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Florida Unemployment Weekly Claim

How To File a Weekly Claim – Florida Unemployment Benefits

Florida residents can file for state unemployment benefits every two weeks, contrary to states that require weekly claims for unemployment compensation. There are certain requirements you must meet to keep collecting benefits from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Be ready and able to work

In order to collect Florida unemployment there are some ongoing requirements you need to fulfill—and one of those eligibility requirements is that you’re able and ready to work. If you are truly not able to work because of an illness or disability, you should not be collecting unemployment insurance benefits, but instead applying for something like workers’ compensation or social security disability insurance.

Be registered at EmployFlorida

Another requirement is registration with EmployFlorida. This is required as part of your initial application for unemployment benefits. You will need to provide personal information like your Social Security number, driver’s license or ID number, and information about each employer you worked for during the past 18 months. You will also need to include the name and address of that workplace, when you worked there (first and last day), gross earnings, the reason for your separation, and their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), which can be found on any W2 or 1099 you’ve received from them.

Complete work search requirements

In the state of Florida, your job search must include applying to 5 jobs each week, unless you live in a county with less than 75,000 people, and then that number drops to 3 job searches per week.

In some states, filing an unemployment claim does not mean you have to show proof of what you did the prior week or weeks in terms of looking for work, unless the governing office requests those details. But jobless claims in Florida are different. While you don’t have to upload your paper application or provide photographic evidence of your visit to a Career Center, you will need to provide details about your work search in order to collect reemployment assistance.

Report any earnings

You will be required to report any earnings you make while collecting unemployment, and this does include tips, gratuities, and commissions earned beyond your wages. Earnings that exceed your weekly benefit amount mean you will not collect benefits for that week. The reemployment assistance program is about helping Florida residents get back on their feet. If you earn any money while collecting unemployment benefits, Florida law requires you to report it.

Request Payment Using the CONNECT System

Once you log on to CONNECT, navigate to the Request Benefit Payment tab. This will prompt you to input your address and answer a few questions relating to the points outlined above—namely your job search and your earned income (if any). Remember that filing your claim is a biweekly process in Florida, so you will see which weeks are in question. But before any of that happens, you will be required to acknowledge that you understand that reemployment benefits assistance fraud is a third degree felony. Withholding information or making false statements to increase your benefit amounts is considered fraudulent activity.

You will need to verify your current payment method, whether that’s your unemployment debit card or direct deposit. Then you will need to verify your address, confirming the existing one or updating it. You will then be asked if you looked for work, if you visited a CareerSource Center, if you were able and available to work, if you refused any offer of work, and if you earned any money.

If you select yes to any of these questions, a new screen will pop up next requesting more details. Remember that Florida unemployment job search requirements require you to look for 5 jobs per week (in most cases), so you won’t just be hitting no on all these questions if you want to collect unemployment.

Regarding your work search, you will be requested to provide details of your work searches and answer a few questions. Did you apply in person? Did you go to an interview? Did you submit a job application? You must also explain the nature of the work sought and provide a brief description of the outcome.

The exact types of questions you need to answer will vary based on what type of contact was made. For instance, attending a job fair will create a much different set of requested details than submitting an online application. Just answer the questions honestly and as thoroughly as possible. You must repeat this process for all job search activities. If you did not meet your required work search quota, you will be requested to provide details about why. Once you have answered these questions, you can submit your answers and request benefits.

How To Receive Payments

During the process of filing your weekly claim, you will be asked to confirm your payment details. In the state of Florida, there are two options for collecting unemployment: a Way2Go Debit Card, or direct deposit right into your bank account. If you do not provide banking details like a valid account and routing number, the default method is the Way2Go debit card, which is mailed to your home. Remember you can change the payment method each time you log in. If you’re curious about how much you’re going to get per week, you can use the Florida unemployment calculator. The Florida unemployment calculator can help make sure your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) is the correct amount.

How To Stop Requesting Payments

If you’ve found a new workplace among Florida employers, congratulations. You’ve left the percentage of Florida’s unemployment rate and re-entered the workforce. Once you have a new job, you can no longer be considered a claimant once you start working. That said, you can request a UI benefit for every week up until the week you start working.

