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Georgia Unemployment Phone Numbers

Use the GDOL (Georgia Department of Labor) automated telephone system, GDOL IVR, Interactive Voice Response System to access locations of GDOL Career Centers, claim weekly unemployment benefits, set a PIN for unemployment insurance, get information about a job listed on Job TV, or inquire about weekly unemployment payments. The IVR toll-free number is 1-866-598-4164.

Some of the other numbers related to unemployment insurance are as follows:

Services Numbers
Appeals to the Board of Review 404-232-3325
Appeals to Hearing Officers 404-232-3900
Electronic Wage Reporting 404-232-3265
Employer Claim Charges 404-232-3030
Employer Tax Liability 404-232-3301
Employer Tax Rates 404-232-3300
Employer Tax Reports/Filing 404-232-3220
General Tax Information 404-232-3320
Interstate Claims 404-232-3090
New Employer Accounts 404-232-3301
Partial Claims Filing for Employers 404-232-3050
UI Customer Service 404-232-3001

877-709-8185 (Toll-free)
UI Policies and Procedures 404-232-3180
Tax Administration 404-232-3320

Be prepared for long wait times as many people attempt to call. Be patient and you will get through someone who can assist you. Try to be polite to the staffers as they are overworked and are doing everything they can do to help all the people who are contacting them.

  1. How does someone apply for unemployment if they cannot access computers and are not technically savvy at all? A neighbor has been laid off and he does not have a computer nor a smart phone. He still uses a landline. I do not want to be responsible for his personal information. What should he do?

    • Lisa,

      Most states allow you to file via phone as well. Please check for the availability on the Unemployment Office website.

  2. My pin number says it’s incorrect and when I try to reset my pin it says that the security answers I’ve entered are all wrong and I know that they are right. I don’t understand what you mean by try resetting my pin online. It won’t even let me do the process. How do I get my pin # reset? That’s all I want is to simply reset my pin #

  3. Jeff does not understand our situation. He has a job and a paycheck. Quit repeating and repeating things we know are not true.

  4. I am having the same issue as everyone with not access my UI portal and can’t reset my pin. Has anyone had any success? If so can you please reply to my post and help give us all instructions on how to do so?

    This is ridiculous. Is the state of GA not going to hire additional employees to help assist people with obtaining their unemployment?!? People have bills to pay and are unable to do so because no one will answer the phone. Surely, other states have a better process. This is seriously a huge deal that our state HAS to correct.

    • They are working from home. The parking lot only has 2-3 cars in the parking lot. Will not return phone calls or emails. Georgia State Representative is not having any progress either. Good luck. Slowly going broke.

        • I was forced to resign from my job as a Director of Sales and Marketing at a local assisted living facility in July of 2020. I found out in July that my 10 year old son would not be returning to school, and I would have to stay home and do school with him over Zoom. Somehow, my claim was denied. It took months to even get a response. I filed an appeal in December of 2020. I have heard NOTHING from the DOL regarding this appeal. I did not even get a confirmation number. I have sent numerous emails, called, even contacted Senator Lindsey Tippin’s office today. Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can find out the status of my appeal hearing? This is causing me a great deal of stress and anxiety. Thank you

        • Ashlee,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay due to pandemic-inflicted pendency. Please consider the option of visiting an office if safe and feasible (you may be required to book a prior appointment on the website. Please check).

  5. Hi my claim has been under review for a supposedly fraud that I have now received the payment but my weekly payments stopped which I was told reason why the integrity fraud department has to verify that with me it’s been 6 weeks and I can’t get no answer for the integrity unit to get the hold off my payments do anyone has any suggestions??

    • I’m having the same identical issue.This is tiresome and ridiculous.How you have to wait it out to receive money you have work for.This GDOL system is worthless

  6. I would also like to know , I received 2 letters of approval, one saying my case had been reevaluated and I would be receiving more weeks than stated in the previous letter. I received my debit card issued by them , but have not received a single payment. I have certified weekly like I was told by the dol to do, still nothing! I don’t know what to do . Anyone else know?

    • I’ve been waiting for 10 weeks of benefit payments since January–and still nothing. There is no excuse for a 9 month “delay” as I’ve repeatedly tried to “chase” the Cobb-Cherokee office for resolution.

