Illinois Unemployment Job Training

The Job Training and Economic Development (JTED) Grant program assists low-wage/low-skill workers to advance in their careers and helps unemployed or disadvantaged people learn skills necessary to secure employment.

The program provides grants to not-for-profit community-based organizations (CBOs) that work with small local businesses (employing fewer than 250 workers) in order to develop curricula, train eligible workers, and provide ongoing support. CBOs can establish a partnership with a local business to provide training to its low-wage workers, thereby expanding workers’ skills and advancing their career opportunities.

Currently, there are two categories of training available –

Category 1 – Industry Linked Training for Low Wage/Low Skilled Workers
Category 2 – Industry Linked Training for Disadvantaged Persons

Program Goals

  • Category I: Foster local economic development by linking the needs of the low wage/low skilled employed worker with the workforce needs of local industry.
  • Category II: Foster local economic development by linking the needs of the unemployed disadvantaged individual with the workforce needs of local industr

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