What to Write in a Job Offer letter?

Updated : June 12th, 2019

job offer letter

When the interviews are done and the candidate is selected, you need to write out a job letter. But, what do you include in a job offer letter? In a job offer letter, you have to write a formal written document which is an agreement between the hiring manager and the candidate. Before you go ahead with preparing a job offer letter, you should ensure that you inform the candidate that they have received the position. Based on the company policy, the job offers would be made via email or in writing.

Written and Email Job Offers

Let’s distinguish between Written Job Offers and Email Job Offers and how you should work out the Job offer letter:

Written Job Offers

Whether the job offers are made phone or email, it has to be followed up by a formal job offer letter. This contains the details of the offer of employment which include the description of the job, benefits, salary, paid time-off, reporting structure and work schedule. Here, the job offer should be conditional and this means that it depends on additional step like a background check and a pre-employment drug test.

Those candidates that choose to accept the job offer should return the letter signed as a formal acceptance of the position offered. In case the offer isn’t as expected by the candidate, there is a chance that they might provide a counter offer or decline the offer altogether.

Structure of the Job Offer Letter

The following is the structure of the job offer letter:

structure of the job offer

Usually, a job offer letter would be sent by email or delivered in-person after the completion of the final interview. These job offers can also be extended over the phone but it’s important that the candidate receives the job offer an the terms of employment in writing.

Email Offer Letter

When writing an email offer letter, you need to ensure that it contains the right subject line, a few lines about the job and the email attachment of the offer letter. When it comes to the subject line, it should be under 50 characters and state what you are offering to the candidate and name of the company. Example: Your Offer from (Company Name).

Attach the important document to help the candidate decide if they should accept or decline the offer. The main advantage of sending an email offer letter is that you can attach several additional supplementary documents to help a candidate make their decision. You can add things like company policies, information on benefits and other supporting information. Also, you should avoid overwhelming candidates with documents and provide the right amount of documentation to help them determine whether they make a good fit for the company.

Offer Letter as an Email Attachment

Ensure that you send a PDF of the employment offer letter and write a brief message as the email body. You should add a celebratory tone to explain to the candidate that they can find the offer letter attached. The email attachment should be as follows:

Offer Letter as an Email Attachment

Share a Job Offer Letter in the Email Body  

You can choose to send the job offer in the body of the email. Instead of sending it as an attachment, you can simply copy and paste your full offer letter into the email. After which you can copy and paste the entire offer letter into the email. Here, the candidate will see the entire offer letter and would not have to download the attachment. It should include the job details, compensation, benefits, at-will employment, deadlines for accepting or declining the offer and your contact details.

Important Elements of a Job Offer Letter
important elements of job offer letter

Dates and Times

It’s important to ensure that you pay close attention to your start date. This would come across as a big no if this is not mentioned and the candidate does not show up at the right time and date. Also, things like important dates like setting up medical insurance, time off should specify so that you ensure that these formalities are met at the right time and date. Also, you need to specify the appointment, vacation, and retirement in your offer letter.

Job Description

Here, you ensure that the candidate knows about what they are responsible for and the deliverables at the time that they are signing the job offer letter. If they do not agree with the position then its probably because the responsibilities have been misinterpreted. This is why it’s critical that you record these in case the candidate’s job evolves in the future.


Though you might have discussed salary via email or on the phone, you need to ensure that it’s on paper too. Things like whether your compensation package meets your candidates’ expectations. Also, if your candidates’ salary is a bi-weekly paycheck and then you should calculate if it matches the yearly negotiated salary.


When it comes to salary, another figure that comes to mind is the bonus system. This needs to be described well and ensure that it meets your salary and the guaranteed bonuses. Also, you need to review the type of language used to describe bonuses before its sent out to ensure that candidates do not feel cheated.


Another key factor that needs to be reviewed and discussed is the benefits that candidates can avail. This includes things like parental leave, free lunches, pet insurance and several other company perks.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

One of the most important items that a candidate would sign is the non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. This is usually the standard practice in offer letters. Usually, this should be kept as sensitive information otherwise this would lead to firing and lawsuits. This could include product design, communications, financial reports and product design. In this way, the candidate will learn his boundaries and know how to keep his work private and ensuring that work is kept on the down-low.

Non-Compete Clause

The most overlooked yet critical components of an offer letter are the Non-Compete Clause. This contract is between two parties where parties agree not to compete with one another for a given period of time.