There is no particular formality you need to follow for closing out your claim, and it will be closed out for good within 365 days. If you have further questions or become unemployed again, you may need to open a new claim if it’s outside that time frame. Contact the reemployment assistance help center if you think your original claim is still open, or if you have not maxed out your benefits but cannot log on to CONNECT.

  1. I clicked on a link that said “how to file for weekly claims” and it took me here. No where on the page does it answer that question.

  2. I applied for benefits on 9/1/2020 and still have not received any help. Can someone please help

  3. None of these questions or comments mention the American Cares Act which was just extended through Sept 6, 2021. My layoff was 3/25/21 and due to slow business because of Covid 19 yet the claim says I am only going to receive state benefits and does not mention any Federal benefits. Is there some other place I apply for the Federal benefits under the Cares Act that was extended?

  4. My name is chris Silva I’m trying to claim weekly I’m unable to. I already applied n processed. IS THERE A NUMBER I CAN CALL TO CLAIM WEEKLY I RESIGN IN Florida plz help. Thank you.

  5. I’ve tried (no exaggeration) 50 times to access my claim and push through weekly requests, with no luck fully completing any of the weekly payment requests. I’ve tried various times of day and evening. I started my claim on 3/29 – which took 8 hours to file on two separate days!
    I’m working on the highest internet bandwidth, and checked my internet browsers for compatibility. Confirmed it should work. I’m scared I wont be able to claim on my benefits and the site continues to express urgency. Is anything being done to help staff up, build in further servers, or something! I don’t know. But every day that passes, where I cant get in, my mind races with why this is not getting fixed. Site down for 2 business days, and I don’t see any improvement. I’m’ crying and absolutely besides myself with how the system is failing the one time I needed it!

    • Susan,

      I can understand your situation. Please wait for an update from the office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

  6. I already completed my claim online and I’m supposed to claim my weeks on April 7 but I have been unable to do so. Is there any other way to claim the weeks?

  7. I am furlough from work since the Major of Miami shut all business close, did the claim portion, so can I apply for a job of all business is shut down till May. I have been on the phone and website,

  8. My husband has been trying to call 18002970586 to authenticate his identitiy and the call just keeps hanging up. Is there another number we can use?

  9. I have a job but we have no work for 2 weeks because of the Coronavirus. When I apply what do I need to prove I am not getting paid?

    • Chris,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.


    • Wayne,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please call the Claims Center for assistance.

    • Michael,

      Please note this is a private website and we do not have access to the claims system. We suggest you call the Claims Center for specific assistance.

  11. The system only wants to let me claim every two weeks. I have trouble remembering every job I’ve applied to. I would like to file weekly. I’m not very good on computers either. I’m having a terrible time claiming my benifits.

    • Julio,

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers for an update. Alternatively, we highly recommend you log in on the official website of the Unemployment Office to access relevant information.

  12. How do add weeeks i got paid for 4 or 5 all at once.. Can’t file for anymore weeks and have max beneifits it is active and everything..

    • James,

      As much as I am aware, you cannot claim it all at once. It has to be weekly payments. Please call the Claims Center for clarification.

  13. So I have gone to the website listed above (several hundred times) and there is NO PLACE TO ADD weekly job searches! HELP!!!!!

      • Theodore,

        Please call the Claims Center for specific assistance over the phone. Make sure to try logging in again and check before calling the office.

    • Alysha,

      Please call the Claims Center for assistance in this matter. We do not have access to the online claims system.

    • Johnny,

      You’re required to file weekly claims until the time you’ve been approved for. Please call the Claims Center for more information.

  14. I filed for unemployment in Sept. I received benefits for one week, file again and was placed on adjudication. Filed again and have again placed on adjudication. Can someone please explain why? This last claims filing I made sure all entries were correct and downloaded pdf’s. I just don’t get it. Thanks

    • Tina,

      The adjudication may have been activated due to a dispute. Please contact the adjudicator to access all the paperwork and to stay up to date with the process.

