Idaho Unemployment Job Search Requirements

You must try to find full-time work each week in accordance with the work-seeking requirements you received when you filed your claim. This applies even if you are working part time. You must be willing to accept part-time work while waiting for full-time work to become available. Actively seeking work means you must personally contact employers who hire people with your job skills. If you cannot find your normal kind of work, you must look for any other kind of work you can do. You must expand your work search and avoid re-contacting the same employer every week.

As your period of unemployment lengthens you may be required to look for another kind of work, accept a lower pay or search in other locations for a job. The local office can help you find work. Ask us how or go online at and click on “Search for a Job”.

You must keep a detailed record of your work search. Idaho Department of Labor may require you to provide this information either in-person or via the Internet. Failure to provide this information when requested will result in your benefits being stopped. The contacts you list will be verified with the employers you show you checked with for available work. Falsifying work search contacts will result in a determination of fraud.

Use the forms on pages 24-25 of claimant handbook to record your work search activities.

  1. What is the period you must wait before using an employer you have previously contacted and used for your weekly search

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