Indiana Unemployment Benefit Questions

Indiana Unemployment Benefits

What do I need to apply for Unemployment Insurance in Indiana?

To apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits in Indiana, you’ll need your Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, Employer Information Form, Pay Stubs, and any relevant forms like SF08, SF50, or DD-214. You can apply online.

How do I calculate my UI benefits?

You can use the Indiana Unemployment Benefits Calculator to get an estimate of your weekly benefit amount.

How do I apply for Indiana unemployment?

You can apply for Indiana unemployment benefits online. If you don’t have a computer, visit your local WorkOne Center for free access to the resource room. You’ll need your Social Security number, Driver’s License number, employer information form, and pay stubs.

What reasons can make me eligible if I quit my job?

You can still qualify for benefits if you quit your job for certain reasons, such as your employer making big changes to your job without asking you, an unsafe work environment, domestic or family violence, or relocating with your spouse.

How do I stay eligible for benefits?

To remain eligible for UI benefits, you have to be ready to work and actually look for work. You also need to document your job search activities and register for work on After you’ve been getting benefits for 8 weeks, you’ll also need to accept job offers that pay at least 80% of your previous wage.

How do I file my weekly claims?

File your weekly claims online through the system called Uplink. Do this for every week following your initial unemployment claim.

What’s the penalty for false information?

If you intentionally lie to get more benefits, that’s called unemployment fraud. You could face penalties and even criminal charges. The penalties include losing a portion of the overpaid amount and being banned from receiving future benefits.

Are there any extended UI benefits?

Regular UI benefits last up to 26 weeks in Indiana. Sometimes, extended benefits are offered when the unemployment rate is high or during disasters. Please note that all pandemic-related federal aid has expired.

Can I get help finding a job?

Yes, Indiana WorkOne Centers offer many services to help you find a job. This includes career counseling, job training services, financial aid information, and labor market trends.

What if I stop claiming benefits to go back to work temporarily?

If you return to work, stop submitting your vouchers. If you become unemployed again, you will need to reopen your claim, or report to your local WorkOne Center to reopen your claim. You will need to reopen your claim the week that you are no longer employed in order to receive benefits for that week. You can not go back and claim benefits for weeks you did not file and claims cannot be backdated. Remember, if you want taxes withheld from your UI benefits, you must indicate this each time you re-open your claim.

What happens if I move?

If your address changes, you must notify DWD by one of three methods—in writing, in person, or by changing your address online through Uplink, the unemployment insurance online filing system. Due to security reasons, changes of address cannot be done over the telephone.

If your address changes while you have an appeal pending, please contact the Appellate Division to update your address as well. Address changes in Uplink do NOT automatically update the Appellate Division’s records.

Do I have to report earnings if I am working in another state while claiming benefits in Indiana?

Yes. No matter where you are working, you must report any wages you earn while claiming benefits (this includes earnings from self-employment). DWD routinely cross-checks tax records in Indiana and other states.

Do I have to pay taxes on my unemployment insurance benefits?

Yes. Unemployment benefits are taxable income and are subject to both federal and state/local taxes. DWD will send you an IRS Form 1099-G for tax reporting purposes, which you receive in late January. You may choose to have a portion of your UI benefit payment withheld to pay federal taxes. Taxes are not withheld automatically.

Can money be deducted from my benefits if I receive severance pay?

Yes. Severance pay for all individuals will be deducted from unemployment insurance benefits. For example; if you receive 8 weeks of severance pay, you will not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits until week 9. However, immediately after becoming unemployed those receiving severance pay should apply for unemployment insurance benefits.

Can I collect benefits from more than one claim at a time?

You can only receive benefits from one claim at a time. This includes claims from other states.

  1. I was on unemployment in 2021 but found a job and now that job is not working out (short staffed, over worked, rude management)

    Can I restart my unemployment?

  2. I recieved 10 months severance from my employer. I waited until after my severance stopped, then filed for unemployment. I’ve been filing work vouchers. I got a determination saying benefits are suspended due to deductible income exceeding benefit amount.

