Fired for a Green Dot Policy violation at ULTA

Updated : September 23rd, 2022

Green Dot Policy

“A Green Dot Policy violation. I work for ULTA, and they sell many beauty products and hair items.”

Posted by Ebony from Newnan, GA

I purchased a pair of shears from until because I’m employed there as a hairdresser. I have worked at this location for almost 2 years. One night I was leaving with my shears and during an exit inspection the Manager Leanna and I discovered that my shears were missing a green dot.

Now let me explain the green dot policy: For every item that we purchase or possess that ULTA sells must be green dotted, the green dot procedure is only done by a manager either at the time of purchase or upon entrance with this item.

I willingly gave her my shears and told her there’s no problem because she said she can look up the transaction. Well a week goes by and then I was informed I had to be suspended while they investigate my purchase. I explained to her for the second time I purchased the shears they malfunctioned I had to exchange them for a new pair, because there are my only shears and like I said I’m a hairdresser, I did this transaction during a work day, I have several witnesses to the fact, which includes my manager.

With all of this being said I was contacted by the loss prevention manager that stated “they could not find a transaction”, then 4 hours later he called to inform me he found a transaction but that I purchased the shears that morning and returned them that night. This account is false I don’t have me original receipt but ULTA has an extensive database where they can look up transactions from up to 3 years ago, I also used my discount which includes my last 4 or my social.

I am now at jeopardy of being fired for a Green Dot Policy Violation. I want to know when and if they fire me will I have a valid claim for unemployment?

Let me also include that the LPM is to conduct periodic searches of our property at ULTA and this no Green dot was ever discovered. And I’m not in charge of a green dotter, it has to be a manager and when they’re busy in the store we have to wait so…. would I have a claim? Sorry so long it’s a lot of info. Thanks for helping.


If you are fired you can certainly file a claim, but whether you can win? I don’t know.

It’s seems to me that you could request a record of all your transactions and that if there were witnesses to counter that it wasn’t you, but the manager that did something wrong, you might have a case.

As it sounds like the manager didn’t dot the new set of shears and there must be a paper trail showing the exchange due to the defective set.

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