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Indiana Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Indiana Unemployment Benefits

Once you apply for Indiana unemployment compensation, there are steps you must take to maintain eligibility for benefits. Each week, you must submit a weekly claim voucher to request your UI benefit. The claim voucher is used to verify that you are able and willing to work, and are actively searching for work. You must also report earnings for the week and if you received any job offers.

One major requirement for ongoing eligibility is the weekly work search requirement. You must perform one work search activity each week before you can collect your Indiana unemployment benefit. You can estimate this amount by using the Indiana unemployment calculator.

When you complete your claim voucher, you must confirm that you’ve been actively seeking work during that week. Actively seeking work means engaging in activities that would generally lead to full-time employment in your profession.

What is an approved work search activity?

To meet Indiana’s unemployment work search requirement, you must perform one approved activity each week.

The following activities are approved by the Indiana DWD:

Job Preparedness & Networking Activities

  • Write a cover letter
  • Create a list of references who can vouch for your work skills
  • Create a resume

Employer Contact Activities

  • Spend time job shadowing
  • Participate in a job interview
  • Reach out to an employer to ask if they have any open positions
  • Submit a job application

WorkOne Activities

  • Take a test to show your skills (like TABE, Accuplacer, WorkKeys)
  • Attend a WorkOne interview or follow-up meeting
  • Finish a WorkOne workshop
  • Work with WorkOne to set up a re-employment plan
  • Attend a WorkOne RESEA Orientation

Online Activities

  • Create or update a LinkedIn profile
  • Attend a job fair or event where you can meet employers
  • Look for jobs on websites like IndianaCareerConnect, Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster
  • Complete a career assessment

Doing at least one of these activities each week will keep you eligible for unemployment benefits.

Work Search Waiver

Some UI recipients are exempt from these job search requirements. For example, if you are attending approved job training, plan to return to work soon, or are a member of a union, you may not be required to perform work search activities.

What is RESEA?

RESEA stands for Re-Employment Services and Eligibility Assessment. The program helps jobless workers return to the job market more quickly. If you are requested to attend a RESEA meeting, you are required to attend to maintain eligibility.

When you participate in RESEA, you’ll get personalized job search support, including skill assessments and career advice. The program often starts with an orientation session where you learn about the range of services offered. The goal of RESEA is to improve your chances of finding a job and reduce the time you are unemployed.

The Indiana DWD provides a range of services for individuals seeking employment and training opportunities. At WorkOne Centers, trained staff is on hand to help you identify high-demand jobs, evaluate your skills and interests, and connect you with appropriate training programs.


Indiana Job Training

Once you apply for unemployment insurance benefits, you must then enroll yourself in Indiana Career Connect. If you fail to register within 4 weeks of filing an initial claim for benefits, you will be denied UI benefits.

Indiana Career Connect

Indiana Career Connect is the largest source of job openings in the state of Indiana. It’s an innovative tool that lets job seekers to find high-demand, high paying careers that match their skills and experience.

Unique Services Available to Benefit You has a variety of services obtainable for Hoosier job seekers. Whether you are looking for a new career, seeking current job market information, or exploring skills training opportunities, Indiana Career can help you!

  1. Career Tips
  2. Skill Matching
  3. Career Explorer
  4. Career Informer
  5. Job Market Explorer

Work One

The task of finding a new job can be difficult. Your local WorkOne Center can help give you the competitive edge you need to be successful in your job search. WorkOne can offer you a computer lab, Internet access, fax machine, copier, telephone and information about high-wage and high-demand careers.

WorkOne individualized services include:

  1. Resume development
  2. Career planning
  3. Scholarships
  4. Interview coaching
  5. Job search assistance
  6. Skills evaluation

WorkOne Re-Employment Services

WorkOne offers information sessions and activities to help you prepare for new employment opportunities. These services include:

  • Workshops
  • Computer Classes
  • Training Programs

  1. I would like to know more information on the classes I can take and if I can help with getting into a school and possibly having the state pay for it.
    Thank you,
    Michelle Butcher

    • Michelle,

      Please call the Unemployment Office or visit the nearest Career Center for further details on classes and courses.

  2. I just became unemployed and live in Scottsburg, IN. Are there occupational classes that are available at no, or a reduced cost?

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