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Iowa Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Everyone is required to make a minimum of two job contacts each week unless otherwise specified by Iowa Workforce Development.  This is waived if you are temporarily unemployed and expect to be recalled by your former employer in a reasonable period of time.  This will be determined each time you file a claim.

  • You must make contacts, even if you are working part-time.
  • Your job contacts must be made between Sunday and Saturday of the week you are claiming benefits. You may make your job contacts in person, by Internet, by on-line applications, mail, or faxing résumés. Telephone contacts for jobs are not acceptable.
  • Your work search must be a reasonable and honest effort to find suitable work and you must be willing to accept a reasonable wage in your area for the job for which you are applying.
  • Repeat or follow-up work searches may be made to the same employer after six weeks from the initial contact.

You arerequired to keep a record of your work search contacts.  You need to include:

  1. The date of the contact
  2. Company name
  3. Company address and telephone number, and
  4. The name of the person you contacted.

It is suggested that you keep this record on the Work Search form.  You are also required to provide a copy of this information upon request.

You may be denied benefits already paid, if you fail to:

  • Make weekly work searches
  • Keep a record of those work searches
  • Submit the Work Search History form upon request
  • You will be required to repay any overpayment of benefits that you receive.

Resumes may be accepted as employer contacts if this is the customary means for you to secure employment in your regular occupation.  You must be pre-approved by Iowa Workforce Development to apply in this manner. Resumes must be sent to an employer by mail, fax, on-line or in person, not just a post office box number.  You must keep a record of the employers to whom you sent a resume and, upon request, provide that information on the Work Search form.

Note: If your work search requirements change during your benefit year, you will receive a notice from Iowa Workforce Development.