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Indiana Unemployment Benefit Questions

What if I stop claiming benefits to go back to work temporarily?

If you return to work, stop submitting your vouchers. If you become unemployed again, you will need to reopen your claim online at, or report to your local WorkOne Center to reopen your claim. You will need to reopen your claim the week that you are no longer employed in order to receive benefits for that week. You can not go back and claim benefits for weeks you did not file and claims cannot be backdated. Remember, if you want taxes withheld from your UI benefits, you must indicate this each time you re-open your claim.

What happens if I move?

If your address changes, you must notify DWD by one of three methods—in writing, in person, or by changing your address online through Uplink, the unemployment insurance online filing system. Due to security reasons, changes of address cannot be done over the telephone.

NOTE: If your address changes while you have an appeal pending, please contact the Appellate Division to update your address as well. Address changes in Uplink do NOT automatically update the Appellate Division’s records.

Do I have to report earnings if I am working in another state while claiming benefits in Indiana?

Yes. No matter where you are working, you must report any wages you earn while claiming benefits (this includes earnings from self-employment). DWD routinely cross-checks tax records in Indiana and other states.

Do I have to pay taxes on my unemployment insurance benefits?

Yes. Unemployment benefits are taxable income and are subject to both federal and state/local taxes. DWD will send you an IRS Form 1099-G for tax reporting purposes, which you receive in late January. You may choose to have 10% of your UI benefit payment withheld to pay federal taxes. You may also choose to stop withholding at any time. If you choose to have taxes withheld, you must do so each time you reopen your claim after a period of employment. Taxes are not withheld automatically.

Can money be deducted from my benefits if I receive severance pay?

Yes. Severance pay for all individuals will be deducted from unemployment insurance benefits. For example; if you receive 8 weeks of severance pay, you will not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits until week 9. However, immediately after becoming unemployed those receiving severance pay should apply for unemployment insurance benefits.

Can I collect benefits from more than one claim at a time?

You can only receive benefits from one claim at a time. This includes claims from other states.

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  1. I was laid off in July due to a company contract loss. I have since found work but the position I interviewed for and the position that they have since put me in does not work for my family life. Am I eligible to claim unemployment from my previous lay off if I quit my present position and look for work?

  2. I have had to take custody of my 2 grandchildren and cannot find a sitter for swing shifts and week-ends. One of them has a disability. If I have to quit my job to take care of them can I draw unemployment benefits

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  3. I am an AmeriCorps member and want to know if I would be eligible for unemployment benefits. Thanks.

    • Please check with HR department your company.

      If they are paying the relevant taxes that contribute towards UI fund, you can be eligible.

  4. I am 59 1/2 and my job position is being eliminated in about 4 1/2 months. If I do not find a another position I understand I will be eligible for UI. How long can one draw UI if for example if one cannot find a suitable job prior to turning 62?

    • You can consider applying for UI benefits as long as your separation from the job was not due to voluntary reasons.

      The duration is something we cannot comment on as it is based on many factors and can only be determined once you apply.Generally, its up to 26 weeks.

  5. Hello

    I am losing my job in a month, and also collect a small pension from another job. will this pension affect unemployment benefits if I need to apply for them?

  6. have a full time job that is being eliminated, and am eligible for ue benefits from that, however i have a part time job as an independent contrator, where my wages and taxes are not declared until the end of the fiscal year. can i still collect unemployment, or do i need to end my contract in order to collect unemploment?

    • Independent contractors are generally not eligible.

      Please check with the labor dept in your state if you can apply on the basis of your last full time employment.

  7. Question: Does the state of Indiana have a law that would require an individual to pay back unemployment money after being approved for SSI or SSD Be3nefits ??

  8. My husband is being relocated to texas, and this means I will have to quit my job and move as well. Can u file for unemployment through indiana?

    • UI benefits are extended to those who become unemployed involuntarily.

      Please check with the labor dept in your state.

  9. I suffer from PTsd depressive disorder and acute anxiety, I am eligible for retirement from the police department. CAN I DRAW UNEMPLOYMENT AFTER RETIREMENT

    • If you meet the eligibility requirement and are looking for a job post retirement,please consider applying for UI benefits.

  10. my homepage says that i can resume my ui benefits and let me file for this week but my claim expired dec 28th. so will i be able to claim and receive more benefits or not?

  11. my wife was employed full time in 2013, as of jan. 2014 she only works a few hrs. per week at the same business, can she qualify for unemployment?

    • Yes, she should be. Please read and understand the UI system in your state and consider applying for benefits.

  12. Can you file for unemployment if your place of business is bought by a new owner? I have worked their for 1 and half years.

    • If you’re or being laid off, you should be eligible to receive UI benefits.Reason for separation should not be due to a fault from you.

  13. I was recently downsized by my employer. I am 62 so I went on social security. Having trouble making ends meet. Can I also draw unemployment as a look for a new job ?
    Are there any earning limits I need to worry about ?

    • In some states,drawing social security benefits can be a roadblock when you decide to claim unemployment insurance.If you quit voluntarily,you will be ineligible to receive benefits.

  14. we are going to be reducing some of our employees hours… From about 40 to about 20. Can they file for unemployment? do they need to keep looking for full time work? where do they file?
    Thank you for your help

    • In September of 2013 I took a 30% cut in pay in order to keep my job. Many were approached by HR and offered permanent layoff or the option to take different positions for a reduced rate. I asked HR for 24 hours to think this thru (so I could discuss with my spouse), I was told “no”, I had to render my decision right then. Out of panic I took the lower paying position not fully understanding what this would do to my household. My question is if I voluntarily leave my job at this point, Can I qualify for unemployment due to the 30% pay cut and the unreasonable denied request to have a day to think this through?

    • my company hasn’t had work for me in three weeks, can I file unemployment for that even though I am still technically still employed there

      • I was off for a year due to medical leave. My job has cut my hours to an on call basis only. Can I file for unemployment

        • To be eligible, you need to have active employment in the last 4-5 calendar quarters. I am assuming you don’t.

          You will not be eligible to draw UI benefits.

  15. I had to quit my jobs in Indiana to move to Florida. I have been here 4 weeks and can not find a job. Can I apply for unemployment and if so do I apply through Indiana

    • If you have any income at all in Florida, you might be able to apply there. As you apparently do have income in Indiana, I would recommend starting there. You might ask them about backdating the claim.

  16. i applied for my benefits on july 21 2013 and have not recieved anything about weather i qualify or not for benefits

  17. If I’m receiving unemployment and I’m moving out of state can I continue to receive employment until I find another job?

    • Hi,

      You must satisfy all the weekly requirements despite being in other state. Which means, you must continue work search efforts, file weekly claims, be able and available to work and other special requirements (if any) while out of the state.

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