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Indiana Unemployment Eligibility

Updated : June 25th, 2019

In order to remain eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, you must meet the following requirements.

Non Monetary Eligibility

  • Become unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Must be able, available and actively seeking full-time
  • Be registered for work
  • Must quit voluntarily with good, work-related reasons
  • Must be fired for “just cause”

Monetary Eligibility

Your benefit amount depends on how much money you earn while working during your base period.

Your base period includes the first 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters before the week you file an initial claim application for a new benefit year. The wages you earn during this period of time are used to determine if you qualify for benefits and to calculate how much you can be paid. The last quarter worked is called the lag quarter, and no wages from that quarter count in your base period.

To establish a valid claim, you must meet the following requirements:

  • During your base period months, you must have wages of $4200 of which $2500 must be in the last 6 months of the base period
  • Also, your total wages in the base period must be at least 1.5 times your highest quarter wages

Eligibility Questions

What happens if I am fired?

A claims deputy within the agency’s administrative office will need to make a determination of whether or not you are eligible for benefits. You must provide fact finding information as part of your online application. Your benefit eligibility determination will be based on the fact finding information you provide, as well as information provided by your employers. Your most recent employer and your base period employer(s) will be contacted for information regarding your claim.

If you were fired for “just cause” you may not qualify for benefits. Just cause includes, but is not limited to:

  • Giving false information on a job application
  • Knowingly breaking an employer’s rules
  • Unexcused absence or tardiness
  • Purposely damaging the employer’s property
  • Refusal to obey employer instructions
  • Reporting to work under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Consuming drugs and/or alcohol on the job
  • Conduct that threatens the safety of others
  • Conviction and imprisonment for a serious crime
  • Breach of a duty you owed your employer

What should I do if I am laid off?

Usually in Indiana, you have to become jobless through no fault of your own in order to receive unemployment benefit insurance.

When you get laid-off, it is not your fault and hence you are entitled to receive jobless benefits.

Getting laid-off doesn’t mean that you were fired or you did something incorrect. It simply means that the company in which you worked did not have enough work and could no longer afford to pay you for your job.

If you get laid off, you must apply for benefits without any delay.

Can I collect benefits if I quit my job?

If you quit voluntarily without good, work-related reasons, you may not be entitled for benefits. Good, work related reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Your employer arbitrarily (unreasonably) changes the terms or conditions of your work
  • Safety violations at your work site
  • Harassment
  • Domestic or family violence
  • Moving to follow a spouse accepting a new job
  • Military service

Employees who accept payment in exchange for voluntarily resigning or retiring are considered to have quit voluntarily and are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

Can I get benefits if I am a seasonal worker?

If your employer has been granted seasonal status (the business operates less than 26 weeks a year) and has requested the designation of seasonal employer, you will not be eligible for benefits during the off season. You will be notified if your employer has been granted seasonal status on your Wage and Benefit Computation.

Can school employees collect benefits during school vacations?

Not usually. If teachers and other school employees expect to return to school at the end of scheduled breaks, they may not qualify for benefits. Some exceptions do apply.

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  1. I received a job offer from a hospital for a better position than where I was at, so I gave my two week notice. At the end of my two weeks, I found out that I had to go under a full psych eval at my own expense (which will cost roughly 800$) in order to work the job. My insurance was through my previous employer, so I would have to pay out of pocket, which I cannot do since I don’t have an income. Since I left my last job on my own terms, but was not able to work this new job, would I qualify?

    1. Brandie,

      You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

        1. Wanda,

          You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  2. I live in Ohio and until recently worked for a company located in New York. My work assignment was in Florida. The company has since said they do not have any work for me. Which state do I contact regarding unemployment benefits?

  3. I had been working for my employer for over a year when they decided to sell the practice. The entity they sold the practice to cannot tell me or my co-workers a job description, rates of pay, benefits, etc. This week we had a “training” session with the new owners and they do not know what the future holds for any of us. They can only say that our current rate of pay will remain the same. However, 3 days later, I have still not been granted access to the pay platform ADP so I cannot confirm my rate of pay. We were originally told that the pay period would begin on 10/9/17 but this past Tuesday we were informed we are now being paid by the new owners. So I have worked a week without even being able to clock in. Can I file unemployment on the former employer if I do not return on Monday?