    I can’t find a clear answer about this. Is my entire 10 months of severance going to be deducted from all of my possible future unemployment because my 10 months of severance is larger that all the weeks of unemployment would add up to be?

    Strangely it says for week ending 02/06/2021 through 04/03/2021. Why doesn’t it just say “I’m not eligible period”. Am I ever going to be able to get any unemployment benefits or not? Or did my 10 months of severance make me ineligible because the sum total of my unemployment would be less that it?

  3. If I accepted a job while receiving unemployment benefits but do not start the job for a couple weeks, do I still get unemployment for those couple weeks until I actually start the position? I had no say in the start date, the company set it.

  4. My unemployment is due to downsizing, not COVID 19. I am currently drawing unemployment. My former employer has offered me a seasonal position. However the weekly gross pay will be less than my weekly gross unemployment benefit. If I accept this position, can I file a voucher for the difference considering the current and former employer will be the same.

    • Steve,

      I am not sure if you can claim UI benefits for indifference in compensation. Please visit the Unemployment Office website for more.

  5. SAM thank you for your answer now if i am to receive a lump sum package of severance , i have filed but have not yet received the severance pay . do i need to wait until i received my payment and then start claiming voucher

  6. Hi. I’ve been receiving unemployment benefits for a few months and only just now received my severance offer. If I accept the severance offer now, will I be in danger of overpayment? Or will they just begin deducting it now?

    • Josh,

      Please notify the office of the severance payment you’ve received. There will be an impact on the current weekly payments.

      • I lost a better paying job during Covid and now working a part time job getting paid less – can I still get unemployment? It wants me to put my current employer is giving me less hours in order to get but that’s not the case- they just give me less hours then my old job- is there a way to claim ?

        • Kaleb,

          UI benefits are generally offered to claimants who are totally unemployed. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  7. Is it overpayment if UI & $600 still qualified me and what to do if you continued to file claims after having gone back to work. I let them know and now received another $600 plus UI?

    • Lorna,

      If there is an overpayment, they will take it back. As long as you think you’ve not claimed overpayment, it should be fine.

  8. When reporting wages, do you use gross or net pay? I was terminated due to downsizing, not related to Covid. There is no drop down box for reason why I was terminated. The closest is “employer did not give a reason”.Stevr

  9. I made a mistake on my voucher a week or so ago. I answered a question wrong and now my benefits have stopped. What should I do?

  10. I received a 3 month severance package that started 1/1/20 paid out twice monthly. My last check will be deposited the end of March. When can I file for unemployment?

  11. Hello,
    In the state of Indiana, I applied at a staffing agency and was placed at a company to work a full-time position of 40 hours/week. However for the first 7 months my payroll was through the staffing agency. Then I was hired on full time by the company I was placed at. Then 2 months after being hired on I was told that they were needing to make cut backs and that I was laid off because the company cannot project sufficient workflow/revenue to support that overhead position as well as other positions within the company for the foreseeable future. I was also told that if I wanted to apply for unemployment at this time that I was welcome to do so and they would not contest it. They were very sorry that they had to make this decision and reminded me that they do not know what their future holds and that they wished me the best. So my question is, when filing for unemployment, what option do I choose as to why I am no longer working for the staffing agency during that specified timeframe of that first 7 months. As the answer is because the employer hired me on under their payroll. But that is not an option to choose. I do not want to say that I was fired or quit the staffing agency because that is not the case.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

  12. Sam, thank you for your response. However, I have i have spoken with the officical reviewer and she is adamant I will not get any unemployement until after the 39 weeks. she even got her manger in involved. Lump sum has no bearing on it is what she says…Its frustrating because several people that I work with but live outside of Indiana and are recieving it. The company is based on warsaw, Indiana but she tell me it’s the state you live in…..

  13. How do I change my initial claim summary? I filed for UIB the week of with out knowledge of it being temporary or return date. This has created the need for applications vouchers. I contacted my employer and they informed that I filled out the claim wrong and I should be exempt of the claim applications.