  15. My name Diana Nguyen, 07/02/2017 I applied for unemployment and I have a case; but up to now I haven’t receive any thing yet.
    Please help,
    Diana Nguyen

  16. I have an appeal that I mailed 2 weeks ago. I’ve had to quit a job that was 30-35 minutes from where I am living, taking care of my 93 year old father. He fell while I was working, so I had to quit that job to help him out more. I can still work, but need to be closer to home, so I can check on him. Unemployment says that since I quit my job, I cannot collect anymore. I did not have a choice in this matter, and will bring in a note from my father’s doctor, if needed. Please help.

  17. I received , five weeks of checks and claimed my weeks on the may 17 they said it should be on my debit card and it isn’ my next call in date is the ,6th . where is my money

    • Please chase the authorities for an update by calling the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided.

  18. I’m already approved for UI benefits and I received my first payment question is; if my day to claim my weeks fall on a Thursday, will my payment be posted on Friday?

  19. I was laid off on 04/11/17. However I did not have the severance paperwork in hand until 05/04/17. I registered and filed the initial claim/paperwork online the next day, 05/05/17.

    Is there a way to file a claim for those three weeks (04/12/17-05/04/17)in which I was not working, but was still negotiating and waiting on the severance package paperwork?

    • I am not sure if you can claim retrospectively. Please call the Claims Center for further instructions.

  20. Today is March 20, 2017. When will I be able to do my weekly filing for week 3/5/17 – 3/11/17? I do not see it available yet today. The latest week I was able to file a claim for was 2/27/17-3/4/17. Are the weekly filings held back 12 days?

  21. I filed my initial claim already. I want to make sure there is nothing else I need to do before I receive my first check? Where do I go on the site to send in my Weekly Employment? Please send a link. Thank you for your help.

  22. Where do I go to request a weekly request. Or do I have to wait until November 11? But still where is the link. Just getting the run around. Always end up in the same spot

  23. What if you work only 10 hours a week?, I was told I can apply for benefits if I am employed on 10 hours. Due to a back injury my employer is trying to make me quit by reducing my hours to only 10 a week.

    • Generally, voluntary reasons such as health issues are not considered.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  24. I have already ap[plyed for unemployment benefits . Where do I go on the computer to find the weekly from to apply on line

  25. Please, does Florida require a non-payable waiting week each time you file for temporary unemployment throughout the year? Or is it a one time requirement? Thank you

  26. My name is jean I was do accident at my job the fired me because I working slow my physical not fill well now I stay home have 4 kids to take care my bills my wife working she not make money to help

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

    • We do not precise information in this regard. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state.

      All income must be ideally reported.

  27. wis some help me to apply unemployment,,,no easy for me ,,,any office around orlando florida an help m in person,,i’m no good with ccomputer

    • i lost my job,,they close busssines with no advise on sept,14th try aftherme been working there for 14 years , I try apply unemployment but no understand well english so is a mess,,no work, no $$, wish to go any office around area code 32828,,,orlando florida or any agency who help me @@please!!! thank you

  28. I’d like to know why my it states for me to claim my non-work weeks on a Wednesday? When I first started it was on a Monday and the weeks to claim ends on a Saturday. Can you help me with this?

    • We do not have an answer for this. It may just be a procedure followed in your state. For specific answer, please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided.

  29. A couple of weeks ago I got on to file for unemployment, I was told it usually takes a couple weeks to process so I gave it some time and got on to check on the status of it. It now says that I do not have access to that claim to call to regain access. Every time I have called the lines are full and I can’t get ahold to talk to anybody. Can you tell me why I may have lost access? Thank you!

    • We do not have access to your claim information and hence would not be able to speculate on the exact reason.

      Please keep trying the phone numbers during off peak hours. Also consider an option to visit an office in your area if phones remain unanswered.

  30. I used to work in Boston, Massachusetts and now I live in Florida, but I am currently unemployed. So, for which states should I file an unemployment claim?

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