    • Lucielle,

      There will be a delay considering the pendency. Please continue to file weekly claims within the stipulated window.

  7. I have not received a payment in over a year, due to waiting on my Appeal to go through. I won my Appeal and it’s been over 3 weeks my Appeal has been sent to Cartersville career center and they still have neglected to respond to me or give me my money. I have lost 2 cars my house and will probably lose everything else if this ridiculousness continues. Please help and have somebody respond to me ASAP I can’t afford to lose anything else. Nobody answers my calls, fax,or emails I don’t know what else to do!!! Please respond.

  8. I applied for UI in NOVEMBER 2020 and I am still waiting for a determination. The phone lines are busy all day, everyday and I haven’t received a reply to the numerous emails I’ve sent. This is ridiculous.

  9. I hate going this route and putting my business on social media, but I see that you respond to social media (as evidenced by the responses) rather than to the numerous emails and phone calls that I’ve used to attempt to reach you. I also reached out to my local congress representative who also claimed they reached out on my behalf, but still no response. I’ve done everything properly, legally and in a timely fashion. You’ve deleted my unemployment account as if it never existed so I was unable to file my webcerts since April 2021. You do not answer your phones and instead the message hangs up not even allowing one to leave a message.
    I was let go from my job on September 11, 2020 with no explaination. I applied for unemployment benefits and was denied for making $0. I appealed showing that was not true and provided paystubs showing how much I did actually make. There was not response to that, but I did not get notification that the Job was added to my credit report (meaning someone fixed or covered up that the job did not report my initial employment as required by law in the state of GA). Instead of a response to my appeal, I received a letter stating that I was denied PUA benefits in accordance with my interview. I NEVER had an interview and I appealed that decision also. It is now nearing the end of August and I still have not heard from ANYONE. I wrote the DOL commissioner via email on the link from the DOL site because the actual email is not displayed so that I can write via my own email as to be able to save a copy or proof. When I remember I screen shot or take a pic of the computer in those instances. What you are doing is illegal and unfair. Although I am struggling, I have not neglected to pay my rent as many others have. I used every stimulus check to pay my rent and ensure that my children have a roof over our heads. I started working gig jobs such as Uber until my car was shot while waiting for a rider. I have proof of everything I am saying and can provide the evidence. I don’t know what else to do so I am going to keep calling and writing until someone hears me and responds. What you are doing drives people to act illegally even if as a means of survival, but I WILL NOT. I also believe that if you ignore us, we will go away, but again, I WILL NOT. I will write all my senators and who ever else will listen until I get answers. Also, I will screen shot this and repost if you try to delete it. Although many may have comitted fraud, I did not and I will not. I am following the legal process, but your department of labor is still not. How am I supposed to continue to have faith in our justice system when you are not giving me my due process of law?

  10. After half of my department being on furlough for over 6 months, my employer decided to eliminate the furloughed positions and stop filing UI claims on our behalf. That ended in June. The notice on UI said just to file the weekly claims and I (as well as 2 of my colleagues in my same group) have done that. However, I received no payments in July or August thus far. Do I need to do something else to get payments started?

    • Need to speak to someone about a letter that was received saying I owe money but my job filled. Can’t reach anyone

      • Chanelle,

        Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior to the website).

    • Deborah,

      Have you been issued a letter of determination? There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      • I received Determination Letter dated 8/7/21 staying eligible to receive UI. Still haven’t received a penny! I’ve called everyone from my local career center (countless times) to the Georgia Governor’s Office, leaving countless messages and no response. Please tell me why I’m not being paid…

        • Sharon,

          Hope you’ve been filing weekly claims on the website. There will be a delay considering the pendency. Please continue following up regularly.

  11. I was approved for UI Benefits in June 2021. Then I received a letter that my benefits are inactive due to not claiming benefits weekly, which I couldn’t do because the website and phone number would not accept my PIN. I kept resetting until it finally worked. Claiming allowed me to go back to the weeks I was unable to claim but my UI Status says I need to complete “Actions Required” >> Apply for Benefits. I reapplied for benefits immediately and continue to claim weekly benefits with the same amount of benefit weeks left, and no change. It still shows that Actions are required…how many times do I have to reapply? My local office is closed to public, i’ve left 1 message per everyday of week since June 6,2021 and no one has called me back. The contact number on the website always has a busy signal no matter the time of day. I apply for 3-4 jobs Mon-Fri, no one has called me. What am I to do. Door dash isn’t even accepting drivers in my area!