  14. My husband position was eliminated after almost 12years, he received a lump sum severance of 17weeks pay, will he qualify for unemployment in Indiana?

      • Ok, many people got laid off from Zimmer Biomet in Warsaw, Indiana this month.. There seems to be a great amount of confusion. All received a “lump sum” severance. Some have been told you can/will receive UI immediately, as many articles state, yet the reviewer I spoke with says I must wait for the allocated period to expire. Some of my coworkers live in other states, and are receiving it asap. Can someone please address Indiana in regards to lump sums and not when you can file, but rather when you can get the weekly funds from UI?? please assist.. thanks much

      • Hi this seems, straight forward but reviewing multiple links on the web, it clearly states lump sums are viewed differantly and if one recieves a lump sum, then i/we can recieve payment asap.. Not sure if Indiana is differant than most states? Please advise.. thanks

  15. I’ve been collecting unemployment for about eight (8) weeks in Indiana, and during each of those 8 weeks, I’ve actively searched for work in compliance with applicable requirements.

    I work in a small industry. The job market in my industry is slow at the moment, but will probably pick up after the holidays.

    For reasons I’d rather not debate here, I feel strongly that continuing to submit applications now (during the slow hiring period) is counterproductive. And so, I’d like to “take a break” from my job search for a while, and restart my search for an appropriate job next year, once the market picks up.


    1. If I “take a break” from searching (during which time I’m not eligible for unemployment benefits), would I jeopardize my ability to RESTART collecting unemployment benefits AFTER I restart my search next year? (For example, would I be required to “reopen” my claim after I restart my search?)

    2. And if it is permissible to “take a break” from searching, would it be permissible to stop FILING for those weeks during which I didn’t conduct a search, and then restart filing once I restart my search? Or should I continue to file each week, but indicate that I didn’t conduct any job searches?

    NOTE: To reiterate, I know that I can’t collect benefits during the weeks that I’m not searching. And I’m aware that I can’t collect beyond my Benefit Year End (BYE) date. Those aren’t my concerns. Rather, I want know whether merely taking a break from searching could jeopardize my ability to restart collecting unemployment AFTER I restart my search next year. (I don’t want to do anything that would require me to “reopen” my claim.)

    • William,

      Thank you for writing to us. Firstly, a “break” might not be a permissible situation unless you have a valid reason. TO get clarification, I suggest you reach out to the Unemployment Office.

  16. I have been receiving unemployment for about a month now and today when i did my voucher it has a yellow exclamation beside it and in the issue it says other discharge. Does anyone know why all the sudden it has done that?

  17. My unemployment is for 26 weeks. However, the maximum dollar amount does not match 26 weeks. It comes to about 2/3 of that. Is there a extended unemployment plan to cover the remaining weeks? Allen county, Indiana

    • Robert,

      The amount paid should match the number of weeks you’ve been approved for. Please call the Claims Center for help.

  18. Hello,
    My position was eliminated by my employer of 29 years. My leaving was Not voluntary. I did receive severance offered by employer for a maximum of 25 weeks. Am I now ineligible for U.I. because I received this severance?

    • Scott,

      You can be eligible to claim after the expiry of the severance payout. If it’s a one-time payout, you can apply for UIB immediately.

      • Hi, but my question is this, you can apply but even if it is lump sum, do you not recieve payments until after those weeks?

        IE: I got a lump sum for 39 weeks, I applied as suggested, when will I recieve UI funds? thanks for any advice..

        • Brad,

          You should receive the payment as per the regular timelines. Please check the payment status online.

  19. Can I get extension on my benefits because it’s saying that my moneys ran out but it doesn’t end until October what do I do what can I do

    • Juan,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  20. You can claim all day everyday. But getting anything is another thing. You better have good luck and pray a lot. That is your only chance you have in this state. It is not a give and take here, it is only take by the state. Why do you think we were in the top five in the surplus in the country a few years back??? It sure wasn’t because they are that good at there jobs. That is just fact. So I am finally going to let them know the truth. This is (Reality hitting home) but they will hid this under the rug. Just like everything else, they do not want the taxpayers to know. The same as the curupt Media.

