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Tips For Fresh Graduates to Find Success in the First Job

Updated : August 4th, 2020

One of the most intriguing phases of life is transitioning from college to work life. A fresh graduate has been doing nothing but only studying since adolescence and is now staring at transitioning into a different walk of life altogether. This is certainly not a cakewalk for most of us since it’s like stepping into a new planet. From academic life to being a full time professional.

The phase of transition is critical. From the time you’ve graduated, until the process of interview  that lands you the first job and about a year into your first job, your acts can make or break things for you. This period calls for introspection at times which helps you in making the right behavioral decisions which in turn helps in driving performance at work. Out of all the major and minor aspects or “Game Changers” as we would like to call it, we’ve collated a list of 5 most discerning points that will help you to find success in your first job.

Job Finding Tips

Stay Open Minded

The most crucial aspect. Be open minded and embrace all the learning that comes your way. Whether it is a process you will be learning or a skill you’ll acquire, learn them with passion and dedication. This Game Changer also calls for ability to ask questions if you are unable to understand or comprehend a component at work. Always look up to your seniors and supervisors for mentorship.

Willing to Unlearn

You heard it right. As much as you’re willing to learn, the focus should be balanced on unlearning as well. Some theories and rules may not be the most appropriate at all places which includes work. As a fresh graduate you must acquire the ability to unlearn and replace it with another thought or create your own.

For example, your casual humor at college may have done wonders and added onto the popularity among classmates. However, you may not be apply the same form of humor at workplace, among colleagues. This calls for unlearning.

Ready to Take Instructions

Salaried employment is all about hierarchies and following the instructions from the boss. There will never be an end to this pyramid. Even the C.E.O reports to the board! Be ready to take instructions and feedback from your superiors and supervisors. If you feel it is harsh, take it with a pinch of salt and any disagreement should be communicated in an assertive manner.

Do not put your skills and knowledge above your peer or senior group and flaunt it. You may end up damaging your relationship in the team which may be irreparable for a long time.

Flexibility & Proactiveness

College might have been about fixed hours of attending classes and chilling out with friends in between. Professional life is sometimes gruelling and lasting work which calls for flexibility such as putting those extra hours or working on a weekday. Be flexible and open to working long hours when required. If it is taking a toll on your health, feel free to let your supervisor know.

Being proactive also adds laurels to your career in the company. Take initiatives, innovate and presenting your idea helps. Things that improve a process or add value to the way it is being done, is welcome in the corporate world.

Follow the Framework

Extremely crucial. In this new age of rapidly changing technology, organisations are netting the policy framework like never before. As a knowlegeble employee, it’s paramount to understand the rules and regulations and ensure the work is carried out within the boundaries.

As stated in the introductory section of this article, there are many tiny facets that helps you in having a smooth sail. We at wish you a happy career ahead.

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