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Updated : May 5th, 2020

Florida Unemployment Benefits

The Unemployment Insurance provided in the state of Florida is intended to provide monetary assistance to those who lose their jobs for no fault of their own. It is also designed in such a way that it helps the applicants find other career opportunities at the earliest.

You need to know about the eligibility criteria, the application process, contact information, and other related information to successfully file for unemployment benefits.  

Eligibility to Apply for UI Benefits in Florida

To receive a weekly benefit amount in the state of Florida, the applicant must meet certain eligibility criteria. The criteria to be eligible includes monetary aspects, previous job-separation criteria, and various others throughout the course of the benefit period.

Monetary Eligibility

Applicants must meet the criteria set for monetary requirements to be eligible to receive monetary benefits. The monetary requirements are based on the wages earned by the applicants in the base period. The base period earnings of the applicant is not only set as the eligibility criteria, but it also helps in determining the monetary benefit amount once the applicant becomes eligible.

In the state of Florida, to determine the benefit amount of the applicants, wages earned in the first four of the last five calendar quarters are considered. The quarters considered for monetary benefits are also known as the base year.

In the base year, the following conditions must be met by the applicants to gain eligibility for monetary benefits:

  • Applicants must have earned a minimum of $3400 gross wages
  • The applicant must have a minimum of two-quarters of covered wages
  • The total gross wages in the base year must be more than 1.5 higher than the quarter with the highest wages

If the applicants tick all the boxes above, they may then be eligible for the weekly monetary benefits. If approved, an applicant may receive a maximum of $275 as a weekly benefit, based on his/her wages earned in the base period.

Applicants will be allowed to draw benefits for not more than 12 weeks, and the maximum benefit amount earned will not exceed $3,300. These figures are the maximum limit that one can earn in the state of Florida. One may find out about the monetary benefit amount that he/she is eligible to obtain by using the following method:

Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA): In Florida, WBA is calculated by taking the wages from the highest earning quarter, and dividing it by 26, or the weekly amount $275, whichever is less. For instance, if you earned $5,000 in your top quarter, your WBA will be $6,500/26, which is $250. In case if you made $7,800 in your top quarter, your WBA will not be (7,800/26) $300, as $300 is lesser than the maximum limit of $275, in which case, you shall receive $275.

Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA): MBA of an applicant is calculated by taking the total base wages of the applicant and dividing it by 4, or the yearly maximum limit of $3,300, whichever is less. For instance, if the total wages of an applicant is $10,000, his/her WBA will be (10,000/4) $2,500. However, if the applicant’s total wages are $14,000, his/her WBA will not be (14,000/4) $3,500, but it will be $3,300, as the maximum limit.

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Job Separation

Monetary eligibility will not guarantee weekly benefits for the applicants. Once they prove their monetary eligibility, they must then establish the reason for separating from their previous establishment.


The applicant must have left the previous organization for no fault of his/hers whatsoever. If an applicant quits from his/her previous organization for any of the below-mentioned reasons, they would not qualify for the benefits:

  • Applicant quit the job due to the lack of job satisfaction
  • The applicant failed to show up to work without prior notice
  • No reasonable efforts were made by the applicant to improve job performance
  • The applicant was fired for being under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the work premises
  • No reasonable effort is taken by the applicant to solve ongoing issues
  • The applicant was caught stealing or damaging company property
  • The applicant was not involved in any form of criminal activity in his previous activity
  • The applicant was fired for acting against the organization’s interests
  • A serious, life-altering injury sustained by the applicant

The concerned department will connect with the applicants and their previous employers to register the reason for separation. If it is established that the applicant was let go of the previous organization for no fault of his/hers, he/she will become eligible for benefits.

Eligibility requirements – overview

Maintaining Eligibility

The purpose of unemployment insurance in Florida is to support citizens monetarily when they lose a job until they find another one. It is, thus, important that the claimants keep up the pursuit of a job during the benefit period, or they may lose the eligibility to claim benefits.