  21. If a laid off employee is eligible for $390 benefit and helps a farmer for one week and receives $400 does that reduce his unemployment insurance to $0?

      • I’m confused.

        My employer just announced that they are closing the whole Midwest division. They gave us a severance package and I am receiving 18 weeks. It is a lump sum payment, not weekly. Do I have to wait to receive unemployment benefits at week 19? Or should I start getting them right away? I won’t be on the payroll and will be completely separated from the company.


  22. I received a result that states. YOUR BENEFIT RIGHTS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED EFFECTIVE WEEK OF 10/27/2018 UNTIL YOU HAVE EARNED REMUNERATION IN EMPLOYMENT IN AT LEAST 8 WEEKS EQUAL TO OR EXCEEDING THE WEEKLY BENEFIT AMOUNT. Does that mean i will not receive any UI benefits unless I do and win an appeal?

    • Travis,

      If your earnings during the base/alternate base period do not meet the criteria, I am not sure if an appeal will help you win it.

  23. My company I work for ( Glaval Bus)is moving from Elkhart In to Goshen In. Not sure if I want to go or not-the drive is to far. If offered a position there do I have to take it or if they offer less money do I have to take ? Will I be eligible for unemployment if I decide not to go?

    • Tom,

      If you don’t accept the move and decide to leave, you may not be eligible. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to confirm before making a decision.

  24. A family member was terminated from a job, with an unclear statement as to:
    1) Was the position eliminated or not…e.g. reorganization?
    2) Was a past performance-improvement note involved?
    A)…yet no formal follow-up was conducted; no progress checks, etc.
    B) …no specifics were shared on “clearing” that purported p.i.p.
    3) If there would be any contesting the involuntary separation – which was effected without warning.
    – – I guess we anticipate a refuted case with the terminating firm, so what facts/documents should we gather to substantiate things with the State? THX

    • Paul,

      I suggest you gather all the requirements which support the family member’s case. For further information, please call the Unemployment Office.

  25. My place of employment sold out to another company and my job was eliminated. I have recently applied for disability due to a lymphoma cancer diagnosis in June 2017. If approved I would not receive my first payment until November. Can I receive unemployment benefits for the 5 months that I would not be getting a check? The company did provide me 8 weeks of severance pay ending in June 2018.

    • David,

      Unemployment Insurance benefits are only extended to claimants who’re able and available for work. Hope you get well soon.

  26. I quit my Illinois job to follow my spouse to Indiana. My Illinois unemployment has just ended. I had a part time job in Indiana for 3 months, then was let go as reduction in force in November. Am I eligible for Indiana unemployment?

    • Bob,

      I am not sure if you can claim on part-time employment. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  27. I work part-time 30 hours per week for one employer, but work part-time for another, approximately 18 hours per week. The part-time job is coming to an end at the end of April, due to my notice, after getting ill from the stress of the job. Before I began both of these part-time jobs, I was laid off from a full-time employer and claimed unemployment from them. Since I gave notice to one part-time job due to overly stress problems, would I be able to collect unemployment to make up difference of income from other part time job?

    • Rita,

      I am not sure if you will qualify considering that you’re calling it a day voluntarily. Please call the Unemployment Office and seek their advice before making a decision on your job.

  28. If i take a onetime withdrawal from a pension plan immediately prior to filing unemployment will unemployment benefits be impacted?

  29. My wife was let go and is receiving unemployment benefits. Can she still receive benefits if she becomes self employed(real estate agent), with no income, while still applying for other jobs?

    • Chris,

      I am guessing she should be since it’s not a salaried job. Please ask her to speak to the Unemployment Office.

  30. Receiving unemployment but moving out of state. Started a job in new state can i still receive benefits in other state.

    • You should be able to, provided you continue seeking full-time employment in the new state. Please call the Claims Center for details.

  31. Does the department of workforce development have the authority to subpoena bank records from my personal bank account?

    • If you resigned from work for college, you will not be eligible to claim UI benefits.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office.

