What is an Unemployment Unresolved Issue?

Updated : July 26th, 2022

Unresolved Issues

Mandi asks,

It has been 5 weeks I filed this week and there was a message saying it was accepted and to please remember that this is a waiting week? does this mean I have been approved? and why does previous weeks say not paid due to unresolved issue? I am so confused, please help!

Thank you

Hi Mandi,

You really have given me very little to go on to possibly decipher what the issue is.

First, I don’t know what state you’re in, but I’m willing to assume some basic things in order to try to attempt an answer. If I get something wrong, please feel free to set me straight.

Most states require us to serve a one week unpaid waiting period. If the message stated that this is your waiting week, it’s very possible that you have not yet received the non-monetary determination allowing benefits yet.

The first determination is the monetary. It tells you that you have filed a “valid claim” and also lets you know how much money your claim is worth in total broken down how much you will receive each week while totally unemployed “IF OTHERWISE ELIGIBLE”.

This means the issue of whether you are “non-monetarily entitled” to collect, is an issue yet to be determined, or “resolved” by a claim adjudicator.

Have you received a determination yet which says something along the lines of:

You voluntarily quit your job. It is found that you voluntarily quit your job with good according to (a statute #) and are therefore eligible for benefits

or if fired,

You were discharged from your job. It is determined the discharge was not misconduct therefore you are eligible to receive benefits.

It is this sort of determination which must be made by the state, for you to be cleared to be “paid” benefits.

This is the determination which can be easily appealed by either party (employer, or employee) feeling they have been “aggrieved” the the denial, or allowance of benefits.

Comments for What is an Unemployment Unresolved Issue?

Unresolved issues

by: Anonymous

My husband filed for unemployment on July 29, 2020. I filed claims until 8/8/20. I then called the unemployment office because he wasn’t receiving payments. He has a prepaid card but no payments.

When we checked, says as of 08/08/20, you weren’t issued payment of unresolved issues with your claim. I’ve been looking up information about it an we tried calling them every day since the issue. We also just filed for these past weeks. Can you please help with my questions? Thank you.



by: Anonymous

In August of this year I filed my claim I live in TN. The second week of my claim I received an email saying my case was closed by an adjudicator because my separation letter was determined that I was laid off and which means I have been approved for unemployment.

It also said within the next ten days I will be receiving payment or possible additional information I have been waiting as of today 7 days my payment status still says in progress also my first week still says not applicable and it says I have unresolved issues as my status for when my money will be released to me.

I was told everything in my claim looks perfect and that I should be patient I have three days left until the 10 day waiting payment will be up. Should be concerned? By the way they sent me a card before I got the qualifying separation approved letter. Thanks for your reply in advance.


Unresolved issue payment in progress

by: Anonymous

Hey, so I applied this past Sunday for my weekly benefits as well as all of the past weeks I was eligible for. I was sent my denial letter for regular unemployment and then the next day I applied for the PUA and was never given any type of denial or approval letter or email.

After applying for my weekly claims I was sent my insurance claim and it gave me an available balance of what I was owed weekly plus what I was owed in back pay.

However… there is an unresolved issue – other eligibility but like I said I had already been denied for UI so I called and talked to a rep and she had no idea what I was talking about and couldn’t help or tell me anything other than “keep filing each week and hopefully it will sort itself out” I’m very frustrated and I can’t seem to get anything figured out.

I’m in the state of WV and everyone I know that has filed has had no issues and was paid within the 3 days.. I just want to know what’s going on.

Hi Anonymous,

Just a wild guess, but I’m going to assume the unemployment rules haven’t changed so much that if someone is denied regular state unemployment benefits, they can still receive the PUA federal benefits.

However, if the claimant does decide to appeal the state determination that denied benefits (which is always dependent on the facts surrounding some “issue” that was finally resolved by a claim adjudicator) and of course after filing a simple appeal letter (got one of those on this website somewhere) clears the hurdle of actually winning the resulting phone hearing (and I’m guessing most all states are now conducting UI tribunal hearings by phone) on the actual issue(s) listed on the hearing notice, then the benefits would be yours in one lump sum, maybe.

PS Although WV is what’s known in some circles as a phone hearing state, it’s also one of the few states in this country that still requires both claimants and employers to be represented by actual lawyers at low level UI administrative law hearings, should they choose to not go it alone.

Requiring an attorney is why WV isn’t on the list of states I claim I’m able to refer claimants to bona fide professional UI hearing reps.

And yes anonymous, if you are denied and plan on appealing, you must keep filing for weekly benefits, otherwise if you win the hearing and haven’t filed for those weeks you were denied and unemployed, they can’t pay you any benefits, because you didn’t claim those weeks.

You shouldn’t lose the benefits, but the money basically goes to the end of the line because the fact is, every unemployment claim lasts for a year (52 weeks), but there’s only 26 weeks (most, but not all states) of benefits, if you continue to be FULLY unemployed.


