Hawaii Unemployment Job Search Requirements

You are required to make 3 job contacts or more every week.  You should do all you can to find a job by applying for work in-person, answering help wanted ads, submitting resumes and applications with personnel offices, checking job listings regularly at the State Workforce Development Division or in HireNet Hawaii, taking civil service examinations for government jobs, attending job fairs, and using any other method that a person in your occupation normally uses to find employment.

You are also required to keep a record of all your job contacts on Form UC-253, Record of Contacts Made for Work, to submit when requested.  Click here to access Form UC-253.

Members of an approved referring union must report to the union when unemployed, comply with all union reporting requirements, and notify the local claims office if you are not able or willing to comply with union requirements, refuse work referrals, or are no longer paying your dues or not in good standing with the union.

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