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State: Florida (FL)
Phone Number:1-800-204-2418. Choose the language and then option 2. The telephone center is open to process claims Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. You may also file by mail. Claim booklets are available at the One Stop Career Centers throughout Florida. A list of the One Stop Career Centers may be found at Computers are also available at the One Stop Career Centers so that you can file your claim using the Internet.
Major Towns:Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Cape Coral and Port St. Lucie
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Florida

Florida Unemployment Questions

Can my claim be backdated to when I became unemployed?
The Florida Unemployment Compensation Law requires that the effective date of your claim must be the Sunday prior to the date you file your claim. Your claim cannot be retroactively backdated to the date of job separation which began the period of your unemployment.

I am working part-time. How do I report my earnings?
A claim week for unemployment compensation starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Earnings must be reported in the week earned, even if you have not been paid. You must report your total gross earnings before deductions. Part-time earnings, over $52, will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount. Earnings less than $52 will have no effect on your weekly benefit amount. If your gross earnings for a claim week are equal to or greater than your weekly benefit amount, no unemployment compensation benefits will be paid to you for that week. You do not lose the benefits, the benefits are just not paid for that week. The benefits remain as available credits.

How do I file a claim against Florida if I am currently residing in another state?
If you are currently residing in another state but had employment in Florida during the base period, you may file your claim using the Internet or telephone

Am I eligible for benefits if I was discharged, voluntarily quit, am self-employed, am a school employee between terms, am not able and available for work, received severance pay or wages in lieu of notice, am receiving retirement income etc.?

While we cannot advise you concerning eligibility prior to a claim being filed, please note that if you worked for a school, unemployment benefits may be denied between terms and during school breaks or when on vacation.

Determinations concerning eligibility for benefits can only be made after a claim is filed, as we are required to obtain the facts from you and the employer concerning these and other eligibility issues.

Monetary Eligibility

A Wage Transcript and Determination form will be mailed to you about a week after filing your claim. It will tell you if you worked and earned enough wages to qualify for benefits and if you did, what your weekly and maximum benefit amounts are. A monetarily eligible claim does not necessarily mean that you are eligible to receive benefits (see Non-monetary Eligibility, below).

Non-monetary Eligibility

If your claim is monetarily eligible and you claim weeks, your claim will be reviewed to determine if you or a former employer have raised any issues that might keep you from getting paid. If there are issues, they will be investigated and one or more determinations will be sent to you to tell you if you will actually receive your benefits. This determination is normally issued about six weeks from the date you filed your claim. You must be eligible on all issues in order to get paid.

Below is a general description of the issues which can affect your claim:
  • You were discharged (fired), you quit, or you are on a suspension or leave of absence from your last employer or other recent employers.
  • You are a school employee and you are not working because you are between terms or on a vacation or holiday.
  • You are unable or unavailable to work or to accept work or you are not looking for work or you have failed to report five contacts with prospective employers for work during a claim week.
  • You are currently attending school or training. You are currently self-employed.
  • You are receiving payments of some kind from a recent employer. You refused a suitable job offer or you refused a referral from the One-Stop Career Center to a suitable job.
  • You failed to participate in Reemployment Services scheduled at the One-Stop Career Center.
  • You failed to complete the initial skills review on the Internet.

Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while working part-time and how will it affect my claim/benefits?
If your gross earnings for a claim week are equal to or greater than your weekly benefit amount, no unemployment compensation benefits will be paid to you for that week. You do not lose the benefits - the benefits are just not paid for that week. The benefits remain as available credits. You must also continue seeking fulltime employment, unless all of your work during the base period of your claim was part-time work.

I was in the military and I have been discharged from active duty. Where do I file my claim?
If you are filing your first claim since leaving the military, your claim must be filed with the state in which you are physically located at the time you file your claim. You do not have to be living in that state permanently to file a claim against that state. If this is not your first claim since leaving the military, file your claim with the state in which you are currently living and if you need to file with another state you will be advised to do so.