Unresolved issue.

by: Sbenidoklahoma

I started filing for unemployment in April of this year. I received two weeks of payment on my card.

Third week I filed and no payment issued. I sent two forms in I’d sent by email..

My claim first said pending, after my Id verification it said processing.

I have sent a letter sent email and have called everyday since May 5. And have had no contact back by phone or mail..
How can I possibly find out what is going on with my claim..

Hi Sbenidoklahoma,

That’s the million dollar question of late, how do I get in touch with a state UI agency to find out why I’m not getting benefits.

In the old days, like right before the pandemic hit, I explained to people that federal guidelines usually meant a state would issue it’s initial non-monetary determination no later than six weeks from the original application for benefit date.

And any subsequent claim determination issued after a state might of suspended payment of benefits to someone would be issued relatively quick, so the next necessary step to resolve the issue could be taken.

And that next step is an appeal being filed by the aggrieved party to the determination.

These days however, nothing seems to be working as it should when claimant are put into what seems to me to be an unending loop when a state says it’s processing due to an unresolved issue.

Unresolved issues, is very vague, but generally any issue has some sort of deadline for a state to meet, to resolve the issue in a reasonable and timely manner. Although State Agencies are rarely given hard drop dead deadlines, like those laid on employee/claimants and employers on all claim determinations and hearing decisions, as well as most other forms and/or letter/documents received from a state UI agency.

Sorry, the best answer I can give you right now is, things are working properly and you’ve got to keep trying by both phone and email to contact a service rep to ask where the determination is, so you can appeal it if necessary.

And document all your efforts with date, time, and who you might of spoke with.

To whom am I speaking, is frequently the best first question to ask when dealing with an unemployment department.



Open issue

by: Anonymous

Hello I’m from Pennsylvania Philadelphia to be give you more detail got paid then two weeks I files it said accepted but my payment never came then next week they said my payment is still under review.

I was late for a payment which I think I wasn’t because of the ss/day system they setup but anyway how long will it take be resolve n if not that what’s my issue.

Hi Open Issue,

Late with a payment for what?



Unresolved issue

by: Anonymous

I’m in WV. My claim reads Outstanding issue PUA -Other Program Eligibility

All weeks read in progress. I received my card, yet when payment date came obviously the card remained with a $0.00 balance. Please help me understand if at all possible? Thank you for your time.

Hi Anonymous,

You might not believe this, but there are just some question I find easier/possible to answer, only after I talk to someone and/or get to see their docs for myself.

Yours is one of those questions.

I now know what PUA is, but I’m not clear how it is being paid. Is it in addition to a state’s weekly benefit amount? Is it used to pay the additional 13 weeks of benefits if a state has a way to extend benefits?

And finally, what the heck is the state of WV trying to say when it tells you there is some issue being cause by “other program eligibility”, without giving you, or other people the ability to appeal something so vague?

Whatever you received from the state of WV, does it give you the right to appeal? If so, that’s what you’ve got to do AND BY THE DEADLINE FOR APPEAL, if you ever want to move this forward and get the “unresolved” issue, resolved.



Error In Calculation

by: Anonymous

I filed my first wk of pua for 38 hours worked (normally 40) the question was “how much would you have earned if you could work and did not go” I put down my earning for a 40 week. I did this for the second week also. Each said excessive payments and I didn’t understand why.

Then it hit me. I put down the amount I would have earned if I went to work, but I forgot that the for the 1st wk I filed, I was down to my last vacation and sick time and I would not have earned the amount I calculated because I didn’t have any time to use. The claim has been processed and of course I received no money. I sent emails, and called to no avail. How can the error be fixed?

Thank You.

Issue unresolved

by: Anonymous

My claim has a issue and it says claimant not willing to telework . What does that mean I sent e mails and even went in the office but I can’t get any answers or help for that. Matter. Do you know what that issue means and what I should do. Thank you and I have a AZ claim.

Hi Anonymous,

I can only assume what I think it might mean, but it sounds to me as if your employer has reported to AZDES that you refused to work from home (telework, commute).

Is this so? Did the employer that laid you off, offer you continuing work from home? And if so, did you refuse the offer? And if you refused the offer, why did you refuse?



Active issues and payment in progress

by: Anonymous

Was paid the first week, but not the second or third week so far. Benefit pay date says in progress . It’s states no unresolved issues. What is causing the payments to stop?

I really don’t know what is causing UI payments to be stopped, or not paid, especially if your claim states there are no unresolved issues.

What state is this happening to you in?



Unresolved issue

by: Anonymous

I filed in Louisiana about 4 weeks ago it still says unresolved issue of holiday pay why is it taking so long to resolve that issue.

