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Eligibility Calculator

Updated : March 24th, 2023

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Those losing their jobs due to no fault of their own may be eligible to obtain unemployment insurance from the state. However, there are certain criteria to be satisfied in order to successfully claim these benefits. To help you determine your eligibility, we have created an easy, simple-to-use eligibility calculator.

Every state frames certain guidelines that determine whether an individual can receive unemployment benefits or not. The amount of unemployment compensation that one receives also depends on state law.

If the state determines that you are eligible for unemployment benefits, filing weekly claims are extremely easy. States have reduced the amount of paperwork and created an online filing system.

To use the calculator, first select the state of residence. Once applicants select the state of residence, they will be asked five questions. The answers will determine whether they are eligible for benefits or not.

Note – that you are only qualified to receive unemployment benefits if your ex-employer paid unemployment taxes while you were serving the company.

Here are some important factors applicants should follow for eligibility:

Important Eligibility Criteria Requirements

Applicants are required to meet certain criteria before they can receive benefits in their states of residence. If applicants are not able to meet these criteria, they should have a valid reason stating why they are not able to meet the guidelines. State unemployment offices will consider the merits of each case, before processing claims. Here’s a list of requirements applicants should fulfill:

  • Lost their job due to no fault of their own
  • Should be completely or partially unemployed
  • Earned enough wages during the base period
  • Should be physically available to work, actively seeking employment, and ready for work at any given point of time
  • Maintain eligibility every week that they receive benefits

Other Eligibility Requirements

In addition to the above-mentioned eligibility requirements claimants need to maintain some other important aspects to receive UI benefits. State unemployment offices may ask claimants to furnish the following information or documentary evidence of:

  1. Reasons for job separation
  2. Attendance at school 
  3. If they are employees at school
  4. Any labor disputes or strike
  5. Declining a job offer
  6. Suffering from any illness or injury
  7. Whether claimants are professional athletes

Monetary Eligibility Requirements

To meet monetary eligibility requirements, all applicants must have worked for a certain period of time and earned sufficient wages. Claimants are eligible for benefits if they received wages in their covered employment for the calendar quarter where wages were the highest. Claimants should also know to be eligible for benefits their base period wages should not be less than one and a half times the wages paid in their highest quarter.

To know anything more regarding base period or unemployment insurance, read this easy-to-understand article.