Florida Unemployment Eligibility

The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation is liable for managing the state’s unemployment insurance fund. As per the Florida Unemployment Compensation Law, an applicant’s eligibility depends on his work earnings history, his capability to keep seeking available work while collecting benefits and his reason for joblessness. Suitable claimants must file biweekly claims to keep on collecting unemployment benefits.

Monetary Eligibility

To establish a monetarily eligible reemployment assistance claim, a person must have worked and earned wages during a specified period of time called the base period (first four quarters of the previous five completed quarters prior to filing a claim).

To be eligible monetarily, a person must:

  • Have been paid wages in two or more calendar quarters in the base period;
  • Have total base period wages of at least 1-1/2 times the wages in the quarter having the highest earnings;
  • Have at least $3,400 total wages in the base period.

This calculation is automatically done at the time you file your claim.

Non-Monetary Eligibility

Once your claim is determined to be monetarily eligible and you have claimed weeks, your non-monetary eligibility must be determined before any benefits will be paid to you.

Below is a general description of the issues which can affect your claim:

  1. You were discharged (fired), you quit, or you are on a suspension or leave of absence from your last employer or other recent employers.
  2. You are a school employee and you are not working because you are between terms or on a vacation or holiday.
  3. You are unable or unavailable to work or to accept work or you are not looking for work or you have failed to report five contacts with prospective employers for work during a claim week..
  4. You are currently attending school or training.
  5. You are currently self-employed.
  6. You are obtaining payments of some kind from a recent employer.
  7. You refused a suitable job offer or you refused a referral from the One-Stop Career Center to a suitable job.
  8. You failed to participate in Reemployment Services scheduled at the One-Stop Career Center.
  9. You failed to complete the initial skills review on the Internet.

Eligibility Questions

I was fired from my last job. Will I be considered eligible?

In case you are fired for a reason like you were not good at the job or you did not have the skills to carry out the job, you must be able to receive benefits. But in Florida, employees who are fired for misconduct related to work may not be eligible for jobless benefits. Misconduct is defined as an intentional or controllable act (or failure to act) that shows a planned disregard of the employer’s interests. An employee who is fired for the following reasons will usually meet the criteria for benefits.

  • carelessness,
  • performance problems,
  • inefficiency or
  • good faith errors in judgement.

My employer is laying me off due to monetary crisis. Can I avail UC?

Usually, in Florida you have to have to have lost your job through no mistake of your own so as to collect unemployment. When you get jobless, it is not your fault. In nearly all cases, this means that if you get out of work, you are qualified to receive unemployment benefits. If you get laid-off from your job, you must instantly apply for unemployment benefits. Getting laid-off doesn’t mean that you were fired. Getting laid-off doesn’t mean that you did something incorrect. Getting laid-off means that the company you worked for did not have enough work for you to do, and could no longer afford to pay you for your job.

Will quitting a job affect my eligibility?

In case you quit your job, you won’t be entitled for unemployment unless you had a good reason for doing so related to your work or a personal illness or disability. In case you left your job because your spouse was transferred by the military, you will remain entitled for benefits. And if you left a temporary job since you were recalled by your permanent employing unit within 6 months after termination, you will qualify for benefits. Following causes may also be accepted by the law :

  • Cause attributable to the employer
  • Accept other work,
  • Relocate,
  • Care for a family member,
  • Distance to work,
  • Unhappy with the job

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  1. I gave my employer a formal resignation letter because I had accepted a new job. When I turned in my letter my employer let myself go immediately. Can I still qualify for unemployment?

  2. My job is allowing us to move to apart time schedule. I recently started school and volunteered to work a later schedule.When I volunteered they said they could not grant my request because I’m on correction action which I’m fighting. If they fire me for missing to attend school will I be able to collect unemployment? I would prefer to work but I need some for of income.

    1. Well, personal reasons such as schooling are not considered. You may not be eligible to receive UI benefits.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  3. I’m being told that if you made too much money you will not qualify for unemployment if you are laid off. Is there a maximum salary you can make to qualify for unemployment?

    1. As far as my knowledge goes, there are no restrictions as such.

      Please check further with the labor authorities in your state.

