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Filing for Unemployment from Two States

Updated : February 11th, 2021

The Q & A forum on our website addresses a significant number of questions and issues relating to filing for unemployment compensation from two states. Based on our detailed study, we have collated a list of most common issues that arise which are conflicting in nature.

They are as follows

  1. My regular benefits from state X have  exhausted. Can I apply from state Y as I moved here?
  2. I was approved for 23 weeks of UI benefits that ran out in 2012. Can I reapply as I am unemployed again?
  3. I worked in state X and recently moved to state Y. Which state do I apply for UI benefits from?
  4. I work out of state X and live in state Y. I was laid off from my job recently. Where do I apply from?
  5. I earned income working out of state X & Y. What income do I show as I lost both the jobs?

Let us summon these questions one at a time and discuss the dynamics surrounding it. In all these cases, we strongly recommend that you double check with the labor dept in your state before arriving at a decision or concluding purely on the basis of this article.

My regular benefits from state X have exhausted. Can I apply from state Y as I moved here?

Unemployment Insurance is a scheme administered and overseen by the US department of Labor. Each state disburses the payment in accordance with certain rules confined to it exclusively. You will be able to claim only once from a particular state. If one exhausts the benefits in state X and moves to state Y in search of a job, they cannot apply or claim UI as it can be considered illegal and you can be tried for fraud under local laws.

Remember, unemployment compensation is only disbursed for a certain allocated period, is not revolving in nature and generally non-transferable.

I was approved for 23 weeks of UI benefits that ran out in 2012. Can I reapply as I am unemployed again?

Let’s assume a classic case where an unemployed youth, Rob was laid off from his job as a store manager at a local supermarket in December 2011 and he applied and was approved for UI benefits for 23 weeks. Rob claimed & received weekly monetary compensation from the labor department in his state for the whole of 23 weeks and he immediately found a job that matched his skills.

Unfortunately, due to a new company policy, Rob was laid off from his newest job in May 2014.Now, he is again looking forward to monetary support and is contemplating on applying for UI whilst he is searching for jobs. Since he had earlier in 2012 claimed and received full benefits, he may not be eligible this time around. It would be wise for Rob to call and inquire if any benefits would be available before applying again.

I worked in state X and recently moved to state Y. Do I file for unemployment in the state where I live or work?

One must ideally be looking at applying from the state of last employment. Remember, your employer would have paid the taxes into the system that contributes towards UI funds in the state where they operate.

Therefore, you must apply from the state where you were employed so that they expend compensation from these funds. Almost all states have an option of conveniently managing claims online or by phone so that you don’t have to physically visit their office. If you moved to a different state, it is advisable that you manage it electronically.

If you need help with calculating benefits amount use our Unemployment Calculator

I work out of state X and live in state Y. I was laid off from my job recently. Where do I apply from?

If you live in one state and worked in another, then you must file from the state where you were working. This is because your employer would have paid into the state taxes from the state where you worked.

I earned income working out of state X & Y. What income do I show as I lost both the jobs?

If you have wages from multiple states, you may file a combined wage claim. Contact the unemployment office in the state where you reside and they will inform you as to which state you must contact to file a claim. The state will then request wage information from other states where you have worked. The information will be combined to calculate a benefit that will be an accurate representation of all your employment for a particular period of time.

Any attempt to open claims in multiple states simultaneously will eventually be discovered. States implement crossmatch procedures to locate individuals who file simultaneous claims in multiple states. Such filing methods are not permitted and may be considered fraud depending on the circumstance. However, contrary to the previous answer, incarceration is not likely unless the amount of fraud is a significant sum. Most unemployment fraud cases result in repayment of benefits received, a monetary penalty equal to benefits received, and a disqualification from receiving unemployment benefits for a designated period of time.

If you’re a first time applicant, we strongly recommend that you check eligibility for unemployment benefits before applying.

*The character of unemployed youth Rob is a fiction and is not a real person.

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  1. I lived in ga in 2019 and move to florida in 2020 and work for the xmas months in nov-dec. I was told to do a combine wage claim. my question is which state do i file the claim in?

  2. I filed for pua in Ohio back in October 2020.My claim has been in ajudacatuon since 11/1/20.So 2 to 6 weeks is a total understatement! When I call.i am told to basically hurry up and wait some more.I have recently been redetermined and my claim is allowed.but I have one pending issue.How long is too long?

    1. Nicole,

      Unfortunately, nobody has an answer. There are perhaps thousands of pending applications. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

  3. If you claim your weeks for unemployment and for the next 2 months you still have not received your money. Where can you go in volusia county to talk with a live person

  4. On NYS DOL website, my claim is saying current yet the information is for my old claim with 0 days remaining despite receiving 2 weeks of payments on the new claim and I was able to certify last night. I haven’t received anything; no letters or emails.

  5. I was disqualified for UI benefits for not providing an ID and other forms of identification. How do I fix this?

    1. Hi Mike, I’m in NYS and was at the end of my BYE on 3/14, I was still certifying but wasn’t getting paid. I found out I had to file a new claim because my other was exhausted. I’m still waiting on approval. Maybe you have to file a new claim. I hope this helps.

  6. They say 2-6 weeks it’s more accurate to say 2-6 months; and when you call many of them are rude and unwilling to assist!

  7. someone needs to look into Sharon L. Anton gillette, wyo. or dickinson, nd she is a fraud and has done so many fraudulent things and please look into her

    1. Annette,

      Please report it to the Fraud Division of the Unemployment Office in your state. You can report on the website.

  8. I worked part time for thee years here in florida. I’m currently not working. I’m also retired and collects social security.
    My question is
    Am I qualified to file for unemployment ?

    1. Ruby,

      To be eligible, you’re required to have sufficient hours and earnings. Please use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website.

  9. So adjudication takes 8 to 12 weeks. Oh okay, that explains why I havent received payment since July. That surely helps just like the rest of the information that you give. And by the way. What’s the NEW reason you can’t get through to the Call Center.

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