  32. Does the DWD have the right to get my personal information from prior employers?
    Does my prior employer have the right to give out my personal information to the DWD?
    What information can be obtained from the DWD?

    • Tina,

      Both DWD and previous employer have limited right to obtain personal information for processing a UI claim. I am not sure to what extent. Perhaps, you can contact a lawyer or research on the internet to obtain the required information.

  33. if I quit my job bacuase of servere foot problems after working for 4+ years and a have documentation of my foot condition from my doctor. is it posible to recieve unemployment? Also, how long after leaving a job in indiana do you have file?

    • You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to inquire further.

  34. Can I collect Unemployment benefits after my severance pay runs out if I accept a voluntary separation program?

    • You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  35. I have taken a mutual separation from my company. I have been here 33 years and will received 36 weeks of severance. Will I be eligible at any point for UI if I don’t find a job while receiving my severance?

  36. I want to try to maximize the benefit amount. Support I get all my benefit paid out with 6 months left on my calendar benefit year.
    1. Is there a penalty if I start my pension within the Benefit Year, but after getting the max payout?
    2. Is there a penalty if I get some pay after the max payout by before the end of the benefit year?

    • I am not really sure of how pension affects Unemployment Insurance benefits in your state.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  37. I was fired from my job no fault of my own and while waiting to get approved for unemployment I found a part-time job that job let me work one day and never called me for my schedule so I lost that job to in the meantime I was approved for my unemployment since I got a part-time job and lost it will I lose my unemployment I reported my pay in my first week of filing

  38. I was terminated from my job due to work performance. I was given no warnings or had any knowledge that my job was in danger. I have filed my initial claim but did receive a one week severance pay. I understand about the one week wait but am not sure when that actually started. Am I going to be penalized for the work performance issue?

    • Yes, UI benefits are only provided to those who lose their previous job due to involuntary reasons.

      Your claim may be denied. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  39. I work full time 40 hrs per week. It has really slowed down and they are talking about asking based on seniority for some voluntary time off. I have only been here 2 months so I would be the first one they would come to.

    Can I draw unemployment benefits if I take voluntary time off?

    • I am afraid you will not be eligible for voluntary reasons.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  40. If I am laid off and receive 12 weeks severance pay but it is paid in one lump sum payment upon separation, when am I eligible to begin receiving unemployment benefits?

    • You will be required to wait until the expiry of the severance pay period.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details in this regard.

      • If I was RIF (Reduction in Force) from my company but I received 35 weeks of severance pay in a lump sum, I know I have to wait 35 weeks, but when should I notify Unemployment? Should I wait until next year to put everything in, just in case I do not find a position that pays close to what I was making to live on?

        • Good question. Generally, you only apply (and also notify) when the Severance Pay period is over.

          However, since yours is a long time pay, please speak to the Unemployment Office to establish further action.

  41. I have been at my current position for only 6 weeks. I have accepted a position from a former employer,USPS, so I told my current employer that I wanted to give a two week notice. My current position is part salary, part commission. My Manager basically told me to not accept any more sales, that I wouldn’t be here for the closing(manufactured homes) and that after this week(the first week of my notice) that there wasn’t anything that I could do, so that would be my last day. What?? Is this allowed ?? I am trying to give them notice, but they are telling me to move on after 1 week(I’m getting the cold should this week).

    • Well, since its a contract job, your employer may have inserted clauses in the contract which have aided their action.

      You may want to check further with the labor authorities in your state.

  42. MYy sister-in-law worked for 33 years as a nurse.She is needing hip surgery and hasn’t been as well as usual. The hospitol gave her an altimatum quit or be fired.She quit. Can she draw unimployment?

    • Well, she should be able and available to work to be eligible.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office to ascertain eligibility.

  43. I was recently terminated because of a workplace accident that involved 2 of my employees. I was told it was a leadership failure on my part. Would I qualify for benefits?

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      If it was not your fault, you can qualify.

    • You may not continue to qualify if you take up a part time job.

      Please call the claims center for accurate information.

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