When does my claim start or become effective?
For uniformity claims, applications for new claims are established to begin the Sunday that begins the week in which you file your claim. This ensures you will be able to receive credit for the week. If you had a prior claim which ended during that week, or you are filing during a week in which a new calendar quarter begins and your claim needs to be effective on the first day of the new calendar quarter, the effective date of your claim may be on a day other than Sunday.

Questions & Answers

  1. Jerri N MacMillian

    We had a Contract for Services with a caretaker for my uncle effective 11/1/15. He died on 9/14/16. We did not anticipate having to provide unemployment benefits under this agreement. We received a notice from the IRS that we owe FUTA tax. Now, what? Thanks!

  2. See I don’t understand I did everything they said look for job everyday still no luck so now it’s just like oh well you’re on your own you’re not helping anybody I don’t understand I can’t file for another 7 months what am I supposed to do till then

  3. Hello,

    I was partially working while on unemployment from being laid off from another job and the job I was partially working for said I quit when I didn’t, so UC said I had to repay the money I was paid while being laid off from the other job. That was 10 years ago. Do I still owe the money? Is there a statute of limitations on repayment?

    1. Jen,

      You will be required to repay the amount partly or in full. For more information including the terms, please contact the Unemployment Office.

  4. Hi, my job terminated me, they said I didn’t report on time that I got injured. I did comment to my supervisor he didn’t do anything I end up again in the er with a lot of pain and that’s when he reported. can I file unemployment i work 7 month.

    1. Jen,

      If you can prove you were wrongfully terminated in case of a dispute, please go ahead and apply for UI benefits until you get another job.

  5. I have just lost my job due to a vehicular breakdown that I cannot afford to repair or replace (no one lives close enough to provide a ride to and from). Can I collect benefits while I attempt to resolve this issue and how do I do so with neither vehicle nor bank account?

  6. My boss recently terminated me said that him and the staff decided it was just not working out which I was performing job good I been doing this for over three years with another company before coming to theirs so I know I’m capable of the duties but believe it was more personal reasons because I’m all about work rather than play. Can I file for unemployment also I was not written up nor verbal conversations prior?

    1. my job fired me because I bought a chicken wings and then they said that the label said brown gravy and I didn’t look at the label or the reciept and so they they fired me on January 21,2019 at 7:00pm I was working at Walmart on beach and Hodges……for dump stuff and I been with Walmart over 9 yrs and I was going on 10 years on may……..

      1. Scarlett,

        Unemployment Insurance benefits are only extended to claimants who lose their job due to involuntary reasons. If you think your employment was wrongfully terminated, please consider filing for UI benefits.

  7. I have worked for a company in Minnesota remotely for 3 years. I moved down to Florida in May 14, 2018 and I am looking at losing my job. Will I qualify for unemployment benefits in Florida?

    1. Patricia,

      If the job loss is due to involuntary reasons such as Layoffs, you can be eligible to claim UI benefits until you find employment.

  8. I quit my job to go back to nursing school full time. I do not work at all due to the amount of time at school and studying. Can I file for unemployment?

  9. My husband is being starved out of his job. Demoted, pay cut, and now he is paid by flat rate and they took half the tasks he could do away and gave to other people that are paid hourly. This is all done because the new manager has a personal issue with the promotion my husband recieved by previous manager. He has gone to Hr 3xs due to this manager deliberatley attempting to humiliate him in front of other staff and customers and deliberately making it impossible for him to get his billable hours putting in twice the time and isworking 6 days a week. If he quits can he receive unemployment?

    1. Cinda,

      Firstly, please ask your husband to call the Unemployment Office to determine eligibility. Secondly, ask him to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute from his employer at the time of processing the claim application.

  10. I have been advised of getting laid off in about 4 weeks. They are giving severance for 11 weeks (number of completed years with company). Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while collecting severance.

