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Read Before You Apply for Next Job

Updated : February 22nd, 2022

Being jobless is a phase of life that is not so welcoming since it primarily cuts off the monetary supply. It can also have a bearing on personal relationships and physical & mental well being. But then, it all boils down to our perception and reaction to this situation which would have occurred in almost everyone one’s life, at least once during the lifetime.

Unemployment is usually uncalled for break in career that can actually be a game changer to break away from the mundane and discover new avenues, both in terms of career interests and monetary resources. In this fast paced world, dynamics are changing at the speed of light. We’ve collated a list of key facets of this phase which is sure to help you in changing things around in your world.

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Reconsider Dreams/Aspirations

This is the right time to nurture thoughts that have been lingering on your mind for some time now. You probably aspired to be an entrepreneur, dreamt of being an artist or fantasize of being a successful businessman. Whatever the thought was, this is the right time to fuel it, since you’ve ample time to think and plan.

Stare at Career Change

Worked years doing the same job? handling the same transactions? If you’re literally bored of your present career and lack enthusiasm to seek opportunities in the same field, its time to look out for a change in career. List down things that interests you, match your skills and apply for jobs that excites you.

In the last few years, employers are welcoming candidates from other industries with a motive to increase their talent bandwidth.

Relocation for Better Prospects

If you are not contented with the opportunities available in your location-area, do consider relocating to a hub that houses a job that you desired. You can also consider a profile outside the state or country if it offers what you’ve been looking for. There are millions who relocate every year and chase their dream of having what they want.

Of course, this option requires a lot of pondering as it may involve movement of your family. Look up for resources online for guidance in this regard.

Change in Position

Perhaps, you like your job role but not happy with the position and would like to further climb up the ladder or seek a lateral movement within the available premise. Search for jobs using keywords that you match your requirement. Register for job services with various government aided and private web portals to widen your search bandwidth.

Consider Family Needs

As we grow older, the need to consider changing family dynamics also plays a role in your quest for jobs. Let’s say you have a new born daughter who needs intense care and your night shift job profile may not be the apt one at this time. Alter your job searches based on family preferences. After all, who do we earn for?

If it calls for a change in job profile/moving to another industry, you must consider it seriously.

In addition to the list above, there will be many tiny hidden facets specific to you. A deep introspection is the key to bringing them out of the closet. Make sure your next job/work meets your aspirations more than anything else.

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