Non-Solicit Agreements

A non-solicit agreement is a contract in which an employee agrees not to solicit their employer’s customers for a certain period after leaving the company. This comes into force with those that are tempted to quit their job and start their own business using the customers that they have built.

At-Will Employment

An At-Will Employment suggests that an employee can be dismissed by their employer at any time and for reason at all. Though this may sound alarming, this does not mean that the company is known for firing people, this is the law of the land in the United States of America.

Arbitration Clauses

The last provision is the arbitration clauses which states that if there are any disputes between an employee and an employer then it should be settled by a neutral third party.

Almost There? File For Unemployment


If you feel that you are between jobs then you should apply for unemployment benefits based on your state. Here you can select your state and learn about how you can claim for benefits. There is a host of resources which helps you with the application, office location, phone numbers, and job training. Among other resources, you can opt for them to use your state unemployment calculator and here you can figure out the eligibility benefits that you can receive based on the number of weeks that you would receive benefits. In the best case scenario, you would be able to start a job and employee several individuals that are like minded in ensuring that they meet your needs. You should look forward to receiving a steady pay.

What’s the worst that could happen? You could still receive your unemployment benefits and your severance pay. Also, you can connect with the state through the state pages and browse through the many articles that will help you get another job.

Do you still have questions? Connect with the Community Forums to get the quick and accurate answers to all your questions. They are sure to help you on your way and get all your queries answered.

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  1. I’m attemptiing to file my first weekly claim since my layoff, however, my PIN# is not correct. what do I do to get my correct PIN# , please?

  2. I have exhausted my unemployment benefits in Texas but my calendar year does not end until September. Do I have to wait until the calendar year is over in Texas, to apply for unemployment benefits in New York in which I have available quarters?

    1. Mattie,

      As much as I am aware, UI benefits are only a one-time cycle. Please call the Claims Center for clarification.

  3. Help ran out of unemployment benefits for the pass 8 years i have worked at Hexion speciality chemical plant in Brady Texas how can i get my benefits extended

    1. Roderick,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

    1. Annette,

      You can visit the official website of the Unemployment Office and ‘login’ to check the claim status. Alternatively, you can also call the Claims Center.

      PS: It should not take 6 weeks to process the initial claim. Please chase at regular intervals.

    1. Jocelyn,

      Unemployment is offered to claimants who’re able and available for work. Please call the Unemployment Office to ascertain if you can apply.

  4. I have been working for the same company for the past 11 years. I started out cleaning apartments, then landscaping and finally Asst. Manager for the past seven years. However, the owner/ manager had us all sign papers claiming we were “Independent Contractors.” I worked Monday thru Friday from 8am – 5pm the entire 11 years. Obviously, in reality, we had Never been “Independent Contractors.”
    Finally, October 2018 we became employee’s. On May 10, 2019 he sold the business which puts us all out of work. I tried filing for unemployment, but, I don’t have enough quarters in. Assuming I’m still out of work, can I wait for the next quarter to end, thus giving me the 2 quarters I need or will it not make a difference.

    1. Lea,

      Why don’t you look at alternate based period? Please use the link below to access the Base Period calculator.

  5. I have been working as an hourly employee for the last 4 months. Currently the board of the nonprofit agency came to me and told me that I had to file a 1099 or go to part time or find a new job. I have a scheduled time that I report to work. What are the laws here in Florida about who can receive a 1099

  6. I am unemployed and currently going to a community college. How can I apply for federal assistance?

    1. Carol,

      If you’re able and available for full-time employment, you can directly go to the website of the Unemployment Office and apply.

  7. I have worked in AZ since March 2016. However, I moved lived and worked for my employer in CA since 08/02/1982. Can I apply for Cali unemployment benefits?

    1. Robert,

      You should be applying from the state where your employment was based. Employers generally remit unemployment taxes to the state where the employee is based.

      1. How long does it take Washington state unemployment to deposit your back pay after they receive the determination letter from OAH stating I won my appeal?

  8. I have been trying for over a month to file and I still do not seem to be able to do it, but I finally got to the correct place, I think.

  9. Cumberland NJ Unemployment Center kept me on hold for 2 hours; I finally had someone answer my call, after providing my information and question regarding the status of my NJ Unemployment Claim the representative disconnected my call.

  10. Excellent list of things to help execute better. Even taking 3 or 4 of these that one does not currently utilize could help immensely.

    1. How did you calculate the total weekly Illinois benefit of $1495? Also, why isn’t Washington and Minnesota listed in your top 5 states with the highest paid unemployment insurance compensation?

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