Receiving unemployment while in school

Updated : August 12th, 2022

Unemployment While In School

Posted by Jessica (Georgia)

If you live in the state of GA like I do and you lose your job either from being fired or laid off, and you do get unemployment, you can decide to go back to school, or get specific job training, or certifications in a state approved program, or your already enrolled. Your employer now has to pay unemployment until you find a new job for how ever long it takes or until you graduate which ever comes first.

It’s nice to know there is no time limit, as long as you are in school and you are looking for full time work. If you qualify, the GA DOL will inform you via mail, or you can visit the GA DOL web site for further details.

This was a law just recently passed by congress with the help of president Obama and this might be the same in other states as well just go to your local unemployment Office.

The GA DOL will also assist you if you are on unemployment and you meet the requirements for free student financial aid to go back to school. Unemployment benefits may be available while attending school.

I’m currently on second tire unemployment I still have until April of 2010 until my initial benefits run out. However I got a letter from the GA Dol about benefits while in school. All I have to do is supply the GA DOL with proof that I’m a student in a state approved program I’m in school for (Certified Medical Assistant) just to give you an idea, anything in the healthcare filed is approved by the state. Have your teachers sign of on the paper the DOL gives to you and then you can hand it in to the DOL and they will certify you every week as long as you are still looking for full time work and you submit a record of work search.

If you qualify then you can collect unemployment until you finish school or become reemployed which ever comes first at least in the state of Georgia just do some research.

Hope this helps


“The university has been advised that student employees who are not working may apply directly to the Georgia Department of Labor for unemployment. The GA DOL will review and determine eligibility for state and/or federal unemployment benefits.”


All I can say is, Really? Why didn’t you copy and paste a link to the Georgia unemployment law that allows all this, because I want to read it.

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Training and school, and unemployment benefits.

by: Chris

Thanks Jessica, and congratulations:))))

Although I’m not sure what the new Georgia law is, I believe you should be able to find the details of it here on this page at the USDOL under “reports on legislation”.

Many states are picking up additional stimulus funds and they are using those funds in different ways. I suspect that most of the money is being used to “get people back to work” and I’m sure that includes more state approved training, at least I think it should.

Since get visitors from a number of states I think the best place to start following the trail of bread crumbs is the Employment and Training Administration. You could wander for a long time following links to a variety of information.

And just for good measure, here’s a few other places too.


Bureau of Labor Statistics

O*Net Online

O*Net is great for checking what additional courses, school or training you might need to add to make your current skills, degree, or experience more transferable to a hot or developing labor market.


Back to School

by: Anonymous

Jessica – I strongly suggest English classes for you. Your spelling is terrible.

Hi Anonymous,

I strongly suggest a non-pettiness course for you.




by: Anonymous


You are an idiot. It is not petty to expect an adult to be capable of composing a correct sentence. If this were a letter Jessica sent to me with a resume, I would have thrown it out after the first sentence (which is not actually a sentence). How you present yourself on paper (and web) matters.

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, I’m certain you are correct, about me being an idiot, and the fact that I am responding again may be used as proof of that.

I also believe you are right about how you present yourself when you write, especially, when constructing a resume to be judged by the likes of you and others that hire people.

However, I sincerely, doubt you are a member of the web’s grammar compliance department.

But, intent is a debatable factor of what “matters”. And that’s what I’m doing right now.
I’m debating the intent of your comments and whether they matter.

I believe your intent is self evident in both your one line insulting comment to Jessica and then again in the opening sentence calling me an idiot.

The ability to string words together while spelling and punctuating properly along the way does not exclude one from being an idiot. Not even an intelligent, but petty idiot who has no problem stringing and dismissing others entirely because of how they strung their words.

But the ability to string words does enable one to perfectly convey what they mean and also reveal the attitude a message is sent with.

If your intent was to help Jessica and not insult her for a shortcoming you perceive as a habitual shortcoming, why then, didn’t you write something about the need for resume perfection?

What I know, and maybe you don’t, is that many people ask questions and make comments from their cellphones. I don’t like texts, but that’s how many communicate nowadays.

I make tons of spelling and grammatical errors, but it does not negate the value I might provide to someone else with my misspelled and incorrectly, punctuated words, and I do make an effort to minimize the number of boo-boos I make.

I realize there are those in this world that equate bad spelling and other grammatical error to a visual form of running your fingernails down a chalkboard.

Words, not only have a correct spelling, they also have meaning and purpose if you know the definitions. And words may serve to only sting.

Would you stop someone from communicating their need for a work accommodation just because you can’t stand the sound of their voice or accent?

