to wait for the confirmation number to come in the mail

    • I Opened a claim in Delaware for lack of hours and the following week return to work had a good week for paycheck but I’m in another week where I’m only gonna have nine hours how do I re-open the claim

    • Melissa,

      Please wait for further communication. You can either check for updates on your account online and also watch your email.

    • Troy,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. You will be able to check the status on the Unemployment Office’s website.

    • Pearline,

      I can understand your situation. Please wait. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

  3. I Need to change my Bank Account information so my weekly check can be deposited…. How do I do that?

    • Pamela,

      Please login online (to check for relevant option) or call the Claims Center for assistance in this regard.

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