  12. My UI account has had me locked out for several weeks somehow my pin number got changed..I did not change my pin number and it won’t let me change it it says the a few answers to my security questions are wrong too …who did this

  13. Please hire more people to answer phones. It is really ridiculous to not be able to get in touch with anyone to ask questions. I have tried to get answers by website, phone, email, and Facebook messenger. I got through 3 times on Monday after calling and getting “user busy” 40 times, waited at least 35 minutes each time just to be told the system was down and call back in 1 hour (each time). I called yesterday, after many “user busy” messages, I finally got through, waited 1 1/2 hours just to get a recording saying the system was down and to call back. Today I tried to call 158 times and got “user busy,” finally got through and have currently been waiting 1 hour 15 minutes. I am going to be really upset if this system disposes of me at 1 1/2 hours. Your current employees do not deserve this either. I am sure they get alot of frustrated and angry calls and your turnover rate is going to be very high, which means the new agents will have a harder time answering questions because they are new and inexperienced. This is a terrible cycle that needs fixed.

    • My husband went through the very same thing! He called over 1000 times in 3 months. Each day he had to try at least 200 times. When he did get through, he’d be on hold for over an hour only to get cut off! The times he was able to actually talk to someone, they’d make all of these promises and they were all lies. He waited for his unemployment for 11 months!! Should never have happened. Come on GA- do better!!!

  14. I filed for employment in 4/21 and my claim has been pending for more than 21 days. Can you please help me.

  15. I applied in December of 2020 after the business I worked for was forced to close it’s doors and sell due to covid. I never got an approval or denial letter or email after receiving confirmation number. Eventually I gave up claiming weeks. Not knowing what to do, I made several attempts to reach someone for guidance. I reapplied recently, but still don’t know what I should be doing.

  16. My husband has not received a check since October 10, 2020 – he has been certifying weekly but no payment!!! No offices are opened, no answers when any of the phone numbers are dialled and we have all bills to pay and no income. Application for Medicaid was denied and we are both diabetics, what do we do???

  17. I applied for benefits in early April of 2021. I have yet to speak with anyone after Hundreds of attempts. My account remains locked even after going through the “I.D. Me process”.

  18. Hello

    My name is Hunter Bolin
    I recently received a letter informing me that I am not eligible for unemployment and have 15 days to file an appeal.
    However, I do qualify for the PUA benefits but have been unable to claim them up until this point.

    I have been struggling to reach someone at the Georgia Department of Labor for over 3 months now. I have tried reaching out via fax, telephone calls, in person visits, and email, and have not been able to contact anyone

    I would greatly appreciate if someone were able to reach out to me via email, which I submitted in the comment form

    kind regards

    Hunter Bolin

    • Bottom line is they want to ware everyone out by not answering Calls, emails, letters, and I just finally received a letter for my pua appeal hearing and the hearing was set for July 19th 2022 at 4:00 pm. I was out of town due to the death of my father from complications from COVID-19. Mind you I filed for UI benefits January 25 th of 2020. I put the wrong date of my last day of work which was January 30 th 2020. The application was difficult to understand the way some of the questions were asked on the old application. So I updated my phone number after getting my hearing date 3 days in advance through my local career center. The nice woman at Covington career center faxed it to appeals tribune. Well the day of July 19th at 4:00 pm I didn’t receive the call for my hearing. I receive a letter last week stating I would get a new hearing date soon after. It’s been 2 weeks no letter or email. I waited 2 yrs for this appeal over my mistake of putting my lat end date 3 days earlier then it was. I was denied and it’s been hell fighting for this. I believe that’s exactly what they want to happen. People just get frustrated and let it go. I now have a job but I’m still struggling because I’m so behind on rent and bills and owe friend’s and family. I just want what’s owed to me and nothing more. I’ve never had to get on unemployment or any kind of government assistance. Until 2020. Food stamps. Just stay on them and please pray for me that after 2 years waiting over a mistake in my last day of work being 3 days off. Good luck to everyone and don’t give up.

