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Idaho Unemployment Weekly Claims

Three methods exist to file and receive benefits. The preferred and quicker method is the Internet Continued Claims system. You file weekly using your computer or by coming into a Department of Labor office and use one of our lobby machines. This easy, fast and convenient system uses no paper, and you get paid once a week. No postage is involved. You will have to pay long-distance charges if you reside outside the Boise calling area and choose the telephone reporting method. Calls can be made during the “off hours” and only last a few minutes. The other filing method, the continued claim report system is described on page 16 of claimant handbook.

  • To access Internet Continued Claims, log on to: and follow the step-by-step instructions for filing an Internet Continued Claim.
  • Call Tel-A-Claim at 1 (208) 334-4700. If you live outside the Boise dialing area, call your local office and select option 7 from the automated menu. If you live in the Boise dialing area, call 334-4700. TTY claimants may call Idaho Relay Service by dialing 711 and then providing the phone number to Tel-A-Claim.
  • The Continued Claim Report form is a card which must be filled out by hand and either mailed or hand delivered to the local office. This card usually covers a two-week period so you are paid once every two weeks. There is always the chance a card can be lost or destroyed.

Note: A benefit week begins at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, and ends at 12:00 midnight the following Saturday. You have seven full days following the Saturday week ending date to make your call to Tel-A-Claim or to file online.

  1. Locked my husband out of portal super pissed at me can I have him call or can yu help him get it unlocked

  2. This reporting by commputer is a JOKE. I have tried for three hours to get mine filed. If a person is not literit on one you are lost. You can call in if you have all day to be on hold. You need some bodies that can deal with people like me.

    • Please note this is not a government organization.

      You may want to follow up with the claims center on the phone numbers provided.

  3. I have filled for unemployment – confirmation # 1937 on 11/23/2015 .Am unable to go on line to file weekly claim – wrong pass word- how do I correct-change ?

    • Please call the claims center for further details on your claim. We do not have information on your claim.

      With regard to the password, you may find the option on the relevant webpage to change the password.

    • ..of course I tried the phone system, which when you call says it no longer uses the phone system, go on line. You need to make an app for this IDOL Claimant Portal…Idaho sucks.

  4. I went to file my weekly certificate and it say I have one all ready exsisting for the week of 11/21/2015 so I couldn’t file for 11/28/2015 will check back later to see if things have changed. 8:21 am 11/28/2015

  5. I am having trouble filing my weekly claim. I keep hitting this wall that wants me to keep putting the same info in over and over. How can I move on to finish?

    • You should be able to on the same webpage.

      Please lookout for options or else call the claims center for further information.

  6. I’ve registered with the new portal and it won’t recognize my password…….whats up?
    Thanks for your help……..

    • Please note we’re not associated with the labor authorities in your state.

      Look for options to reset the password on the same web page.

  7. I filed my unemployment Insurance claim on Monday 2/3/2014 and as of today, 2/20/2014, have not received any benefit payments. I have been filing my weekly job searches as required. How do I find out what is holding up my benefit payment. I set it up as direct deposit. My phone number is (208) 420-7512. Thank you.

    Lary Lawson

    • You should have been paid if the claim was approved.Please log onto to your account online to check status or call up if required.

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