Florida Unemployment Benefit Questions

Updated : June 19th, 2019

Can I cancel a claim that I have just filed? If so, what must I do to request that the claim be cancelled?

You can cancel a claim within 20 days of the date that your claim was determined, provided you have not received any monetary benefits.

Once a claim has been cancelled, it cannot be reinstated.

To cancel the claim, you must request the cancellation by writing or faxing a letter to:

Department of Economic Opportunity

Special Payments Unit

P.O. Drawer 5350

Tallahassee, FL 32314-5350

Fax: (850) 921-3938

In your letter, you must state the reason why you want to cancel the claim. The letter must contain your Social Security Number and your signature.

Where did you get the information that I worked while receiving benefits?

The Department of Economic Opportunity has partnerships with the State and National Directories of New Hires that provide information regarding an individuals’ employment status. In addition, benefit payments are compared to wage records reported by employers to the Florida Department of Revenue.  We also receive tips from the public and from employers in response to periodic notices the agency mails.

I am unemployed. How can I pay back this money owed?

If you are presently unemployed through no fault of your own, you may file a re-employment assistance claim and a determination will be made concerning your eligibility. If you are determined eligible, the weeks that you claim will be used to repay your overpayment first.  If you have benefits available on your claim once the overpayment is repaid, you may receive those benefits if you are still unemployed.

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  1. I have been fully employed in NJ for my entire life, I just relocated to Florida and have been terminated, do I file in NJ or Florida?

  2. I was out sick for 5 days which I have a doctor’s note for, if they give me a warning and I do not sign it (would result in termination) will I be eligible for Unemployment? I have been employed for 4 months.

    1. Jess,

      Personal reasons such as health conditions are not considered. You may not qualify. Please call the Unemployment Office to inquire further.

    1. You can be eligible to collect from the current state.

      Please speak the Unemployment Office to find out the procedure.

  3. I’ve been a temporary employee for the last 4 months. The environment is toxic and I don’t seem to find another job as an alternative. This has become a big frustration for me. Would I qualify for unemployment?

    1. Ashley,

      Please inquire with your HR department if they remit Unemployment Taxes on your behalf. Temporary workers are generally not eligible.

  4. I drive a school bus for a private co out of Naples FL but my schools are in Osceola Cty, they questions asks if my physical location is different than the company and it is but I drove for a few different schools in Osceola Cty, all charter schools.

  5. I have just had to relocate from Florida to California to take care of family. So I had to quit my job in Florida. If it’s going to be a month or two until I can work in California, am I eligible to claim unemployment in California or am I eligible to take unemployment in Florida. Someone told me if you relocate that may qualifie. ?

    Does relocating to a different state qualify.?

    1. You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Please call the Unemployment Office.

  6. Do I understand that I cannot file for unemployment till my benefit year is up? mine is (I believe June 4) .I think thats the case but want to make sure before I leave the library

  7. If your employer writes bad payroll checks that are returned NSF is this grounds to end your employment and still be eligible for UI benefits? Is there a certain number of bad checks required before you could do so? Right now we are waiting to see if his most recent check will clear, his last one did not.

    1. You can be eligible to quit under specific circumstances are draw UI benefits.

      I suggest that you call the Unemployment Office to inquire further and decide accordingly.

  8. I was recently put on probation from work and was suppose to get a responnse from the office by wednsday it is now friday and have not heard anything from them. They suspended me without pay staing that I did not take blood presures on a patient which i had been and I had someone else helping me. I have been with the company for 5 yars and this is crazy. I have also had an altercation that the doctor started byt cursing and yelling at me for unknown reasons and was asked not to work with this doctor. They put me back with the same doctor I think for failure. He lies and no one wants to work with him. Will i be eligible for unemployment

  9. do i qualify to receive UI benefits if i got laid off from my full time job but i still have a part time position at another company?

    1. I am not sure if you can be eligible to receive compensation under such circumstances.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  10. I live in Fl and work for a national company my office was in Fort Myers I was termed after 13 years and got 14 months severance. I applied for early retirement but would work if a job came around can I still collect unemployment and early retirement

    1. If you moved out of the job voluntarily, you will not be eligible to collect Unemployment Benefits.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office for further information.