    • Hunter,

      Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior on the website).

  19. I was reapproved for my unemployment the end of April 2021 . On May 7 ,2021 I received backpay and I have not received anything since that time . I am doing everything that is being asked of me and I have sat on hold for hours until the office closes waiting on someone to answer and Left numerous messages . When will I receive my pay ? Its been 8 Weeks ! I have emailed everyone that I can . My next step is to go to my local GDOL and bang on the door until someone answers or calls me !

  20. The fact that many of the unemployment claims are being ignored OR “we’re too busy to get to it’ is NOT an excuse. Many of us are on the precipice of losing everything. The fact that Georgia UE says they are overwhelmed with cases is not an excuse. I can’t even certify because the message I”m getting is that my employer has already filed. This is OLD news, nothing has been updated. What’s going on Georgia????

  21. I cannot reset my PIN online or over the phone. Therefore I am unable to claim weeks. This is very unacceptable. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

  22. I applied in end of April. Keep getting emails it’s being processed. No one answers the phone & I need help, left 16 messages & email every week! Bills must be paid, first time dealing with Dept. of Labor. Why is there no one in the Cartersville office, every place else is open? I need gas to drive to appts to get work etc. really a joke this whole system is, that my tax dollars are paying for .

  23. I haven’t been paid since February and that was one check from January. Prior to that had not rec’d a check in a month. What is happening? Not to mention we will no longer get the extra $300 per week. Will the pay be retroactive? Am I ever going to see the money. Why is Georgia the only state doing this I am so devastated just want to cry. Please advise.

    • Marcy,

      There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until you have a concrete answer.

  24. This is absolutely BULLSHIT. All the numbers they give you either give you a busy tone (it never rings) or goes straight to leaving a message. My husband and I could loose our house because no one gives a flip about those of us who need this money. Thank God my husband was able to find another job but if he hadn’t we would have lost EVERYTHING. This is exactly why I hate Georgia and tell everyone to never move here. Everything about this state sucks!

  25. Every time my company apply for my unemployment i have to send my birth certificate driverlinces an social security card an its the same thing every time i no they suppose to keep records an we not work in it make me late with my bills every time had to pay someone to email them they wanted them e mail this time an gave to the 14 of June to get them over an still haven heard anything an my company that work has to file again hope to get the money before the late charges start

    • Deborah,

      Some processes are repetitive. Perhaps, you can write an email to the office explaining your ordeal.

  26. Unbelievable, I’ve spent hours redialing, sometimes from 2 phones, every day of the week. Tried calling my local office. Tried making an online appointment. Sent numerous emails, including to the Labor Commissioner, Mark Butler. Patient? I’ve been more than patient. If I don’t receive my benefits, I can’t pay my car payment to get to a job. Can’t put fuel in it and pay insurance. Pay other bills and buy food to live. Pay phone bill to keep up this madness of hoping my call will get answered. It’s getting hard to be patient.

  27. I have been calling and calling about being underpaid for my benefits, not one voicemail or email has been returned, meanwhile I’m about to lose my home…thank you so much Georgia Department of Labor for your complete incompetence!!!!!

    • Cynthia,

      The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

  28. I’m owed 11 weeks back pay. Never got a response from messages or emails. Everyone just needs to remember this whole situation when it comes time to VOTE in 2022! That’s the only way to put incompetent officials in their place!! Has anyone received anything from them yet? My father-in-law got a response saying he’d get his back pay, got his back pay, then got a letter immediately afterwards stating he no longer qualifies. That was late April.
    -I’ve lost any faith in this system that I had!

      • Thomas,

        I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

        • i was told that i had a code 55 for SS# fraud so they stopped paying me since april.. i finally was able to talk with someone and they sad it would get fixed. The fraud issue was me mistakenly typed in the wrong zip code when they made us reset pin and fill out stuff for i.d me due to fraud and i understand that. but its been so hard to get answers.. it still lets me claim weekly but no money since april…the one time yall called me back yall said it would be fixed in a week. that was a month ago.. im so wore out and can’t do anything but wait because im broke with a kids at home because of daycare not reopening because the lady pasted away from covid

        • Kennie,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals

    • No this has been going on since last year. Bill collectors don’t care, about not receiving your benefits even though they know what’s going on. Is this really America right now ?