Hi Anonymous,
I don’t know why holiday pay is taking so long, unless you had a month’s worth of it.

Most states generally think of holiday/vacation pay as merely more wages to count as weeks of pay, therefore even if the pay is received as a lump sum payment, it constitutes weeks of pay on a calendar from your last actual day of work.

If this isn’t the problem, then you will need to contact the LA UI dept to find out what might be causing the holdup of paying you any benefits still due to you.


Very Frustrated By This “Non-Pay Due to Unresolved Issue”

by: Anonymous

Hi, I live in Indiana. After having received PUA/FPUC benefits for 4 weeks, I got a “Non-pay due to unresolved issue”. Being fully eligible without any issue, I sent an e-mail right away to DWD and received an auto-reply. It has been 4 weeks now, nothing has been done—the problem repeats every week.

I have sent 3 e-mails (the third one got a “mailbox full” reply), phone calls being never successful. It seems to me that there’s absolutely nothing I can do on my end to get the problem resolved. Very frustrated as this has added unneeded stress and hardship to the already stressful situation.

I don’t know how long this is going to last and whether or not the loss will be made up when/if the “issue” is resolved.


Non resolved issue

by: Ally

I have filed my Indiana voucher for5 weeks with no problem but now it says unresolved issues working full time but I am not
I called and after 2 hours and no she told me she can’t help and hung up on me. I have been wanting for 4 weeks going on 5
Will they make up my 5 weeks?

Hi Ally,
Whether they will make up the 5 missed weeks of your benefits, would seem to me to wholly depend on how the St. of Indiana’s unemployment department resolves the issue of you being disqualified because they perceive you to now being working full-time again.

Generally, when someone is disqualified from one, or more, or all potential weeks of benefits, a state must issue a “claim determination” when they have “resolved” the issue.

What is happening in states everywhere, many, many people claiming benefits and then being notified after a few weeks of being paid benefits, that they are ineligible due to some issue, whether specified, or not by the state, but still showing as being unresolved, is a new phenomenon to me.

The problem for me is that whenever I have helped someone to resolve an issue favorably, in the past, I often began with an unfavorable determination, or at least enough information from the person that gave me clues to detect what might be the potential problem raising an issue.

In other words Ally, I wish I could just answer your and other people’s questions about what an “unresolved issue” means at this point in time, one way, or the other, but I don’t know how to work miracles, without relevant facts to point me in the right direction first.


Non-pay due to unresolved issue

by: Anonymous

Hi, I’m in Montana and go to Nursing school. I’ve been receiving unemployment benefits since 3/22 after COVID-19 closed the bar I was working at. It wasn’t until the request week of 5/10 where I noticed I was no longer receiving money and when I went to check, it said “Description: Attending school; non-payment due to unresolved issues” I still haven’t received a letter in the mail with a decision or if I need to file for an appeal. This is frustrating to me because it’s now summer break & the job I usually do in the summer isn’t hiring right now because of the pandemic and there are lack of jobs in my area in general.

Hi Anonymous,

The relevant companion state by state chart is usually the Nonmonetary Eligibility pdf. Our Eligibility Handbook should be able to help you.


Vacation pay and UI issue

by: Anonymous

My company closed “temporary” due to Covid 19. At the start we were told they were not going to pay vacation, then told they did not know if they would or not.

On the 3rd week of unemployment the company paid out vacation. I still filed for UI on the week they paid vacation and turned in the paystub. I did not receive unemployment for that week or the following, (2 weeks total). The issue on file is non-payment for unresolved issue and deductible income. Others with company with same situation did receive unemployment.

Will the unemployment start back up or do I need to contact them? In Indiana how will vacation pay effect benefits?

Hi Anonymous,

You must of done things right and I think you should count your lucky stars you chose to report the vacation pay in the week you received it and therefore, the state did not pay benefits correctly.

Lucky stars, because even when it’s the state that makes a mistake leading to an overpayment of benefits, (such as you say the state might of when paying co-workers) know that a state unemployment department will come after those sorts of people for any “non-fraud” overpayments, until the cows come home, or the state’s recovery provisions prevent recoupment, or allow for a waiver of an overpayment.

And after this debacle, trust me, I steeling myself for questions about overpayment determinations.

Yes, continue to file, because when that vacation pay runs out and is no longer being counted as a wage replacement from the BP employer, the benefits in you claim’s balance are still waiting for you.


Non Pay due to unresolved issue question, thanks.

by: Anonymous

I have received unemployment benefits in the State of Indiana for four weeks now. I have filed the same every week on the voucher and have had no issues until this last week, all I can find is Non Pay due to unresolved issue. With nothing to go on I’m not sure what to do. I was on the phone for two hours and the line hung up. Do you have any advice on this? Everything is appreciated.

It seems to be a common problem, no matter what state one is receiving benefits from.