In order to maintain eligibility during the benefit period, the applicants must adhere to the following points:

  • The applicant must be ready to take up any jobs and must be on an active look-out for one
  • The applicant must be disabled, as the state of Florida provides separate programs for the disabled
  • In order to display that you are looking for a job, you must contact at least 5 prospective employers on a weekly basis to show that you are actively pursuing a job
  • For those coming from counties with a population less than 75,000, they must visit at least three prospective employers weekly
  • If you fail to meet the required number of prospective employers in any given week, you must meet a representative from your local CareerSource Florida to access reemployment services
  • Earnings must be reported every week, even if the applicant has not been paid in the given week

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How to Apply For UI Benefits in Florida?

You will need the following documents to apply for unemployment benefits in Florida:

Once you obtain the required documents, you may then proceed to file for unemployment benefits in Florida. In the state of Florida, all claims for unemployment benefits must be made through the online application process.


Applicants must logon to CONNECT portal – and fill in the necessary data to complete the filing process.

Filing the claim through the online portal is mandatory in the state of Florida unless they exempted by law for the following reasons:

  • The applicant is illiterate or does know the required languages to log in to the CONNECT portal
  • The applicant is not a resident of Florida
  • The applicant is on a temporary layoff, of not more than 8 weeks from the date he/she last worked for an employer
  • The applicant is participating in the approved Short-term Compensation Plan (STC)
  • The applicant is physically, mentally or visually impaired to use a computer
  • The applicant is legally not allowed to use a computer


Filing claims through telephone are only made possible for those who are exempted from filing claims online. Such individuals may dial 1-800-681-8102 to get assistance for filing claims for monetary benefits.

How to File Weekly Claims

After applying for benefits, the applicants must log in to the CONNECT portal on a biweekly basis to request for benefit payment. For those who have given an exemption from the online application may dial 1-800-681-8102 to find out more about the weekly claiming procedure.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits

UI Benefits Amount

Florida Unemployment benefits is a joint federal-state program. It provides temporary benefit payments to partially replace lost wages. The following UI Benefits Calculator will help the applicant to determine the approximate UI Benefits amount that he/she can receive in

Benefits Calculator

Use the calculator to find out how much weekly benefits you may approximately earn in the state of Florida.

Unemployment Benefits Calculator
Select Number of Dependents:
0 12 3 4 5
Unemployment Benefits Calculator
State: Florida
Number of Dependents: 0

How much did you earn in each of these quarters?

$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
Calculating your Benefits Amount ...
Disclaimer: The estimates are good in faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for any loss and damages caused by using the tools on our website. This calculator is here to assist you in evaluating what you might obtain if you are entitled to receive benefits. We make no promises that the sum you receive will be equal to what the calculator illustrates.

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Things to Know After Filing An Application

Once the application for benefits is filed, the claimant will have more responsibilities to make sure that they receive the monetary benefits uninterrupted. The immediate actions that need to be taken by the claimants after filing for benefits are:

  • All claimants must register for work in the Employ Florida website
  • It is recommended to review the monetary determination. If there are any issues in the determination, claimants can appeal against the decision
  • Claimants are advised to constantly review CONNECT home page to complete any open fact-finding and respond to important messages

Overpayments and Frauds

If the claimants receive benefits more than the amount that was supposed to receive either knowingly or unknowingly will lead to an overpayment of benefits. Intentionally receiving benefit amount that does not belong to the claimant will lead to it being deemed fraud.

Non-fraud Overpayment

Overpayments in Florida are the occurrence of any oversight, miscalculation, or misunderstanding of benefit amount calculation. Situations such as technical errors, RAAC orders or court decisions leading to redistribution may also lead to non-fraud overpayment.