  29. I have been signing in every week and have not received any PUA benefits since April of 2021. I received the email to send in my 1099 information (schedule C etc.), I have uploaded the requested documents. I still have not heard anything back or received any PUA benefits.
    When can I expect to see the PUA funds that I have not received?

  30. I am having the same issue trying to reset my pin. I just applied for UI 5/7/21 but can’t check the status or do anything. The online pin reset link will not allow me to reset it. I called the number it tells me to call, but no one ever returns my calls. All I want to do is reset my pin so I can check the status. This is ridiculous.

  31. I filed 3 weeks back for benefits of 05/01/2021. My PIN was not taken and I was locked out of my account. I have tried 6-7 times to reset the PIN and it will not work. Without a PIN, I can’t do anything. Submit a claim, check a claim, submit job applications or anything else. Can’t speak to anyone, no returned email in weeks, no returned phone call in weeks. My phone doesn’t have a spam/junk folder, but it does have voicemail, so that means no one has called. I have called Mark Butler’s office, but don’t expect a return call from his associate either. What am I supposed to do?

    • I’m having the same problem as you with my pin and not being able to reset it, or get thru to anyone. This is crazy!

    • James,

      This can be quite frustrating! Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

      • Like I said if I don’t get an answer by Friday I’m turning suisidal ive already lost my car my home and everything else so it don’t matter does it

      • I Am sick so that will not do its been 7 weeks with no help my phone is not up to date so not compatible with i.dme an I now have lost my car my home insurance no food no where to stay and I have written letters sent emails called an Left messages an even got The govenors office to send an email an The commissioner office to send a email nothing at all when it’s so small I got alot of documents And I Just need to RESET my account pin number security questions and answers because I don’t remember what I put but I Kno what it was before I chanGed it but no one has contacted me so today I’m making This choice I’m so depressed tired fusterated And at the edge my choice is if someone does not contact me by Friday I’m Going to do a public suicide with all the proof of how I tryed And who knows it might be a regular suiside or suiside by cop or by government officials who knows but The news will be there And the point will be made I can still be contacted at 6154503886 or by Gmail [email protected] thanks

      • Funny you say this! I tried going to thr main location in Atlanta and multiple other GDOL offices and all were closed for the time being!!!???

      • Jeff
        Same problem as James all offices are closed and no one will call me back and I do not know what else to do and have e-mailed UI as well as call multiple numbers over and over and got nothing zero

        • I was denied unemployment and don’t know why I worked 7 years for this company and they say I only worked 6 months I have my W2’s to prove it but I have left messages and called and emailed for 3 months have appealed and nothing all numbers are disconnected or you leave messages and no one ever returns your call

  32. The office that I was assigned to is temporarily closed in Dekalb. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for approval (and I see that others have been waiting for months, which is insane). What am I supposed to do??

    • Hey Lacey I had the message for about a month. I finally got in touch with unemployment and was told it was because it was time for me to refile for unemployment. It says it should be redetermine in 14 days

      • I feel like I can’t speak to anyone. I filed way back in 2020 and nothing. I left messages and emails and no calls.. what I’m suppose to do

        • Randy,

          The best way to manage this is to check your claim status online as a DIY measure.

        • Andre,

          Wish we could. This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please follow up directly with the Unemployment Office.

      • Hi Jeff

        Those number that are listed do not work. One is out of service and the other is giving a signal like the phone is off the hook. Here are the numbers I am referring to: 404-232-3001/877-709-8185. I received a letter in the mail saying I was eligible. And it says the same thing on line but there is no one to talk to about finding out what the update is. Please help!

        Charece Martin

  33. Same here, 4 months with status “Your eligibility is pending a determination. You will be contacted by a GDOL Representative if additional information is needed.” and no progress.
    We can consider that Unemployment system is ruined and does not work anymore.

