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Florida Unemployment Job Search Requirements

In order to continue obtaining Florida unemployment benefits you have to meet ongoig job search requirements. Jobless benefits are intended to be a temporary benefit until you get new job, so these job search requirements are prepared to ensure you are keenly seeking a new job.

FL Job Search Requirements are as follows:

  1. You must be keenly looking for a job.
  2. You must make a minimum of 5 job contacts per week (3 contacts for those coming from counties with a population less than 75,000). Job contacts include filling out job applications and sending resumes.
  3. You must keep a record of all of your job search activities, including a record of all job contacts.
  4. You must not be disabled. If you are disabled there are different programs obtainable to assist you and your unemployment counselor or local unemployment office can direct you to those resources.

You must meet these job search requirements every week, and give a weekly certification to let the unemployment office that you are meeting all of the requirements. Ensure to have your job search record up to date, as you may be called into the unemployment office for a periodic eligibility review.

  1. I live in Florida and will now have to perform job searches. While I did this for the first few weeks of this month, I wasn’t able to do them for the last two and I am to request payment on July 1st. Will I still get paid or will I be disqualified for missing those two weeks? I have looked this week however and will continue next week.

    1. William,

      If you did not claim for a specific week, the payment is gone. You will not be able retroactive the claim as much as I know.

  2. Hi, I haven’t been able to find the answer to this question online anywhere. I first applied for unemployment benefits 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow will be the first time i can submit a claim for payment, which will be 1 week i suppose? Last week i accepted a job, but will not start until 7/8. I know i should be able to request benefits until 7/7, but i’m not sure about meeting the requirement to submit 5 job contacts, since i’m no longer applying to places. I have already signed my job offer, gone through background & drug test screening. It’s a done deal, not up in the air. Are you required to arbitrarily apply to 5 jobs a week that you have zero intent on working for? Thank you

    1. Desiree,

      All your questions are best answered by the Unemployment Office in your state. Please call the Claims Center for help.

      1. I have several questions. I’ve been on unemployment through the whole pandemic and now that it’s starting to wind down and we have to do the job search does Florida crown workforce count as a job search and do I have to go up there at least three times a week or does one day at Florida Crown work force count as three or five (depending on where you live) times a week?

  3. I registered for unemployment on 6/12, and was instructed to come back on 6/24 for make my first payment claim. It stated I was in a “waiting week.” Question- do I need to apply to 5 jobs BEFORE 6/24, or 10 jobs (5 this week & 5 next week) before making my first claim? It doesn’t specify… thank you

    1. You’ll be required to claim and report job searches as usual. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

      1. Thank you! One more question that i wasn’t able to find a clear answer to online. As I stated above, I initially filed on 6/12, and was instructed to submit my payment claim on 6/24. Do you have any ballpark idea of when i would receive my first direct deposit? Also, after this account is established, when do you typically receive a direct deposit after filling out your bi-weekly claim? My bi-weekly date seems to fall on a Monday. THANK YOU!!!!

        1. If it’s electronic, payment is deposited within a couple of days. Suggest you call the Claims Center to find out the exact date.

      1. I have already registered for benefits using this website, but I cannot find any form or link to submit my work search results. Where exactly on this website is that located?

  4. What is the website to register for work in FL? I am claiming NC unemployment, however since I am no longer living in NC I cannot register for work with them and was told to register in my state.


  5. When submitting a claim and filling in the jobs I’ve applied to… some of the jobs are in other States (outside of Florida). I have been receiving my checks without issue, but my wife seems to think that you are not allowed to use “out of State” jobs to claim Florida unemployment benefits. So I decided to look up “applying in other States” and I can’t find any references anywhere. So the question is: Can I submit claims referencing jobs I’ve applied to in another State? -OR- to put it another way… Can you only claim referencing Florida-based jobs?

  6. I was recently laid off from 4 yr job.I took another job $400 less a month,been there one week.I would like to quit Can i file while i find something similar?

    1. If you quit voluntarily, you will not be eligible.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to check if you can apply on the basis of the job you were laid off from.

    1. If you received the Severance package as a lump sum, you can apply immediately.Otherwise, please wait until the payment period is over before applying.

    1. Jan,

      Not sure what you mean by “Office”. If you’re referring to the Unemployment Office, you may not be required to physically visit since most of the formalities are managed online/over the phone. Please call the Claims Center for further information.

  7. I became unemployed July 1, 2015, but was told I was not initially eligible for benefits due to receiving a severance. Since the severance period completed, I have worked contractually. My last contract ended on July 29, 2016. How do I apply for benefits since my contractual agreement did not come with documentation that I am not employed. I spoke with the Staffing Agency, and they said it is not something they do. I am now 5 weeks without a pay, and feel as though I should be eligible for benefits.

    1. Contracted employees are generally not eligible.

      You may call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  8. I am not very good on a computer, I don’t understand a lot of things, like when I type something in and hit the button, it doesn’t just go to the sites, it goes to more things where I have to figure out which one to choose and I can never figure it out, can You help Me? I need to file My job search for My claim each week, I have never claimed unemployment before.

    1. Well, we do not have access to the systems to be able to help you with the reporting process.

      Please seek help from a friend or a family member. You will get used to it in a short span of time.

  9. I am currently receiving unemployment from a different state but have recently moved to FL, in Nebraska on our unemployment site there is job search abilities but since I am not currently receiving unemployment benefits in FL can I still utitilize the job searching on your website?

    1. Please note we’re not a govt. agency. I don’t think there should be an issues looking for jobs on a different state’s website.

      Kindly call the claims center to confirm this.


  11. I was contacted by someone in your office regarding not having my email and also wanting a resume. I can not find where i need to add these onto. Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Deb Hansen

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