I’m not hiring anyone Anonymous, but the people that visit this site are looking for work, and apparently, also making queries about denying unemployment benefits.

I don’t expect anything to come out of this or be resolved by my idiotic move to respond to you because we disagree on principle and approach things from two very different perspectives.




In Response To Anonymous

by: Randy Vaughan

Hello, Anonymous…

My name is Randy Vaughan. So you went out and got yourself a college degree and now you’re a Human Resource Manager or some such. And in thoroughly predictable fashion, you pass judgment on people by nothing more than the words on a piece of paper.

Ma’am, they/we are just people, that’s all. We’ve no interest at all in your completely arbitrary and capricious notions of “perfection”. We care first and foremost about our family and friends. After that, we really do care about our jobs and employment, but not about trying to impress you or anyone else with “perfection,” only about being the best employees you could ever hope to have and, dare I say, actually doing the work for which we were hired.

But none of that matters to you, now does it? You’re “better” than the rest of us because you are in the position of deciding who gets hired and who does not. What a tragedy that you perpetuate the lunacy of equating presumed authority with superiority.

For what it’s worth, it’s men and women like you who share part of the culpability when I find myself explaining why I’ve worked for some sixty employers in my lifetime. Absence of college degrees and less than perfect spelling, etc., does not make us stupid. We simply never became educated beyond our intelligence as is clearly the case with you.

(Please forgive any typographical errors. I rarely proofread. I also did not consult my “Chicago Manual of Style”.)


Thanks Chris and Jessica

by: Nik

Thank you both for the time you took to provide info on this board. I found it helpful, despite what someone else has stated.


Good info

by: Christina

Jesssica, I applaud you for providing such good information.

CHRIS – You are totally awesome when you addressed the “Anonymous” idiotic person who thinks she’s above people merely because of grammatical errors! You were very professional and clearly got your point across. :)



Unemployment and Barber School in California

by: Sal

Unemployment and Barber School in California

Hey whatz up the name is Sal I live in CA and am currently working a full time seasonal job. This job ends by mid-Nov by the end of the season am thinking of attending barber school and apply for financial aid and receive unemployment. I keep wondering if this is a good idea or if there’s a catch to it.

Hey Sal,

I removed your email address as I don’t think you want it posted on the internet for some email scraper to come along and snatch it.

You know what my main problem is with answering question about unemployment benefits, aside from the fact that the questions sometimes suck?

I also have to assume the person asking is able to think in the abstract to some degree or another and is willing to expand their mind just a bit by performing their own due diligence when investigating their options.

So, why don’t you first read about California Training Benefits.

Chris (After only drinking half of a cup of coffee)



by: Dunn

I love the way Anonymous was told to sit in the corner…Boo YA!!!!!!!!!

Hi Dunn,

Ya right, for all the good it did. I can only change my own spots.



GA Unemployment While Attending School.

by: Cassie

Jessica or anyone with knowledge on the subject,

I have recently lost my job and am receiving severance. I cannot file a claim until my severance is completed, but I will be attending school before this happens. Will I still be able to file unemployment if I am already enrolled in school? I have tried to find information on the GA DOL, but am lost. If someone could point me in the right direction to get some answers that would be great. Thanks!

Hi Cassie,

This is precisely why I refer people to DOLETA, because it would be too difficult for me alone to keep up with changing information here on in case one state changed their requirements. I wouldn’t get anything else done.

The USDOL Employment & Training Administration has basically disseminated common, but varying issues for all state unemployment laws by state in their nifty chartbooks and tables.

Georgia Treatment of Students:

Leaving work to attend school is disqualifying, unless trade act training as you’ll see in the first column.

And there is no obvious exception to a disqualification while attending school.

As you’ll notice this is not the case for other states where you’ll see exceptions if one can prove their ability and availability to look for and accept work,

So, from what I see there, it looks to me as if you should contact the re-employment part of the GADOL to see if your schooling might have possibilities under some type of approved training program, otherwise, I’d say you need to go to a law library or possibly to see if you can find a precedent GA unemployment decision that says otherwise and might be useful to you.



They told me only 14 weeks

by: Anonymous

When I called my unemployment office, they told me students get 14 weeks of unemployment and that was all. No extended time. That blows..

What state was it that told you this is a condition upon those also a student who lost a job through no fault of their own?

If I’m forced to guess, if you don’t respond, I would expect it to be one of the states that also reduced the maximum duration of benefits (to deal with the impact of the recession that hit a decade ago) for all unemployed claimants, regardless if a student, whose conditional eligibility is almost always going to be an additional issue, (aside from who is at fault for a quit, or discharge, to be considered.



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