    • Any response? I’m in the same boat and I’ve ran through all of my savings. is there any path for a resolution? I had to refile from bye date Feb. 6 haven’t had a payment since…

      • I have received my letter and am approved for extended benefits I haven’t received a payment since April 6 2021 my account was locked it took over a month and I completed I’d and reset my pin didn’t ask for my authorization code I also enrolled in employee ga what is the problem

      • Gregg,

        I can understand your situation. Do consider visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

  34. I have been blocked out of getting a PIN to be reset. I have called multiple times for assistance. How can one check status of UI Claim, if one cannot get into their account to view. I need a verification code to reset my pin. This has now been over a week. My GA DOL career center in Lafayette, GA. I have made multiple calls to this location and no one returns calls. I understand you quys are busy, but seriously. Having been in customer service at least we called our customers back….I am a customer of the State of Georgia…Call me back.

  35. I need to reset my pin I’ve been locked out of my account I emailed and I called for weeks now and I have gotten no responses I checked my spam account and I have seen nothing. Please help

    • Did you ever get this resolved? I have been locked out and I can’t get in touch with anyone on this ? I did the verification by and I hope that was not fake.

      • Im over georgia unemployment they extended my claim under the America rescue plan and approved me for 26 weeks for the last 4 weeks i call my weeks in and did not get paid for any of them , so is they like picking who to give the extension to or is the system mess up because last i check Biden extended it for the ones who been already on the program

      • It’s been two months. all of the offices are closed, in the same, nobody picks up, nobody calls back, does not respond, I’m fucked.

  36. I have been waiting since November for a call back or just anything. I have heard from anyone and call everyday!

    Yes I have been waiting since the 10th of February to be sent a email guiding me with instructions on how to reset my pin for my unemployment but as of this date 02/18/2021 I still haven’t received anything I’ve been trying to contact my nearest career center with no resolution and I’ve left messages with no call backs. I seriously need to see what is going on I am having trouble with the ID me I really need some assistance no one has reached out to me

  38. And whoever this “SAM” character is YOUR NOT HELPING!!!! we need answers not one-liners about the internet there’s no help there either nobody has updated their websites. Don’t you think these people already tried the internet and the websites first?

  39. But the news is reporting 95% of the claims have been processed in GA!!! how do you account for that??
    And if you look in the long line of question it’s all the same Bul***it lie………………….

    “Your eligibility is pending a determination. You will be contacted by a GDOL Representative if additional information is needed.”

  40. I have applied for unemployment benefits in April 2020 and haven’t received any help I have claim every week still no help I received a letter saying I was approved and still haven’t received help I’m about to lose everything I have work so hard for I’m in dying need

  41. I have applied for unemployment in April 2020 and haven’t received any help I claim every week I received letter saying I’m approved but still haven’t received any help I’m about to lose everything I have work so hard for

  42. Please help, ( Georgia, GA )
    File 1st UI claim= March 2020
    Received Unemployment= April 2020-Sept 2020
    Worked= Sept 2020-Dec 2020
    Covid/Separation= Dec 2020

    Files another claim= Dec 2020( I’ll call it the error claim)

    I contracted Covid March 2020 and was released, right before the huge influx, I filed for unemployment and was approved until April 2021 or until my benefits exhausted. I returned to work in Sept 2020, however, I was released due to my patients obtaining covid (not from me). I was unaware that I did not need to submit a NEW UI claim. I stopped filing the weekly benefit claims, the week before my first day. However, I filed a new UI claim(error claim) with the last company, a week after separation. It’s been over 30 days and it no longer shows “pending” but shows my previous approved claims information. I also get a similar notice after submitting my weekly claims; ‘your claim is pending’. At some point, there was an issue and I had to reset my UI Benefits PIN, after successfully changing it I was able to log in.
    I have “new documents” and ‘notices’ that are only relevant to my previous claim. When I submit a weekly claim now, it says pending or will process after the claim is processed(something in that nature) . I did receive PUA in 2020 however when I try to apply it says “PUA Claim not found. Contact GDOL for more information.” I did not have to apply, it was automatic.
    Please help. I can not get through to anyone, Howe can I just cancel the error claim? What can I do? do I just sit and wait? HELPP

  43. For months now… when I check my UI status it says: Your eligibility is pending a determination. You will be contacted by a GDOL Representative if additional information is needed.

    I’ve been waiting for at least 5 months and I have not received a phone call or an email from anyone. I am starting to run out of options. I need to get in contact with someone asap.