  4. I was on my probationary period after being gone from my job (35 hours a week) due to pink eye. When I returned to work, my supervisor told me she reduced my status to part time at 25 hours a week because I was pregnant. I’m a high risk pregnancy and the last 2, my doctor restricted me from work. Well I Got upset and clocked out for lunch and never returned. Am I eligible for anything?

  5. I worked 29yrs at a factory, I left to start my own business 3yrs ago and business is very slow, am I elegable for partial benefits, I’m 56 and I can’t do the same work due to medical issues

    1. Self-employed workers are generally not eligible to claim for voluntary reasons or otherwise.

      Please call the Unemployment Office.

  6. I am 66 and am retiring on September 1st. I will not be actively seeking employment. Before I go through all the application process, is a retiree eligible for unemployment benefits?

  7. I’m considering leaving my job due to management refusing to bring someone or themselves in when I was in so much pain I was crying at work. They said I had to find someone or deal with it but when I asked who to contact they said there was no one and I was stuck.

  8. My clinic is closing several days a week (currently open 7 days) and the staff’s hours will be cut significantly (likely less than 2030 hours weekly for full time employees).

    Are there any resources for us? Does unemployment cover anything like this?

    1. The employees can consider applying for partial unemployment benefits.

      You may call the Unemployment Office for specific details.

  9. I am 64 and have been employed with the same company for 29 years . I was informed last week that the company is shutting down our store location and no options for revocation. Will I be eligible for unemployment wages At my age ?

    1. I guess you should be able to as long as you continue looking for employment in the future.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to confirm.

  10. Currently I am awaiting a union meeting with my job for reinstatement. I have to prove that my absents were valid and that my points for employment were miscounted. Worse case scenario, I don’t get reinstated, will I be able to file for back payment? Also how long does it take the appeal process to be completed if I have to fight the company for my wages. I’ve been dealing with this for a month!!!

    1. To be eligible, you should have been employed for an year at least.

      If you’ve worked before the current job, please apply from the state where you last worked.

  11. I hav worked in Indiana for same employer for 12yrs. 40 or more hrs. per week. but here lately business is slow and I hav been sent home for one to three days per week. I hav vacation time that I’ve not used, so do I apply for unemployment for days sent home or use up my vacation time?

    1. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for more information.

      We do not have any knowledge in this regard.

  12. I started my job 1/25/16 I missed 3 days with dr notes do to strep and the flue and they let me go today for pointing out is their anyway I can draw?

  13. Hello I’ve been cut back significant hours at my job for reasons I do not know. Other employees are still working so I know it’s not a company issue. I have not worked in months. I think they’re waiting for me to quit but if I do, I don’t think I can file for unemployment. Can I file for Partial Unemployment and is there an age requirement?

    1. There is no cap on the age as far as I am aware.

      Please consider applying for partial benefits. You can be eligible.

  14. I moved to indiana and accepted temp. Work in Nov. I had been working the last three years in Michigan. I was recently let go from my temp. job because of my productivity. The staffing agency does not have any work. Can I apply?

    1. You may not eligible since reasons for termination such as performance does not qualify.

      Please check further with the Unemployment Office in your state.

  15. I am starting a job in Indiana as of 2/15/16. My husband is following me so that I can start this new job. I see that my husband can apply for benefits. Which state does he apply in and when does he apply?

    1. If your husband is quitting his job to move with you, he will not qualify. Otherwise, he can file from the state where he was employed previously.

  16. Business I used to work sold. New owner has different plans and team, they don’t need me. Am I eligible in the mean time I find a new job?

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  17. I have worked in a small retail shop for just over 4 years. In those 4 years there have been 5 GMs. One being let go due breaking of quite a few company rules. Now I have this new GM who started 2 months ago. He was worked with this company before but we do have new programs which he refuses to learn. I am the only one still there after 4 years so the GM keeps coming to me for answers on how to do different things or mostly he gives me the work to do it altogether. We have 4 other employees at the store (all new) but none of them have had any training. The new GM keeps saying there is more important things to do. So I have all 5 coming to me with questions, whether I’m at work or not.
    The GM told the District Manager that everyone was about 80% finished with their training when in fact it is about 30% with not even starting her training. I have since been diagnosed with anxiety and currently taking meds which is is messing with me. Do I have good grounds to quit my job in Indiana and file for unemployment? Thank you.