  4. I was let go from my company. Their main office is in Texas but I worked and live in Florida. Where should I apply?

  5. I started my past job at the end of May last year, and I was laid off Dec 29. Will I be able to receive benefits? Thanks

  6. My wife is in a very small office (1 employee)and the owner is constantly talking in a very offensive manner… She has brought it to his attention that she is offended a few times but the behavior continues… she is very frustrated and wants to quit… will she be eligible to receive benefits if she does? She meets all other requirements

  7. I recently worked a job and fulfilled the year contract, No offer was made by the board to issue a new contract or to continue the work . I turned in my keys. Do I qualify for unemployment.

    1. Contracted employees are generally not eligible.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  8. I have been working for the past 12 mths 1130 am-8 pm and about a mth ago I told my employer I could not work past 7 pm anymore. Last week my employer told us that they are changing our hrs to 10 pm to 9am and we have to change to a overnight schedule. I can not work overnights because of childcare. they are saying this will be a volentay separation if I choose not to work overnights and that I wont be able to file for unemployment. I live in fl.
    Is this true

    1. It is true that if you decide to quit, it may be considered as voluntary separation. On the flip side,if you’re being asked to work in hostile environment, you might be eligible.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  9. Hello, I live in Florida. My husband received a promotion and we had to relocate 4 1/2 hours away (still in the state). I gave my resignation to my company but they asked that I stay on and work from home as a temp. I agreed and did this for 2 1/2 months until they told me at this time I am not needed however I am still considered an active employee with the company incase they need any additional work. Can I qualify for unemployment benefits until they call and or I find a new job at my new location?

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  10. working outside united states past four years. returned 5 months ago. have not been able to find employment yet. am i eligible for unemployment compensation.

    1. If your employer paid taxes into the US system, you can be eligible.

      Please inquire further with the labor dept in your state.

  11. Hi I’ve been working for this company for nearly a year and my previous job right before it over a year. Right now I am unable to hold a full time job which is what I have am unhappy with this job- which can affect my performance, and I am currently training for a certification for a new job. In this circumstance: AM I ABLE TO QUIT AND APPLY FOR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, I don’t want to get fired, it’s like a bad mark in my job history.

    1. If you quit for unacceptable reasons, you will not be eligible.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  12. I may be fired from my because I am unable to work enforced mandatory overtime. The company has enforced a 12 hour/6 day work week. I have made several request to be exempt from new schedule because my wife is mourning the passing of her mother. My request for an 8hr/5 day schedule have been denied unless were covered under FMLA. Unfortunately my wife will not seek counseling but I must be available to help care for our daughter regardless. I am in a position were I must leave work early unexcused and risk termination or quit. Will I be eligible for benefits in either situation?

    1. Please check for relevant labor laws in your state that pertains to cap on the number of hours and accordingly ascertain your eligibility.

      Contact the labor authorities in your state for further information.

  13. I am likely to be fired from my position in a hospital for refusing to take the flu vaccine. I believe making this mandatory is a violation of personal freedoms. Would I be eligible for unemployment benefits while I look for a new position?

  14. I recently moved to florida from ct where I was working has a facility down here but I have been here for four weeks now and still am not working they claim they are waiting for paperwork am I eligible to collect

  15. There is a possibility the company I work for will be going out of business. I have been employed for 1 year. I am 68 years old and receive a small social security check each month. Would I still be eligible for UI benefits?

    1. Social security benefits may have a bearing when you apply for Unemployment Insurance. Please speak to the labor authorities in your state and apply accordingly if laid off.

  16. If the company is relocating and I cant travel due to the distance (63 miles) from my home address. If I cannot relocate with the company, can I quality for UI benefits

    1. Depends. If your state allows this and has provisions regarding the distance traveled, you can qualify for UI benefits.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  17. I quit my job a few weeks after being demoted due to being deemed undependable after being hospitalized twice in two months. Am I eligible?

  18. Hi. I recently filed for unemployment and I got this message when I logged on the website under my username:

    Access to this claim is unavailable. To speak to an agent regarding regaining access to this claim please call 888-993-9713.

    1. Please note we’re not associated with the labor authorities in your state. This is a private forum. Call the official phone numbers for an update.

  19. I am pregnant and due 11/28/15 I have been working at the same 2 apartment complexes for a little over 2 years we have the same owners but we got a new management company on 1/1/15 the owners requested that they keep us at there properties if we wanted to stay working. Well when I went to find out about maternity leave they told me that I would be terminated when I go to have my baby and that they will not be holding my job for me because I have not been employed by there company for 12 months to qualify for FMLA. Which is just crazy to me because I will be going into the 12 month when I have my baby and I have never been with out a job for the last 13 years. Will I qualify for unemployment I don’t want to be terminated but I can’t control when to have my baby.