    • Daniel,
      I started my claims first week of Feb. I got a notice in the mail a few weeks after that acknowledged my claim but was “pending ” for al oust 4 months. I left multiple messages on multiple departments. I did not get a single call. Finally I emailed Mark Butler and Governor Kemp. They both returned my email stating they would forward to GDOL . They did call me a few days later and then I got a notice in the mail stating I did not qualify.

    • Hello my name is Eric and
      I wanted to know what is the process of receiving your payments?
      I have received two phone calls one from a guy asking me questions about my job, and a supervisor by the name of Mrs. Owens. Mrs. Owens gave me a deadline date of the 20th of January and now I can’t get in contact with anyone. I’m running out of options facing eviction! Nowhere for my family and I to go.

    • Daniel,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      • I am doing this and no one is answering or the site is not updated it has been months and I really need the help what do I do?

      • So Sam, I understand a delay, however, I received my eligibility determination letter in April of 2020 with the amount I would be receiving weekly. To date I have yet to receive one penny and I haven’t been able to reach anyone by phone or receive an answer to the numerous emails I’ve sent. What now?

      • Profiles do not update in real time, nor do they show the true status of your claim. I’ve been denied for PUA, and received conflicting determinations around regular UI. For months my online profile has shown that I was approved for PUA. The portal is rather useless. It’s also terribly confusing that there are two different links for submitting hours, depending on whether you’re filing for PUA or UI.

        The best option (i.e. the only way to get a person to call you with real information) is to schedule an appointment first thing on a Monday morning (they’re only available for a little while). However, no new appointments have been posted for the past two weeks.

  44. Applied for regular UI benefits on 11/19/2020 certifying each week and yet to receive any payments. Finally spoke with a live rep who informed me that an appointment had been scheduled for me on 05/20/21 for an agent to contact me advising whether or not I would be eligible for benefits even though it states on my separation notice Involuntary Termination OMG !! This is unacceptable having to wait 6 months for possible payments in which my claim still states pending determination. It appears that non pandemic claimants are being penalized for reasons unknown. Both commissioner Butler and the media have been contacted regarding such incompetence and unfairness in the way GDOL processes are being performed . There needs to be an investigation into what’s really going on here things are not adding up follow the money.

  45. I have verified my identity with idme over 7 wks ago and still I have not received an email from GDOL with the verification code to reset my PIN. I filed an employment back in August I have yet to see anything I cannot log in to claim my week I can’t even claim I can’t do my certification at all I can’t get into my account I can’t get anyone on the phone I’ve left 1300 phone messages I left 3,272 emails still no response I have since been kicked out of my home I’ve lost my car by me and my children and my wife are living in my vehicle this is absolutely uncalled for and absolutely the most ridiculous system I have ever seen I need someone to tell me who I can speak to to get my pen reset so that I can do my claims

  46. I have been going through this process for four months. I have had months worth of claims accepted and have received no assistance. The online portal keeps directing me through the “ID.ME” identification tool before accessing my information then redirecting me to “ID.ME” before actually accessing information in an endless loop. I have made about 55 phone calls and left messages in the last 4 months with nobody returning. I have sent multiple emails with nobody returning. I have left multiple comments on every UE page I could find with nobody returning. I have gone to the physical office and nobody was there. Is there anybody there? WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO DO?!

  47. Does anybody know anything about interstate claims? I worked in Georgia but live in Florida, do I file for unemployment through Georgia or Florida? Been trying to get someone on the phone for a week with zero luck.

  48. Is anyone aware that the Phone system has a malfunction for the last few weeks. I have been trying to call about the status of my claim with the Interstate Claims department. Once you go through the prompts, it states, “There are no available agents, please call back.” I have made over 400 phone attempts in the last three weeks to the Interstate Claims, and the UI Customer Service. I understand the volume and I am willing to wait as needed, but it is extremely frustrating to have a phone system that hangs up on you.