  11. just finished collecting my last unemployment check for the period claimed in 2016. can I apply for compensation for the year 2015 which I worked for the same employer?

    1. You can only apply once for a full cycle. UI benefits are not revolving.

      Please call the Claims Center to inquire about state provided benefits.

  12. Hi I’m trying to find out if I have a “Good Cause” for leaving my current employee. I have been working for 12 years now with same employer and I have been sticking in there thru several incidents that I considered inappropriate, staff and management changes. The stress is starting taking a toll. I have put everything I can to hang in there but the situation is not changing. I don’t expect (hopefully) to be out of work for an extended period of time. I guess me just to know if this would qualify for a “Good Cause” to collect while I search new opportunities. . I appreciate your help on this matter.

    1. This is a tricky situation. If you quit voluntarily unless it’s an acceptable reason, you will not qualify.

      Perhaps, you can call the Unemployment Office to clarify.

  13. Hello, After 3 yrs. at my former job , I stopped employment in good terms to start a new job closer to my residence., After 3 months working at my new job , I was forced to terminate my job by my former employer due to Non – compete. Will I bee legible for UNemployment Benefits?

  14. After just over 2 years on my JOB I became so sick with symptoms of chemical allergies “like several of my co workers” that I had to give notice and quit because of that hostile work environment to my health, at the advice of a Doctor after MRI’s, CT’s, X-Rays and ENT Doctor. 4 doctors seen over 18 months of sick on the job and being told to just suck it up by the Employer. Workman’s comp said no specific date of an accident ” no claim approved “. Can I qualify for UI ? I left work 1/18/2017

    1. Yes, you can be eligible to claim benefits if you left the job due to “hostile” working conditions.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  15. I found out today I am being laid off as of 3/1/17. I have been with the company for almost 8 years. I’m 1099 will I qualify for unemployment?

    1. Contract workers are generally not eligible. If your employer paid the relevant taxes on your behalf, you can draw compensation.

      Please check with your employer.

  16. I was fired Feb 8, 2016. It was a blow to me and came out of no where. I have taken sometime to regroup and at this point have not filed for unemployment. I am at the point where money is tight I am starting to look for a new job, but nothing has come up. Am I able to file now based on my last job?

    1. You should have applied immediately after becoming unemployed. To qualify, you should have sufficient employment in the last 4-5 calendar quarters and you don’t seem to have worked during this period.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further clarification.

  17. If I am given early retirement and a package. Can I apply for unemployment benefits? What are the chances I will receive these benefits?

    1. You should be able to apply as long as you continue looking for employment.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for confirmation.

  18. I have not worked for 10 years. I was hurt at work and then fired. I got a worker comp settlement. Am I able to apply for unemployment benefits?

    1. To qualify for Unemployment Insurance, you should have active employment during the Base Period (last 4-5 calendar quarters).

  19. good morning. I want to know if in your work you lower the hours one can qualify to receive unemployment. Since I’m supposed to be full time and I’m working only 3 days a week. And that is affecting me.

  20. I worked for a short time but left after getting a call from my former employer saying they wanted to rehire me. I ended up taking the former employer position. However, on the first day the manager who rehired me said that he wanted to give the job to his friend instead. Now I am out of a job completely. I filed for UI but am having trouble reading the website wording. Am I eligible under those conditions described above. And what does “fact-finding” Complete mean. Also, under pending issues it states, “under investigation” They are concentrating on the employer who I quit from, not the most current employer who laid me off. Thank you for any help.

    1. Well, it looks like your claim is being disputed. “Fact Finding” means that your claim is being investigated by a higher authority. You may want to prepare yourself for a hearing.

      I suggest that you call the Claims Center for further information.

  21. I don’t see anywhere what the “next step” is. I filed for benefits and pretty sure I read that I would hear soething in about 10 days. I have heard nothing. I got an email from a job search program. I sent them my resume. Now do I just wait? What is the next step? Its been 2.5 weeks since I applied.

    1. It should ideally not take more than 7-10 business days to process your claim. Please call the Unemployment Office for an update.