  20. My boss tried to fire me. I asked her for another chance, now the work environment is unbearable. Will I qualify for benefits?

  21. I have been a Professional Land Surveyor at the same firm for 28 years, and must relocate to North Carolina due to financial reasons and to help care for a family member, I asked to be laid off and will be moving October 2 but the firm is saying that they won’t give me a letter laying me off. Will I be eligible for benefits? Should I apply in Florida or wait until North Carolina? I won’t be able to work for about 2 months after the move, but plan to work after I get settled in……

    1. You may not qualify for UI since it is only provided to people who lose their jobs involuntarily.

      One can apply from the state where they last worked.

  22. I live in Florida and was laid off from work due to no fault of my own. Can I collect my pension and/or 401k benefits and still qualify for unemployment?

  23. I have been a work from home PM for a major bank for 9 years. They recently decided to change my work arrangement so that I must come into an office. I am unable to do so for several reasons. If I resign will I be eligible for UI?

    1. Please log in online and look out for options to upload relevant documents.

      If you do not find the option, please call on the numbers provided.

  24. I have been working as independent contractor for the last 15 years. The company terminated my work this Monday. They don’t need me anymore.
    Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

    1. Contract jobs are not considered for unemployment insurance.

      Please contact the labor authorities in your state and apply accordingly.

  25. My contract with a college was not renewed because the administration claimed insubordination on my part. This issue was over my trying to start an Ultimate Frisbee club. Yes, true story. Can I claim unemployment benefits? Should I make the claim and see if the college disputes my claim? Thanks, Roy

  26. I was laid off from my job on July 16, and I immediately started applying for other jobs. I did not file for unemployment right away because I had several interviews lined up for the following week. However, I did not not receive an offer for any of the positions due to various reasons out of my control. I did apply for UI benefits approximately three weeks later, but when I log into my account it states that everything is still pending.
    The site did asked me to enter in my work for the first week of August, but after completing that section, I was advised that I would not receive benefits for that week due to the week being my waiting period. Does my unemployment claim go back to the date of being unemployed, or well I not receive any compensation for the first 2 1/2 weeks? Who do I contact if the dates are wrong and I should be compensated from The date of termination in July? Thank you!

    1. The first week of your initial claim is considered as waiting week. The best solution for all your answers will be to call up the claims center on the numbers provided for further information on your claim.

  27. I was working at a hospital food service operation with 4 years of exemplary service and stellar evaluations, Sodexo took over our operation. Both my bosses have been let go, I was 3rd highest on chain of command before they took over and took away my impending promotion. This past weekend, threw my back out, was on the way to emergency room and trying to contact the supervisor on duty to make aware of not being able to come in the next day, after multiple attempts to contact my department, I was able to leave a message on one of lines to the food service dept. As I was in a great deal of pain and very frustrated, my message was stressed and loud. The day I returned to work, I was terminated for using an unprofessional tone as a supervisor and I’m held to a higher standard. Needless to say, the director of Sodexo could have gave me a warning or a written counseling, but went all the way to termination. My Sodexo replacement showed up that morning. I don’t consider my phone message as misconduct, as it was more of an error in judgement considering my physical condition at the time. I explained that to the director and H.R., but since I’m held to a higher standard, the termination sticks. Am I eligible for benefits or not? 4 years in good standing, no warning just termination. Any help?

    1. If you feel you’ve been terminated wrongly, you can file an appeal if they deny unemployment benefits during the initial phase.

      Ensure you’ve all the supporting documents handy.

  28. My husband was relocated to another state for work and therefore I had to quit my job to go with him. We are not in the military would I be eligible for unemployment.

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  29. I am working in the research field as a part time as needed basis was advised that we have no work availbe for the month of august and they are unsure of whether or not they have work for me in September, been with the company since May 2015. I am in Fl . Can I file for unemployment?

    1. Not sure if you will be eligible for scheduled time off.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  30. I am a Florida resident covering a territory in the South Eastern United States. My employer is based in the Chicago area and I am based out of my residence in the Tampa area. If I were to be fired, where do I file for unemployment benefits? Florida or Illinois?

  31. I am 82 and just got done a job that I was on for thirteen years. The place I worked closed. Am I eligible to file a claim?