    • I have been trying to get in touch with them about unlocking my account and I can’t er ahold of anyone. How can I get ahold of someone

    • There’s no sense in calling and waiting, for I have called them over 1000 times in 2 months and I’ve waited on hold for someone to answer my call for up to 4 hours just for a message to come on stating they are having system issues and hangs up on me. It seems the Georgia department of labor doesn’t give a damn about people regardless of what they claim. If that were the case, my benefits would already be coming back to me. I got an alert on November 30th that someone filed a new claim in my name and I reported a fraud case, verified my identity the next day and haven’t received not one payment since. Last payment I received was November 24th, 2020 and I have called and spoken with 2 people from the Hinesville Georgia office 1 of which told me I needed to call the fraud department and email them and have them remove the fraud claim on my file and the second person told me that I needed to wait for a supervisor to loin over my case because I was hired for a job, we was going to be working from home only for us to go online and fill out paperwork one day suppose to start training the next day and yet received an email later that day telling us that it was postponed not once but twice we did this and I raised hell so they paid me $17.35 for doing the paperwork and now because of that $17.35 paycheck the GDOL doesn’t want to pay me my unemployment. Like wtf? I can’t help what that company done, I don’t work for them and I don’t control what the do but this is bullshit

      • Have you heard anything yet? I’ve been calling and emailing since July 2020. Someone locked me out of my account

      • We’ve tried since April 2020 and can’t get in touch with anyone , online all it says is your claim is being looked at we will reach out to you if we need any more information, since July 2020 this is ridiculous and all the phone numbers no one answers ,

    • I’ve called contacts listed as early as open to close hours of operation and have yet to speak to a member DOL UI.

      • I’ve been looking at this im with cynthia.Look I’ve been waiting sense Dec.first of dec.single dad .omg.its crazy you can go state patrol office court house us families need this.its going on 6 months no stimulus 2cond or can’t talk to nobody.its like other guy said pending. Look I have literally seen a dude get out of jail and have his unemployment and stimulus the 3rd day he was out in hispocket.And he did not work last 3 years.???

      • How is the same generic response helpful? I’m in the same position I filed on Oct 30th 2020 and have yet to hear an answer back, I have attempted at least 1000 calls between all the numbers on the website and all the dol offices around me and every one goes directly to either they’re experiencing technical difficulties or the agents are all busy and to try again, I have also left countless voicemails and countless emails but still nothing!! I’ve even gone as far as to try to contact the commissioner, what is it going to take for us to get our claims!!!! Some of us have already lost everything, some of us are close to it!! This is beyond ridiculous and it’s not about time, because I’ve known people to make a claim after me and already have their approval and payments, but here I am, 4 months later and still waiting!! And for them to claim that they were all caught up in the fall of last year. What’s the problem now?

        • I’m seriously thinking about going 2 my local office and hopefully can get 2 the door and slide a note under the door..Maybe some1 will take pity on a poor girl and read it. And maybe go 2 a computer and put in my info and press the Pay Her button..

    • John,

      The best way to manage your claim is over the internet. Please login to your account online to maintain your claim.

      • This whole unemployment process is fraud to the citizens living in this state. No work is being done at all it’s apparent and you guys just give out the same blanket excuses for months on end

      • Hello my name is mark isbell. I verified my i.d through i.d me. I did it the right way through the dol part. It says I’m verified through dol. Its ben 5 days and no email to reset my pin. I’m a single father. I can’t even get In my portal to get my tax info.can someone please help me please.i had to get a new I.d and was not able to verify by the 7 day dead line. It took me longer cause I’m from out of state and took me a while to get my i.d replaced. Please help

      • Yea but I’m locked out of my account. Did the confirmation and have never received the email to unlock my account.

        • Yes,my name is Brannon Shropshire I’ve also been locked out of my account!Did you ever get fix? If so let me know how you did it! Please.


        • I too did the IDme successfully and was waiting for the email with the code but instead got prompted to call the Integrity dept for fraud. Give me a break there is no fraud this is just another tactic to not pay benefits. Of course you cant get a hold of anyone in that dept either.

      • My benefits were frozen in November pending Verify.IDme. I completed the verification process and received an email from Verify.IDme confirming that it was completed. I have called every week since November and like everyone else, had to leave a message because the “system” is supposedly down. I have emailed at least 100 times or more since November and still no reply. I have depleted my savings and can no longer pay any bills. How can I get my rightful benefits release? I go online every day and send emails every day but no one reaches out to me to fix the situation. Is there an attorney or someone who is helping people either receive benefits or is there a class action suit being filed on the consumers behalf? I need help!

        • My unemployment benefits as been exhausted. Can someone please help me get an extension?

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