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Five Seasonal Jobs For Christmas Worth Applying For

Updated : March 24th, 2023

Five Seasonal Jobs For Christmas Worth Applying For

The holiday season is finally here! It’s a great opportunity for celebration and spending time with family and loved ones. If you’re on the lookout to make an extra buck this holiday season here are five seasonal jobs for Christmas you should consider, now is the perfect time to begin your search. According to research conducted by Snagajob in the holiday season, temporary workers earned an average of $15.40 per hour in 2018, so earning some extra bucks now is not a bad idea! 

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to add experience on your resume and avoid career gaps if you are unemployed. If you’re lucky and the company you are working for is impressed with your performance, you may be hired for the long term. Which can be extremely satisfying for you personally.

Top Industries Hiring for Seasonal Workers

There are several opportunities out there for you this season. Industries ranging from retail to food services to, truck driving and so on are on the lookout for the seasonal workforce: Here’s a quick look at the top seasonal job this year around:

Retail Sector Jobs

Since it’s the holiday season, extra retail help is the need of the hour. A lot of permanent employees will be out on leave. Seasonal workers have excellent opportunities in areas such as floor associates, cashiers, retail managers, and so on. What’s more! You will have inside knowledge about the best gifts to give to your family. 

The retail giant, Target recently announced that it would hire more than 130,000 seasonal employees this year around. These employees can earn anywhere up to $13 an hour and will also be eligible for flexible work hours and store discounts.

Food Service Jobs

Candy shops, bakeries, restaurants, and catering services are all on the lookout for seasonal workers this year around. The food service industry does allow flexible work hours and shifts. These jobs are great for people who want to work full time and yet earn an extra buck. If you love cooking and helping around, these jobs are the perfect fit for you.

Also, the holiday season is a time for large parties and events, which in turn helps seasonal workers fill in busy work hours and help the regular staff. 

Truck Driving & Logistics Jobs

A significant chunk of the truck drivers is on leave at Christmas and new years. Which means part-time truck drivers are needed for the long haul journey. Delivery truck drivers, warehouse clerks, logistics supervisors, and supply chain specialists are the need of the hour this season.

Event Management Jobs

With the new year just around the corner. This holiday season is sure to have a ton of parties ranging from private events to corporate events. This allows a chance for event management executives and party planners to showcase their skills. Since event management jobs are usually part-time and require executives to work just for a specified period. These jobs typically are highly rewarding and pay exceptionally well.

Customer Service Executive Jobs

Since it’s the holiday season, and stores experience a massive surge in sales. Customer queries are quite visible. shoe stores, toy shops, jewelry stores, perfume shops, and department stores will see an enormous demand for customer service executives this season. Having prior experience 

How to Get The Perfect Seasonal Job

Preparation is the key to get that perfect seasonal job. Here are a few essential steps you can follow to get that ideal season job:

Be clear on what position you are looking for: It’s necessary to be clear on what from the seasonal job which you applied. Be specific on which vertical you want to get into, your expectations from the potential employer, and so on. Always clarify the timings of the jobs you don’t want to be pushing yourself this holiday season.

Apply early for that perfect seasonal job: it’s a great idea to start applying soon for seasonal employment. Also, a lot depends on the employer; some employers even start sending out job posters for seasonal employment very early in the year.

Be ready for a Challenge: Once you reach out to an organization stating your interest in a seasonal job, be prepared for an impromptu interview. You will also, need to fill in the necessary application required by the organization to complete the process. Make sure to carry all the essential documentation, a resume, and essential contact information. Also, have adequate time in hand as the company can call you at any given point of time.


Whether you have a full-time job or looking for a part-time opportunity, you should definitely consider seasonal jobs. Seasonal jobs can be extremely fun as you will get to meet a lot of new people and learn new skills along the way. Who knows your seasonal job may also convert into a full-time opportunity. 


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