  11. I filed for unemployment in Florida. My employer never answered fact finding from unemployment. I was awarded benefits and began to receive them. My employer has now filed for appeal. Can an employer not answer any of unemployment’s correspondence then fila an appeal

    1. Richard,

      I don’t think it works that way. If the employer filed an appeal, they are supposed to fulfill all the requirements. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  12. I worked in a dental laboratory for over 6 years, the monosyred Monday apparently made a crown that the owner of the laboratory did not like … he went to my workplace, put his finger on my forehead and lightly pushed me while I He said “use your head” .. I asked him if he wanted me to finish my job and he told me to leave. Can I apply for unemployment benefits?

    1. Lina,

      This sounds strange. If you think you were asked to leave due to involuntary reasons (not your fault), please consider applying for UI benefits until you find employment.

  13. Could you please let me know of one can file an unemployment claim after 16 months of being terminated from the first job and after working for another employer and also losing that job. What is the deadline for filing against the first employer. Thank you!

    1. Natalia,

      To qualify, a claimant is required to have active employment and earnings in the last 4-5 calendar quarters and should have lost job due to involuntary reasons. Please use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website for more info.

  14. When filing for Florida unemployment and your employer was bought out by another company during your employment, then you are fired. Do you have to file under both companies?

    1. Nichelle,

      Ideally, you should be filing from the old company since they were your actual employers. Please call the Unemployment Office or check with the HR department of your company for further information.

  15. My job is eliminating my postion after 11 years but is offering me different position that is part time, less pay, less hours, no benefits. Am I able to leave and collect unemployment while searching for a new job?

  16. I’m filing for unemployment because my job fired me. I worked for Lyft last year on the side too.

    Do I have to include it on the application under employer for last 18 months, apart from my job? Asking because it’s considered self-employed. I also have not and will not work for them anymore so wanted to be sure.

    1. Lorena,

      Firstly, I am not sure if you qualify to receive UI benefits since you may be on contract with Lyft. Please either contact your employer or Unemployment Office to inquire about being eligible before applying.

  17. I am trying to open a new claim. Could you please direct me to the site. When I type in my social security number it says there is an open claim. That one is last years claim. I want to apply for this year

  18. I lost my job and two day after I applied for unemployment my husband had to go in for emergency surgery he will be out of work for the next three months can I still get unemployment without sending in five job apps, he can not drive or get himself around I have to do it all for him.

    1. Felecia,

      Unfortunately, personal reasons are not considered. You may be still required to conform to the requirements. Please call the Unemployment Office.

  19. I was just laid off and have been offered a temporary job at a local school paying less than half my salary from the last job. When this temporary job ends, will i be able to file for unemployment benefits?

    1. Jackie,

      Contract and temp jobs do not qualify since employers’ don’t pay Unemployment Taxes. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  20. i had quadruple open heart surgery awhile ago and am back to work in a small print shop. i can no longer do the everyday lifting etc nor can i handle the all day stress involved. can i file for unemployment while i look for a job that i can do such as a desk job.

    1. William,

      I hope you recover soon. Before making a decision on your employment, please call the Unemployment Office to discuss your situation.

  21. I am receiving benefits currently. I took a job but the working conditions are horrible, i’ve received no formal training and everything is just helter skelter. I’m not even in the system yet so I can clock in. No idea if I’ll even get paid after hearing other employees talking about issues with paychecks. If I quit this job after 4 days how does this impact my benefits?

    1. Shawn,

      Do not quit immediately without consulting the Unemployment Office. Your description of horrible working conditions may not be theirs.

  22. What is the justification by this state agency for denying an unemployment claim when all the eligibility criteria and requirements have been met and the former employer, source of these funds, do not and did not question or dispute the claim? State of Florida, Orange County

    1. Phils,

      Please note this is a private forum and the state agencies are not watching this post. If you think you or another claimant was wrongfully denied, please consider filing an appeal.

  23. I have to leave my job, I live 3 hours north of were I work, and lost my apartment after 3 years. i can no longer work without a place to live and i cannot drive 3 hours each way every day. Would I be eligible for unemployment.

    1. Larry,

      Before deciding to call it quits, please discuss your situation with the Unemployment Office in your state and take their advice.

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