When such scenarios of overpayment occur, the concerned department will send a notice to the claimants, mandating them to pay back the excessive amount. Post receiving the notice, the claimant must make arrangements to pay back the stipulated amount. Refer to the points below to know more on the information relating to repayment:

  • Repayment can be made via money or check, with an attached payment coupon
  • Repayment can also be made on the CONNECT website
  • Claimants can pay the entire amount in a lump sum or can choose to pay in installments
  • The claimants must pay a minimum of 10% of the total original balance on a monthly basis

Fraud Overpayment

In Florida, any false statements made by the claimant or concealing important facts will be considered as fraud. Some of the examples of fraud in Florida are:

  • Not reporting wages that were earned over the course of the week intentionally
  • Under-reporting the wages earned
  • Lying or misrepresenting the facts on the reason for job separation
  • Forging documents to prove eligibility for benefits

If a claimant is found guilty of committing fraud, he/she will be subject to the following penalties:

  • The claimant will have to repay the entire excess amount received with a 15% penalty
  • Will not be eligible for unemployment benefits either on a week-by-week basis or for an entire year
  • May also be referred to the state attorney and be prosecuted in the court
  • In the state of Florida, fraud is considered a third-degree felony and the accused may face severe consequences

Benefits Extension

The federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) is not available in the state of Florida, as it has become defunct as of Dec 28, 2013.

Job Training Assistance

State of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity and  Reemployment Assistance Program provides Job Assistance Resources to claimants to help them find employment. The department not only assists in career planning and job planning but also helps veterans, seniors and military spouses through various programs.

In order to provide job assistance, the department provides the following services:

  • Employ Florida: Applicants get advice on resumes, job applications, and career options through a vast pool of online resources
  • Green Jobs: The state of Florida promotes job search in green-sector jobs. It prioritizes job-opening renewable energy, energy efficiency, and conversation fields
  • CareerSource Centers: These centers help the applicants in the job search
  • People First: This program helps the applicants to search and apply for government positions
  • Teach in Florida: This program provides additional resources to those who are interested in careers in Florida’s school system

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Florida Office Locations and Phone Numbers

To get information via telephone, find the list of numbers that you may need during your benefit period:

FL Unemployment Office Phone Numbers

To file a claim 1-800-681-8102
Details on unemployment insurance 1-800-204-2418
Agency Assist 1-800-342-9909
RA Fraud Hotline 1-877-846-8770

Locate your nearest unemployment office

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How do I file my claim for unemployment benefits in Florida?
In the state of Florida, you must file your claims through the online portal called - CONNECT. You need to get an exemption from the concerned department if you are incapable of using the internet. If you get an exemption, you can then file for unemployment benefits by calling - 1-800-681-8102.
Q. How do I file an appeal?

The claimant must appeal hearing within 20 calendar days after the distribution date of the determination. If the 20th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday you may file the appeal the next business day.

Q. What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is Florida’s Reemployment Assistance claims system. CONNECT offers access to file, manage, and review your claim details 24/7.

Q. Help, I received a technical error. What do I do?
There are two common causes of technical issues with CONNECT:
  • CONNECT is not compatible with mobile devices. CONNECT was designed for desktop computers.
  • CONNECT is most compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

If the technical errors persist after making these adjustments, please contact the department at 1-800-204-2418.
Q. Will I be eligible for unemployment insurance while working part-time and how will it affect my claim/benefits?

If your gross earnings for a claim week is equal to or greater than your weekly benefit amount, no unemployment compensation benefits will be paid to you for that week. You do not lose the benefits - the benefits are just not paid for that week. The benefits remain as available credits. You must also continue seeking full-time employment unless all of your work during the base period of your claim was part-time work.

Q. What am I expected to do once I complete the application process?
After completing your application process, you are required to complete the following tasks:
  • You must register for work through the Employ Florida without fail.
  • You should make sure to review your Monetary Determination.
  • Do not forget to maintain a record of your weekly job contacts and request benefits biweekly.
  • You must also review your Home page in CONNECT to complete any open fact-finding and review any important messages on your account.
Q. Can my claim be backdated to when I became unemployed?

In the state of Florida, the Unemployment Compensation Law mandates that the effective date of your claim must be the Sunday prior to the date you file your claim.

Q. What documents do I need to establish a valid work search contact?
In order to establish a valid work search contact, you need to submit the following documents:
  • Date of Contacting the prospective employer
  • How did you contact the prospective employer? (In person, Online, Fax, Phone, etc.)
  • Contact details of the employer, such as the name of the business, the name of the employer, telephone number, address, website URL and an e-mail ID.
  • Results of your search
  • Type of work sought
Q. When does a claim end?