    1. This is a fragile situation. Personal reasons such as health are not generally considered. However, there can be exceptions.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  18. My husband has been an outside sales rep for 22 years with same company. A new manager started on 7/1 and has given him a 60 day improvement plan. If his sales don’t increase by 50%, he will be let fired. Can you file for unemployment?

    1. If he is fired for performance related issues, he may not qualify as unemployment insurance is only provided to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons.

  19. I have been employed for 23 yrs at a factory in Indiana. Both of my aged parents live with me and I want to move to Oregon because I have family there that can help me care for them. If I quit my job to move, can I collect unemployment in IN while I look for work in Oregon?

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  20. I am from Michigan. What if I only worked for 10 months in Indiana and my position was eliminated? Can I file for unemployment insurance benefits?

    1. You need to have at least 4 quarters of continuous employment to qualify.

      If you have worked before the job you were just laid off from, you can consider applying for UI.

  21. I was told by my employer that I would have to resign due to having to complete student teaching. Can I draw unemployment?

    1. Some states encourage schooling full time and pay unemployment compensation while some don’t.

      Please check with the labor dept in your state.

  22. On Friday I was told my store was not clean enough but not given a time in which to have it up to the District Managers standards. I was off the week-end and on Monday I was fired. Within 30 minutes of my firing a new General Manager was put in my place. Also, this new manager is exempt from the next REV inspection due to the conditions he walked into; is this legal? The company is not following their regulations according to their handbook. Am I elibible for unemployment benefits.

  23. I am a dental hygienist & have worked in my current office for over 11 years. My boss closes the office for at least 3 weeks out of the year (to vacation) and reduces our work day on Wednesdays by 2.5 hours throughout the summer. I called to see if I could qualify for any unemployment benefits & was told that I would qualify due to the reduction of hours (office being closed.) How do I apply for that since I’m not unemployed (just basically laid off for short periods?) I tried to fill out an unemployment application but didn’t know how to complete it since I am still employed. also, I wonder how far back can I file? Is it just for the current year? Thank you!
    Christina Hall

    1. Christine,

      I suggest that you speak to the customer service of the labor dept in your state before filing. They will have the right advice for your situation.

  24. I was hired as a tower climber for a company(1 year )outta Missouri and lived in Indiana. I never been to Missouri we worked in Texas,all over the state. I traveled to texas n back from Jan 2014 to march 2014, in which I was layed off due to not enough staff to be in charge of our crew.where n do I file for unemploymeny???can I even??

    1. If you were on rolls on your employer(not contractual or another form of employment),you can be eligible.

      Please apply from the state where you were employed.

  25. I work for a medical consulting company that places us in positions. My current assignment is ending at the end of July. If they don’t have another assignment lined up for me, can I apply for unemployment benefits?

  26. If we are outsourced and the other company offers us a job for less than we are making now and we decline can we still get unemployment?

  27. I am drawing a pension from a previous employer and I will soon be teaching an online course as an adjunct professor. My current full time employer is about to lay me off. Will I be eligible to draw unemployment benefits?

  28. I was employed in a school system where I traveled 126 miles one way to work. I was told in March that my position was going to be eliminated at the end of the year. I was previously told it was going to full time the next year which is why I was sticking it out. Due to the cost of traveling that distance and living out of a suitcase, it was not financially feasible to continue. I came back home and am working full time as a long term substitute teacher. Am I eligible for unemployment when tis current position ends?

    1. Depends.Voluntary reasons do not qualify. However, looks like you have a valid reason.

      Please consider applying at an appropriate time.

  29. On 5/16/14 my daughter turned in a letter of resignation saying 5/28 would be her last day and was told to take the week-end to think about it. On 5/19 she reported to work, her district manager came in and she told her that she would work until 5/28. The district manager told her they accepted her letter of resignation and then released her from her job. Is she eligible for unemployment benefits?

