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Georgia Unemployment Phone Numbers

Use the GDOL (Georgia Department of Labor) automated telephone system, OLIVoR (1-866-598-4164-toll free)

You can also use this Interactive Voice Response System to access locations of GDOL Career Centers, claim weekly unemployment benefits, set a PIN for unemployment insurance, get information about a job listed on Job TV, or inquire about weekly unemployment payments.

Some of the other numbers related to unemployment insurance are as follows:

Services Numbers
Appeals to the Board of Review (404) 232-3325
Appeals to Hearing Officers (770) 909-2828
Electronic Wage Reporting (404) 232-3265
Employer Claim Charges (404) 232-3030
Employer Tax Liability (404) 232-3301
Employer Tax Rates (404) 232-3300
Employer Tax Reports/Filing (404) 232-3220
General Tax Information (404) 232-3320
Interstate Claims (404) 232-3090
New Employer Accounts (404) 232-3301
Partial Claims Filing for Employers (404) 232-3050
UI Customer Service (404) 232-3001

(877) 709-8185 toll free

UI Policy and Procedures (404) 232-3180
Tax Administration (404) 232-332

Be prepared for long wait times as many people attempt to call. Be patient and you will get through someone who can assist you. Don’t be rude to the staffers as they are over-worked and are doing everything they can do to help all the people who are contacting them.

Questions & Answers

  1. LARRY M. WATSON says:

    if I resign from a full-time job to accept a part-time position closer to home am I eligible for partial unemployment benefits

  2. Quendarrian Miller says:

    How can. I reset my pin I forgot my old 1

  3. Clint Owens says:

    If I’ve failed to do my certification or work search for the past two weeks, how do I get back on track?

    • Martin says:

      Please do not miss the weekly certifications. They may think you got a job. You may call the Claims Center for further instructions to kick start the claims process again.

  4. Norma Soto says:

    Could you please send me a good phone number for interstate claim

    Thank you


  5. gregory mcdonald says:

    how do i set a pen

  6. gregory mcdonald says:

    have not received my benefits how do i inquire about it

  7. gregory mcdonald says:

    i have filed for unemployment through my employer have not received benefits like every one else

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