    1. You can be eligible to claim Unemployment Insurance benefits for any reduction in the standard hours.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office for further details.

  22. Left many messages for a “reviewer” to call me back, and left messages regarding what happened. Finally got a hold of the reviewer and she asked if I had went back to UI ONline and I told her I was unable to login, with the same credentials I had been using all along. So I got the 1800-204-2418 number which I have called numerous times to find out the reviewers # to call. So called the number given when unable to longin and budy all the time. The reviewer could of just told me if I was approved, she never even asked me any questions. What do I do?

  23. I have been self employed by my own sub chapter S corporation for over 30 years. Due to change in industry, I no longer have any clients, therefore, no work. Am I eligible for unemployment compensation?

  24. I resigned a job and gave notice according to the requirements of my position. My employer in turn terminated me. Am I eligible for unemployment for the time difference of my notice period and the date they terminated me? It is 3 weeks.

  25. i was laid off 3 weeks ago from a full time job. I elected to take the lump sum severance package that was offered to me. I just accepted a part time job and my question is am i eleigible to still file for unemloyment even though i now have started a part time job. This was needed supplemental income until i can find a full time job.

    1. Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state to confirm. As far as I am aware, you can be eligible to claim UI benefits for loss of the full-time job. If the Severance was paid out as a lump sum, you can apply immediately.

  26. I am trying to file a claim for unemployment. When I enter my driver license number exactly as it is on my driver license it indicates that the text is invalid. Please explain and advise. thank you

    1. Well, this is a private forum and we do not have access to the computer systems. Please be doubly sure you’re typing the right information.

      Please call the Unemployment Office if the issue persists.

  27. I recently went through a divorce. At the time I was living in Michigan, moved down to Florida due to my divorce resulting in my quitting my job to come. I am actively looking for employment, I’ve been advised to file unemployment…first, I didn’t think I could file because I quit even though it was because I moved out of state and second, not sure if I should be applying (if I can) here or in Michigan? Any advice

  28. I’ve worked as a medical assistant in a private physicians office for almost four years. They knew when I was hired I did not keep up my certification and this was okay. Now the office is being taken over by a a large company. We are all having to apply for our current positions and go through hiring process. The new company only hires certified medical assistants and I’m told must be certified to apply for position. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits if I am unable to continue due to this?

    1. Well, you can be eligible if they lay you off on the basis of certification.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to confirm.


  30. i have worked from jan 2016 to april 2016 and unemployed since april 19,2016.
    i just got a job that is only seasonal hopefully i get permanent. the previous work was full time and worked there from june 2015 to april 2016. i start next week august 2 for the new job. but they told me they might let me go in december or january depending on business needs. if they let me go. does that make me qualify for unemployment? i heard you have to be at a job for so long

    1. You can check more on eligibility on this home page of this website under the “Guides” section.

      Seasonal and Contracted jobs do not generally qualify.

  31. I am due back pay from unemployment and I cannot get anyone at the office to assist me with getting paid. I keep getting the run around. Who can I contact? HELP!!

  32. I worked as a waitress at a 24 hour restaurant on the graveyard shift, with only one other employee, the cook. I was extremely sick with the stomach flu, throwing up periodically…so was in no condition to work. After calling the two managers and several other waitressea, many times, practically crying on their voice mails, trying to get someone to relieve me and getting NO RESPONSE at all…no answer, no call back, I decided to put a “Closed for Maintenance” sign on the door, like we do when we have pest extermination, kitchen degreasing, carpet cleaning, etc. I did this after waiting almost two hours for someone to help, but none of that seems to matter, because I got fired for it. I think I did all I could do, and that it was the managers responsibility to answer…so, am I eligible?

    1. You can apply for UI benefits, provided you’re able to prove your stance if the employer disputes at the time of processing the claim.

  33. I have worked for my employer for 6 months, today we came to an impasse and I told him I wanted to work out my notice. He refused to let me and insisted that he walk me out of the store right then. I wanted to leave because of his conduct, I saw him numerous times verbally abusing coworkers and customers alike. At this point I don’t know if I quit or if I was fired? Do you think I am eligible to file?