    1. Please check for limitations on legal age to work and apply accordingly if you’re still looking for jobs.

      You can call the phone numbers provided on the website of the labor dept in your state.

  32. I recently got laid off due to a reduction in workforce. I am currently receiving a severance package which includes compensation. Does this make me ineligible for unemployment?

  33. I am currently 4 months pregnant, the job im on is very physically demanding,plus I have a 4 year old no daycare, and an 87 yr old grandmother that requires signifigant care. Would I be eligible for unemployment?

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Unfortunately, personal reasons are not considered.

  34. I am affected by a reduction in force starting 3/13/2015. On 3/15/2015 i will be moving to South Carolina. Where should i file for Unemployment Florida or South Carolina? I have worked in Folirda for the same company for the past 3 years.

  35. I am currently working for a contractor for a big company as a computer programmer for 40 hours a week (full-time). we were told today that the big company is letting us go due to budget constraints and my last day is tomorrow. I was employed with the contracting agency doing work for the big company that we were contracted to for 6 months. Question #1 – am I eligible for benefits? question #2 – If I work 10 hours a week for another company as a consultant am I eligible for benefits because of losing my main position with the big company?

    1. Generally,some types of contractual employment do not qualify.Please call the customer service of the labor dept in your state to get further advice on this.

  36. I have worked for a company only2 months and they just announce they are closing the store Am I eligible for benefits

  37. I was let go from my position because I was working in a hostile work environment being intimidated and bullied by my supervisor I am assuming due to my age. She gave me very bad evaluations on my work performance which was all fabrication on her part. I have filed numerous grievances with the H.R. Dept. on the supervisor and they all agreed with the supervisor. I was left to continue to work in the hostile work environment. Would I be eligible for unemployment

    1. You can definitely consider applying for UI benefits in your state.

      If there is a dispute,you must be able to prove.

  38. My employment is closing for 2 weeks and is not paying us. Are we eligible for unemployment for the 2 weeks that we are closed?

    1. The only base period Florida uses is the first 4 quarters of the last 5 quarters worked. Not sure if they follow the concept of alternate base period.

      Please call the customer service of the labor dept for more information.

  39. I was suspended due to what they called an safety concern. I accidently hit another forklift and they suspended me for 5 days then terminated my employment stating it was a safety concern. I don’t agree with it and I can’t afford an attorney to fight it. Will I be eligiable for unemployment after being employed for over a year?

  40. Can you file for unemployment if you was on federal workers compensation and release and are still disable and can not work

    1. I assume you were drawing benefits from Workers comp as you were unable to work due to a health condition.

      UI is only provided to those who are fit to work but are out of work.

  41. If was terminated before the end of my 90 day probationary period due to not having the required skills to perform the job properly, am I eligble for benefits

  42. If I quit my job because the work atmosphere between employees and even the manager was so tense it was causing me to be psychically ill, would i be eligible for benefits?

  43. I currently have two semesters in School remaining before my Bachelors. I am a Math Education Major and my main courses are offered in the fall. I have 17 credits remaining and I have to take then in order to student teach in the spring semester. I won’t be able to maintain a full time job throughout the two semesters because I will be attending school full time; however, I will be working part time at the University as a student assistance. I am currently employed as a Customer Service Supervisor and I have been employed for 5 years and 4 months. Would I still be eligible If I resign when the fall semester starts?

    1. If you’re schooling full time,you may not be eligible for UI benefits.

      Please check with the labor dept in your state.

  44. I am leaving the military soon and plan to go to school (maybe part time) and work too. It says here if you are in school that you cannot get benefits? How and why is that? If I’m unemployed and need to work too as well as school (parents not gonna help me as Im way too old and they’re broke in their 60s still working). How am I not unemployed just because I’m trying to further myself ON TOP of working?

    1. First of all, military men have special rules when it comes to applying for UI. Please check with the labor dept in your state.

      Secondly,some types of schooling are exceptional.

  45. My employer just took away my full time hours and changed me to 25 hr week and took away my benefits after 16 years. If i quit am i eligible for unemployment

  46. I was fired from my job of 15+ years and told I had a bad attitude Will that keep me from getting Benefits?

  47. Several people including myself were given RIF notices, due to the lack of contracts. We were given a 30 day notice that takes us out to the 31 of this month, which is our projected last day. Can we file prior to being released or is there a way to register for assistance (without receiving it of course until we are no longer gainfully employed)?

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