Idaho Unemployment Weekly Claims

Idaho Unemployment Benefits

The Idaho unemployment insurance program financially helps unemployed workers as they seek new job opportunities. In order to receive these benefits, however, you must prove that you are looking for a new job. This will require you to submit a weekly certification answering questions about what you’re doing to find new employment, and whether or not you earned any money that week.

Weekly certifications maintain unemployment eligibility

After applying for Idaho unemployment, you must submit weekly claims to show you are meeting the state’s eligibility requirements.

Weekly certification weeks start on Sunday and end the following Saturday. When filing your certification, you will be answering questions for the previous week.

The Idaho unemployment weekly claim will require you to answer the following questions:

  • Were you physically and mentally able to work each day?
  • Were you available for full time work each day?
  • Did you maintain contact with your employer or union, if required?
  • Were you traveling away from the area you were looking for work in?
  • Did you refuse or turn down any work offers?
  • Did you attend training or school?
  • Did you work for any employers during the week?
  • How much did you earn from all employers, including tips?
  • Did you work full-time hours?
  • Did you quit any jobs this week?
  • Were you fired from any jobs?
  • Did you do any self-employment work? If so,
  • How much did you make from self-employment work?
  • Did you work more than 40 hours doing self-employment activities?
  • Did you receive any holiday, bonus, severance, or vacation pay?
  • What were your total earnings for the week before deductions?

You will also be asked about the employers you contacted to meet the job search activity requirements. You must contact two different employers each week to remain eligible for benefits. You will need to submit the following information about each employer:

  • Date of contact
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company email
  • Type of work or job title
  • Job number, if applicable
  • Did you submit an application or resume?
  • If you didn’t apply, why not?
  • What is your next step with this job contact?

After answering all the questions, you need to review the information to make sure it is accurate. Incorrect or misleading information could lead to an overpayment or charges of unemployment fraud.

You will need to file weekly certifications every week, even if you are going through the appeals process. If you do not file a weekly certification, your weekly benefit payments could be delayed or even denied.

It’s important to note that you will not receive a benefit payment for the first week that you file for benefits. This is known as the “waiting week.” You will still need to meet the eligibility requirements and submit a weekly certification for this week to receive future unemployment insurance benefits.

How to file weekly certifications online

Filing weekly certifications is easy with Idaho’s iUS Claimant Portal. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Log into your account using your credentials
  • Click the File Certification Application button
  • Answer each question on the screen
  • Review statements for accuracy
  • Click Submit Certification Application

If you don’t have access to the internet or a computer at home, you will need to visit your local Idaho Department of Labor office to complete certification. There is no way to file weekly certifications by phone or mail in Idaho.

How do I know if my weekly certification was successfully submitted?

You will receive a confirmation number after submitting your weekly certification. It’s a good idea to write this down.

To check on the status of your claim, log into the claimant portal and click the Manage Claims button. From here, you will be able to see your payment information and whether there are any problems with the information you submitted.

If it says “No Current Claim,” that means you haven’t submitted a weekly certification for the week yet.

How to collect payment

You can opt to receive your unemployment compensation via direct deposit or bank card. You can use the Idaho unemployment calculator to estimate your weekly benefit amount.

You will be given the option to enroll in the direct deposit program when you initially apply for unemployment benefits, but if you choose to opt in at a later date or need to update your information, you can do so by logging into the iUS claimant portal and clicking the Payment Method button under the Account tag.

Direct deposit payments are deposited within three to four business days after submitting your weekly certification.

If you opt to receive payments on a bank card, you will receive one in the mail seven to 10 days after applying for UI benefits. Funds will be available three to four days after you submit your weekly certification. Bank cards are good for up to three years, so be sure to keep yours in case you need to file for future Idaho unemployment benefits.

Who do I call if I haven’t received payment?

First, confirm that the payment was processed by logging into your iUS claimant portal. If it was processed and it has been more than a few days, call your bank or debit card provider. If they are not seeing the payment come through, call the UI claims center.

  1. Locked my husband out of portal super pissed at me can I have him call or can yu help him get it unlocked

  2. This reporting by commputer is a JOKE. I have tried for three hours to get mine filed. If a person is not literit on one you are lost. You can call in if you have all day to be on hold. You need some bodies that can deal with people like me.

    • Please note this is not a government organization.

      You may want to follow up with the claims center on the phone numbers provided.

  3. I have filled for unemployment – confirmation # 1937 on 11/23/2015 .Am unable to go on line to file weekly claim – wrong pass word- how do I correct-change ?

    • Please call the claims center for further details on your claim. We do not have information on your claim.

      With regard to the password, you may find the option on the relevant webpage to change the password.

    • ..of course I tried the phone system, which when you call says it no longer uses the phone system, go on line. You need to make an app for this IDOL Claimant Portal…Idaho sucks.

  4. I went to file my weekly certificate and it say I have one all ready exsisting for the week of 11/21/2015 so I couldn’t file for 11/28/2015 will check back later to see if things have changed. 8:21 am 11/28/2015

  5. I am having trouble filing my weekly claim. I keep hitting this wall that wants me to keep putting the same info in over and over. How can I move on to finish?

    • You should be able to on the same webpage.

      Please lookout for options or else call the claims center for further information.

  6. I’ve registered with the new portal and it won’t recognize my password…….whats up?
    Thanks for your help……..

    • Please note we’re not associated with the labor authorities in your state.

      Look for options to reset the password on the same web page.

  7. I filed my unemployment Insurance claim on Monday 2/3/2014 and as of today, 2/20/2014, have not received any benefit payments. I have been filing my weekly job searches as required. How do I find out what is holding up my benefit payment. I set it up as direct deposit. My phone number is (208) 420-7512. Thank you.

    Lary Lawson

    • You should have been paid if the claim was approved.Please log onto to your account online to check status or call up if required.

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