The claim will be expired after the passing of 365 days. Payments end when the balance runs out OR the end date passes.

. How many work search contacts do I need to provide to the department per benefit week?
You need to provide five work search contacts per week.
The following are exceptions and exemptions:
  • If you come from a low-population county - three contacts weekly
  • If you are a Union Member, you are required to remain in good standing and maintain regular contact with your Union.
  • If you are offered new employment and have a start date within 6 weeks - exempted from the work search requirements.
  • If you are a part of an approved training program - exempted from the work search requirements.

Questions & Answers

  1. I was out of work on april 4th and back to work on the second week of may . I filed a written form and after not receiving any info from Fla. UI , i filed on line again . They do not have me down for the correct weeks , and I have received only one check , when I call , no one ever speaks with me and when I leave my number for a call back , I never get one . someone please call me back , I hav five weeks of unemployment checks due to me. please call or email me . Thank you 561-339-9981

    1. Gary,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. You can call the office directly and chase for an update.

  2. i got my first payment on my way to go card i claimed my next 2 weeks and it says paid but it not in my card yet

    1. Deborah,

      There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  3. How do you find out about the $600 payments? I have been off for two months now and I’ve received $1,200 only

  4. I was issued a payment of $826 on a way2go card on May 16 but then it was removed from the next day . I now receive benefits via direct deposit but never received the $826 payment amount. On my account when I log on it says a payment was issued but I never did get it. What can I do? I have called the number and emailed but have heard nothing. I am stuck.

    1. Lynda,

      Please be patient and wait for a response. There will be an intermittent delay owing to the number of pending applications.

  5. Question:
    What about people that are collecting unemployment and $600 a week that are NOT out of work because of the covid and can work but choose not to because they are making 3 times what they were making when they worked. What happens in these scenarios? Curious… no incentive there to work…

  6. Hello!.This is Marie rejouis I have a application..and I have not recive anything or a letter from unemployment!.So….. I need help reciving my money because I have been lay off for 1 month.

    1. Marie,

      There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

      1. I’ve had a claim in since April 11…is there a specific way to check status? I’ve received no emails and when I call they tell me they can’t help me
        Appreciate any direction you can give

        1. Tom,

          You should be able to track the status online by logging in with user name/password.

  7. I filed a claim on 03/29/2020. My claim has been under review since that time. Can someone please review my claim. My claim number is 6043944.
    I have been trying to call for weeks but I get the same recording that all agents are busy. My phone number is 904-707-2270.

    1. Melanie,

      I can understand your situation. Please wait for an update from the office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

  8. Hello, I need someone to call me back. I was laid of due to COVID 19 and I am not sure where I stand. The website is down no matter what time I login, or I am kicked out! Can’t reach anyone by phone. I received a payment of $247 last week, but I was told it should be more. I am unable to request benefits for the next week and it says this expires on 4/23!! It’s 4/20 and I have been trying all morning! What do I do now? I need to know if there is any further info available. Also, prior to Covid, I had filed because I was laid off due to cutbacks from a company. The benefit of $247 I believe is from that week. I landed a job, but then Covid happened. I just need help. I am fine with e-mail.

  9. When I applied I put that I would start working again on 4/20/2020, but the company confirmed that the date to start again changed for 5/04/2020. How can I change this date?

  10. Application for unemployment benefits was initiated two weeks ago over the phone. Where can someone check the status of his/her application ? The phones are down and the application has been in a limbo for quite some time, not knowing whether it has been approved or not.

  11. I need help with claim 5774809. I been trying to file my weekly claim and the site is not working. I have spent hours on your site and trying to call for days. I first filed on 03/22/20 I have not received any money or information. Please help, I have 2 babies.Do I need to start a new claim on your new website? I don’t want to get in trouble for created another claim.


  12. We have an employee who moved to Florida beginning of this year but he works for the company in California. He is our Sales Manager. His pay was cut by 40% because of COVID-19. Which state will he file for unemployment – reduced hours – Florida or California? Thanks for your help.

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