Hawaii Unemployment Benefit Questions

Hawaii Unemployment Benefit Questions

The Hawaii unemployment insurance application and claim certification process can sometimes be confusing, even for the most organized claimants. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people ask while navigating the process:

How do I file a claim for unemployment benefits in Hawaii?

The initial application for unemployment benefits in Hawaii can be completed online in as little as 30 minutes. Be sure to read the state’s eligibility requirements to ensure you qualify, and be prepared to provide your contact information and employment history.

How much is unemployment in Hawaii?

Benefit amounts are based on how much you earn during your base period. Currently, the minimum weekly benefit amount in Hawaii is $5 and the maximum amount is $763. The maximum benefit amount changes each year.

You can use the Hawaii Unemployment Calculator to get an estimate of the benefit amount you might qualify for.

How long does Hawaii unemployment take to process?

It only takes a few business days to process your initial application, but you must serve a one-week waiting period before you qualify for compensation. After you file a weekly claim, you typically receive payment within a few days.

All in all, it takes about three weeks to receive your first payment.

When does my claim start?

Your claim begins from the Sunday of the week in which you apply. If you delay and do not apply immediately, you will not receive credit for past weeks. Your claim will start only from the week in which you file.

How do I check the status of my claim in Hawaii?

To check the status of your unemployment claim, you can log in to the state’s online unemployment portal via https://huiclaims.hawaii.gov and click “Claim Inquiry” under “Manage My Account.”

You can also check the status of an unemployment certification claim by calling the Unemployment Claims & Benefits call center.

How do you contact Hawaii unemployment?

If you have a question about your unemployment application or weekly certification claim, you will need to call the unemployment claims center or your local unemployment office.

If you would like assistance with job search activities, resume building, or training programs, visit your local American Job Center Hawaii location.

Can I file an unemployment claim with another state?

If you worked in multiple states during the 18 months before filing your Hawaii claim, you can combine your out-of-state wages with your Hawaii wages to meet the eligibility criteria or raise your weekly benefit amount.

However, under federal law, you are not able to receive unemployment insurance benefits from more than one state.

What happens if I lie to get unemployment benefits in Hawaii?

Intentionally providing incorrect information or withholding essential facts to acquire benefits is considered unemployment fraud, and is subject to penalties outlined by Hawaii state law. Fraud penalties include, but are not limited to: benefit denial, repayment of benefits with penalty fees, and criminal prosecution.

Who pays for Hawaii Unemployment Insurance?

The UI program’s expenses are entirely covered by employers through a tax on their payroll. Workers do not make any contributions to the UI program.

Can you work part time and receive unemployment benefits?

Yes. If you remain employed with your regular employer but work fewer hours than your full-time schedule and earn less than your weekly benefit amount in a week, you may qualify for partial unemployment benefits.

Furthermore, if you are actively seeking full-time employment but are working on-call, part-time, or intermittently, you might be eligible for part-total unemployment benefits.

Are unemployment benefit amounts subject to taxes?

Yes, unemployment benefits are subject to federal and state taxes. Hawaii unemployment claimants have the option to withhold 10% for federal taxes and 5% for Hawaii state taxes.

Each January, the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations will send you IRS Form 1099-G, outlining the total benefits you received and any federal or state income taxes withheld in the previous year.

What happens if information is not reported accurately?

If you think you made a mistake when filing your initial application or weekly claim certification, you need to call your local claims office. Providing false or inaccurate information, whether intentionally or carelessly, is considered fraud.

Can I file for unemployment if I am retired?

If an individual is retired and does not intend to resume working to the same degree as they did before, they are not considered to be “able and willing to work,” and are thus ineligible for benefits. If an individual retired of their own accord, they must report it as quitting their job, which makes them ineligible for benefits.

  1. all my employers are in the state of Hawaii I just recently moved Las Vegas Nevada in October 15th 2019. Got in touch with Vegas unemployment which day had told me I need to file with Hawaii. I couldn’t talk to B1 so I filed for Hawaii’s unemployment the next thing it told me is interstate??? How does this work I don’t get it why do I have to go and ask my employee that I haven’t been with for almost 6 months to pay me out isn’t there an alternative base pay. Does Hawaii go by that

  2. If an employee turned into an independent contractor with the company due to company hardship and took a pay cut just to be able to still have an income can they still file for unemployment to compensate loss wages?

    • JS,

      A claimant is generally eligible in case of a cut in the hours but not sure if this holds good for a pay cut. Please contact the Unemployment Office.

  3. Our company has been closed due to technical issues. It has been closed for 1 week so far and will be closed for another week. Can we claim unemployment?

  4. If you have to quit your job to move to another state to care for a family member are you eligible for unemployment

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.



    • 1099 will be available for a download from the official website of the Unemployment Office.

      With regard to the second question, it depends on the prevailing tax rules in your state. Please speak to the Unemployment Office.

  6. received 7,000.00 Hawaii unemployment in 2015.
    Military, back from deployment end of 2014.
    Tennessee is Military home of record so Hawaii non resident.
    traveled continental United States most much of 2015
    is the unemployment taxable in Hawaii?

  7. my phone number has changed who do i contact to change? its or email me please contact me when you can. I’m also inquiring about my claim for my employer who i have parted from is giving false statements towards me to not pay my benefits for i am filing complaints to that business mahalo

    • This is not the unemployment office – it is a public website – please do not include personal information in any posts. Have you filed a claim? Did you state your side of the story? If you are denied benefits – read the appeal instructions closely and be sure to file an appeal on time.

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