  30. I was working at an employer beginning in January 2012 where I was paid salary for the first four months, then received commissions after that. I am unemployed due to cut backs and apparently this company never filed my compensation with the state of Indiana as they “don’t recognize commission as consideration for unemployment”. I had to file an extension on my taxes and I still haven’t received my W-2 to tell you where they reported my income. The home office is out of state. Is what they are telling me true – so I won’t get unemployment benefits???

    1. Since your issue has multiple angles, the best move you can make is to contact the labor dept in your state.

  31. I have 14 years of service at my job, my wife a homemaker had to move to Michigan to help her 82 year old mother. My company does not have open positions to transfer. It has been a month that she left. My only option is to quit and mover to michigan to help her. Would I be able to get ui benefits, and would I be able to get them in michigan.

  32. I have been with this company since Nov 4 2013 and have not received 90 evaluation. I have brought it up with my GM several times and he always said before next pay period. This has been 3 pay periods ago and pay periods are two weeks. Could I file for unemployment or what do I do??

  33. I am being forced in the night shift. This has been happening since I came back from maternity leave. I was given a poor review stating I would better fit the night shift. I have a baby with food allergies & I can’t work the night shift. This review ones 1yr after an incredible review with a raise. I was sat down & given a letter stating I had 1week to sign & agree to the night shift, if I don’t sign it’s considered voulantary quit. If I don’t sign, will I be able to collect unemployment while I find a new job that works with my families needs?

    1. This is a tricky situation. Voluntary unemployment is not a qualifier.

      However,its abuse of labor laws in your case. You can always appeal if they deny UI benefits.

  34. I’m a contractor working fulltime in Plainfield, IN at the same place for almost 5 yrs. I had a medical emergency and was off for a week. I called in every day to let my boss know I was off due to a medical emergency like I was supposed to. I was seen by my dr and was given a note stating i was not able to work the week I was off but was released to go back to work effective immediately, The contracted company fired me. Do I qualify for unemployment?

  35. My job has become too overwhelming for me to handle anymore. It’s caused me anxiety and I’ve been looking for other options and can’t seem to find anything in my area. If there’s any chance for me to file unemployment even for a short while, please let me know

    1. If I leave my job of 24 years due to increased stress and the inconsiderate treatment by management without chance for improvement…..can I receive benefits until I find a job in my specialty?

      1. Firstly,I would suggest that you speak to a member from the senior mgmt or HR representative to see if the issue can be addressed.

        If you decide to leave,please consider filing on the same grounds.Remember,your employer may contest the claim.

  36. I worked for a Michigan employee (Butler America) from jan 1st thru may 24th 2013 Then I switch job working for pricisson utlites out of Fort Wayne Ind from end of May threw End of October 2013.I received unemployment in Michigan I have only 2 weeks left. THey told me at the umemployment office to sign up thur Ind. I need your help I don’t know what iam going to do if I I cant get anymore help. I left on good email address

  37. I was fired (unjustly) and our union has filed a grievance on my behalf. Can I file for unemployment without jeopardizing my grievance? Also, if I am able to file and receive benefits, will I need to repay the unemployment if I receive back pay?
    Thank you

  38. My nephew was transferred to Indy in November. Today they let a majority of the workers go due to layoffs. Will there be a problem since he has only lived in Indiana for a few months. He has been with the company for a couple of years.

  39. can I receive any form of benefit if I am a full time employee but only receiving 20 hrs weekly because of the winter weather?

  40. If a person quits there job due to stress related medical condition, would they qualify for benefits? Also, is there a 30 waiting period for those who do quit there jobs?

  41. If I am currently off work for medical reasons and only receiving 60% of my normal pay, am I eligible to receive any unemployment benefits?

  42. I was job eliminated from Navistar, Inc. at the end of August this year. I’m currently receiving a severance package until the end of Feb. 2014. When should I sign up for unemployment benefits if I’m still unemployed at that time?

  43. If I am in school when I get laid off can I receive unemployment benefits if I am willing to quit if called for a job?

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