Georgia Unemployment Application

There are 3 ways to claim benefits:

  • A computer linked to the internet
  • A touch-tone telephone
  • Reporting in a person to a Career Center

The automated systems are obtainable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can also be used to check payment status.

An unemployment benefit week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday at midnight. In case you are claimant trainee, an unemployment benefit week starts on Saturday and ends on Friday midnight.

You must wait until the week has ended to claim for that week.

Claiming Online

You will need a PIN and Internet browser equal to Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape, 4.0 or higher.

  1. Claim for your unemployment claims in the GDOL (Georgia Department of Labor web site.
  2. Select Claim Weekly Unemployment Benefits from either the department’s home page or the Job seekers landing page.
  3. On the Certification Access page select the week you want to certify, your Social Security number and 4-digit PIN

Claiming By Phone

A touch tone phone and a 4 digit PIN are needed to claim benefits by telephone.

OLIVoR Telephone Numbers- 1-866-598-4164 (Toll Free Number)

In case you have difficulty certifying, call Customer Service at 404-232-3001 or 1-877-709-8185, if you are outside the Metro Area. Customer Service hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. , Monday through Friday.

Due to high volume of telephone calls received on Monday, Tuesday or a day after a holiday, you may experience a longer wait time to speak to a representative. To avoid this option, you may want to call on Wednesday or Thursday, which are the least busy days.

Information You Need

When filing a claim, you should have:

All individuals: A copy of your valid government-issued picture identification and Employer Separation Notice, if you were given one.

Prior Military Personnel: At least one of the following: most recent DD-214 Member 4, “orders to report”, “orders of release”, military earnings and leave statement, and/or W-2 form(s) from your most recent military service.

Prior Federal Employees: Standard Form 50, Standard Form 8, W-2 form, or pay stubs (if you worked for the federal government at any time during the last 18 months).

Union Members: Union card (if you are a member of a union that assists you in finding employment).

Disaster affected Individuals: A copy of your most recently completed income tax return or quarterly estimated income tax payment record(s), if applying for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) and you are self-employed or a farmer.

Non-Citizens: A copy of the front and back of your Employment Authorization Document.

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26 thoughts on “Georgia Unemployment Application”

  1. tenia lewis says:

    can I get unemployment if I am pregnant

    1. Martin says:

      Unemployment compensation is only extended to those who’re able and available for work.

  2. Paul says:

    My 14 weeks Unemployment Benefits was end last week. Could I extend another 4 weeks ?



    1. Martin says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  3. Brittany Johnson says:

    So I had to put my letter of resignation in on my job due to needing part time position which was denied. I was told they would change it and never did im in school full time so I needed part time position. Will this affect me from getting my wages

    1. Martin says:

      Not sure what you mean by “Wages”. Please clarify if you’re referring to claiming Unemployment Compensation.

  4. Debra McKenzie says:

    Worked as live in caregiver in Decatur Georgia. I was terminated 21July2016. I’m sure the firing was in retaliation for filing Workers Compensation claim and also Georgia Department of Labor,Hour/Wage Div. Due to the injury I sustained back in March 2016, after contacting W/C and The business owner was not in compliance. The owner fired Me on 21July2016. Am I eligible to receive unemployment benefits? Thank You

    1. Martin says:

      Well, if you lost the job in cold blood which was not your fault, you can be eligible to claim and receive unemployment compensation.

      Make sure to keep supporting documents handy if there is a dispute raised by your employer.

  5. Margarita Martasin says:

    ok, I just got fired today, they did not gave a document about. Could still be eligible to apply today for unempploiment?

    1. Martin says:

      You can be, as long as the reason for job termination was not your fault.

  6. Joe says:

    My out of state employment contract in Maryland ended in December 2015. I reside in Georgia and I am still searching for employment in Georgia, I am eligible for unemployment in Georgia?? Or do I need to contact Maryland for unemployment benefits?? Any help or information is appreciated!

    1. Martin says:

      Contractual employees are generally not eligible. If you do qualify, please consider applying from the state where you last worked.

  7. Cherylyn Thomas says:

    Please assist

    1. Martin says:

      Please provide more details on the kind of assistance you need.

  8. Alison Fuller says:

    My husband is 100% disabled from the US ARMY we have to move from Mane to GA for warmer weather. He can not take the cold anymore and can not work. I am a Teacher here in Maine but need to move with him so what do I do?

    1. Martin says:

      Unfortunately, personal reasons are not considered.

      Please inquire further with the labor dept in your state.

  9. Joi says:

    My teaching contract was not renewed and my last day of work was May 29, 2015. However, my contract doesn’t end until August 30, 2015. When can I apply for unemployment?

    1. Jeff says:

      Please apply towards the end of your job contract.

  10. john choi says:

    I was laid off from work on April 30th. I went to the unemployment office in Norcross GA.. currently closed. they stated to apply on line. which I did on May 1st. still haven’t received any calls or emails, it be 5days. please help me find a unemployment office where I can go to submit application in person to receive unemployment benefit’s. Phone no. & address.

    1. Adrian says:

      Please be aware that you have already filed online and it must be registered. Instead of visiting them, please consider calling by phone which will save time.

  11. Karen Harnage says:

    I was wanting to know if I could get unemployment due to having to leave my job to become a caregiver for my elderly mother.

  12. Darryl Gilchrist says:

    If I got fired from a job in a different state, can I still receive unemployment if I relocated to another state.

  13. JUAN A MCLANE says:


  14. JUAN A MCLANE says:


  15. Erik Denham says:

    i worked at Gulfstream and was layed off

    1. kathy says:

      Contact your local unemployment office or apply for unemployment online.

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