An unresolved issue is a very vague term that doesn’t even hint at WHAT the problem might be, but in each case, no matter what the issue is, my advice is to ask the unemployment department where the determination is and if necessary to issue one, so you can appeal if necessary, in a timely manner.

It’s just crazy that all states don’t have the capacity for individuals to create online UI accounts, or if you have one, to not be able to view a determination, or even submit answer to a questionnaire, if that would help resolve a claimant only, unresolved issue.

I share your frustration Anonymous, but that’s the best I can do for most these days, as well as explaining how things maybe should be working in general, if not for a pandemic.


Still no check

by: Anonymous

Yes still waiting as well. Others that I work with are receiving theirs. Very irritating when you cannot get through to them.


Unresolved issue

by: AnonymousJax

I’m in AZ I filed 3 weeks ago I received the debit card but on my check in it says “unresolved issue, discharge” I cannot get a hold of anyone I don’t know what this means
Please help

Hi AnonymousJax,

I think it means that either you, or the employer told the state of AZ that you were discharged from your job, vs. being laid off for a lack of work, or voluntarily quitting your job, and that the state still has to conduct an eligibility interview to determine if you were fired for misconduct, or some other reason, before the adjudicator can issue the initial non-monetary separation eligibility determination stating if you will, or won’t be able to start collecting.


non pay due to unresolved issue

by: Anonymous

Hi, I live in Indiana. I filed the 3rd of April. My correspondence says claimant monetary determination. I have filed my vouchers each weekend since and have yet to receive any benefits. Issue type says Temporary Service, and under non payment reasons, it says non pay due to unresolved issue. There are no yellow triangles or red ones. I have called DWD twice and no one can give me any information. My benefit homepage does show my weekly benefit amount.

The monetary determination on a new unemployment claim is sent first. It’s purpose is to establish what your weekly benefit amount should be, based on your based period wages. You can appeal this determination if you believe the amount is incorrect and are wise to do so, as states frequently make monetary errors, should it’s wage records not be accurate, thanks to an employer.

However, you cannot begin receiving weekly benefits, even for those weeks you continue to certify you are unemployed and entitled to benefits, until the state finally issues the non-monetary determination. which in general. is all about the cause for separation from a job and whether it’s good cause, or not.

For instance, after an employer responds an employee was laid off for a lack of work, you should start receiving benefits, because an employer response “claimant was separated due to a lack of work”, is basically the same as an employer admitting fault for you being unemployed.

However, if an employer protests benefits by telling the state a person quit without good cause attributable to the work, or employer, or they were discharged for a reason they think is work related misconduct, it’s very likely an individual claimant will only start to collect benefits after appealing an initial non-monetary claim determination, and winning the resulting tribunal (lower level) unemployment appeal.

An unresolved issue is just that, but often if you substitute the word pending for unresolved, it’s easier to understand a claim rep just hasn’t gotten to issuing the determination based on the info you, and your former employer provides, yet.



by: Ramona

I’m out of work because of the coronavirus I left on my own because my husband is on dialysis and was afraid to contact the virus and pass it to him.

Hi Ramona,

Can you be precise with what the state told you your unresolved issue was with unemployment benefits?

And since it may matter, what is your profession, that you quit your job to protect your husband?


Questions about claim

by: Avibird

Hi. I finally got through here in Houston, Texas after trying for over 2 weeks. I finally did the claim only to hear the recording say there were issues on my claim that needed to be resolved. It has now been a month and 5 days since I last worked, and have no kind of help coming in as it is just me. I waited 2 weeks to call again, as told, and claim the next 2 weeks, which was April 15gh, and that message is still the same…there are issues on your claim that need to be resolved. I tried to call TWC to see what these issues are and cannot get through at all. I have yet to receive the stimulus check as well. I am just having a hard time over here. Could you please help me out?! With these questions about why it would still be saying that same message?

I can’t tell you what issues are unresolved for the TWC, but it’s usually a separation issue such as a voluntary quit, or discharge for misconduct, or an overpayment of benefits from a previous claim.

Don’t you have an online account you could check?

Regardless of unresolved issues, it’s important to continue to file claims for each week you are unemployed, otherwise when the state resolves an issue in the favor of the employees, they can only pay benefits for the previous weeks you filed a claim for.



unresolved issue yes

by: Anonymous

what does unresolved issue yes mean?


Mind you this is just a guess, but I would think if there is a “yes” next to “unresolved issue” at an online unemployment claim account, it means the state is waiting on info, or a time deadline to issue some sort of claim determination, which is what employees and employers alike need, should they need/want to appeal the findings of the determination on any issue affecting eligibility, or the amount a person monetarily qualifies to receive.



unpaid week

by: Anonymous

Why does the week after the waiting week says, unpaid???? Is it because if a holiday and the system hasn’t caught up yet??

I doubt it has anything to do with a holiday.



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