    1. In either case, you can apply and claim on the basis of hostile work environment.

      Be ready to provide supporting documents in case if your employer disputes the claim.

  34. I have been terminated from my job effective 5/13/16 and my employer has paid a lump sum severance to me rather than payments over the period of the severance period.

    Can I apply for unemployment now, or do I have to wait to apply at the end of the severance period.

  35. it says i get the maximum which is 275 but i only get it for 11 weeks max if i still dont find a job? also it says pending other state wages? how long can that take? should i call unemployment? to see if there is anything they need to speed it up. but also it says to keep filing?

    1. You can only claim up the extent of weeks you were approved for.

      Please call the claims center to establish clear cut information.

  36. If my initial claim was challenged by the employer and after a hearing I was determined to be eligible, will I receive the weeks I was eligible in back pay or will the claim be paid from the decision forward?

    1. They will be paid retrospectively if the appeal is passed in your favor.

      You will be required to continue filing weekly claims.

  37. I have been laid off but am getting 3 months pay as severance. However, the company is going to pay the 3 months of pay over 5 months. So smaller checks over a longer period of time. When will I be eligible for unemployment? After 3 months or 5 months? This is in Florida.

    1. You will be eligible after expiry of the severance pay period.

      Please confirm by calling the Unemployment Office in your state.

  38. I was recently fired from my job for an illness that was beyond my control. I was given several write ups for the issue, but was still unable to control the illness. I had doctors notes for the times that I was unable to work. I made an honest effort to go to work even while being sick and was either sent home by my supervisor or would have to leave on my own because of this. They said that I was being fired for misconduct of their absence policy. Should I be eligible for benefits due to the fact that I was unable to control the illness?

    1. Check with the labor authorities in your state. Its looks like, they fired you without any justification.

      You may be eligible.

    1. Please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided to obtain one.

      You may also want to check on the official website for the download link.

  39. I received an IRS notice that my husband did not pay for unemployment on my taxes for 2013. We weren’t even living in Florida. How can I get this strategies out. The IRS is saying we owe a lot of money..

      1. That’s the problem, he did not receive unemployment and we weren’t even living in the state of Florida or working there in 2013.

  40. I just got fired from my job but I have an unexpected trip out of the country bc of family issues back home will be gone a month. I leave in 2 days. When I come back end of may will it be too late to file or should I file before I leave? But I will have no access to phone unless I buy phone card but I will have access to internet. If I file when I come back will they pay me April? May ? The weeks I missed ?

    1. The sooner you file, its better. You can still be eligible when you come back.

      Why don’t you file online on the move? The UI benefits will not be paid retrospectively.

  41. I was due for an Eligibility Review, but didn’t realize it. I received a phone call that said I needed to answer 11 questions online or call her back and do it by phone by March 10. I had the flu and was in bed for a week, so I didn’t hear the voicemail until the next day March 11. How can I fix this so that my small amount of unemployment isn’t shut off?

    1. They will call you back as per the schedule. Until the completion of the review, the claim will not be forwarded.

      Please call the claims center and follow up. The phone numbers are available on the official website.

  42. I have a quick question. I was injured at home on 01/25/16 went to the local ER and was placed out of work for 4 days. I returned to work on 02/01/16 as directed by the er physicians note. My boss told me that I did not appear ready to return to work and that I should call the office manager the following day. This same day.. 02/01/16, upon arriving home..i had a certified letter from my employer stating that they received my request for fmla. I did not request this paperwork and the actual request form that the company uses was slid in 3/4 of the way through the medical request documents. I however.. Against my gut feeling, took paperwork to my doctor. During the waiting period for my doctor to finish up the papers, I received another certified letter from employer stating that I had until the 15Th of February to get paperwork turned in to HR. On the following day, Feb. 10th., I received yet another certified letter offering me cobra because I was termed on the 6th of February. I am still pending an adjudication determination in Florida. Does anyone with experience think I will be awarded benefits?

    1. Please note, this is a website that provides information and assistance related to Unemployment Insurance.

      We do not have the required expertise in matters of Cobra or FMLA.

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