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State: Kansas (KS)
Phone Number:Toll-free number, if you live outside the local calling area: (800) 292-6333. Local numbers: Kansas City Area: (913) 596-3500, Topeka Area: (785) 575-1460, Wichita Area: (316) 383-9947.

Weekly Cliams Numbers
Monday – 12:00 a.m. to Midnight
Tuesday through Friday – 7:00 a.m. to Midnight
Saturday – 9:00 a.m. to Midnight
Sunday – 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and Noon to Midnight

Kansas City Weekly Claim Line: (913) 287-6913
Topeka Weekly Claim Line: (785) 296-4337
Wichita Weekly Claim Line: (316) 269-0633
Note: There is no toll-free number for weekly claims.

Major Towns:Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Topeka, Olathe, Lawrence, Shawnee, Manhattan, Lenexa, and Salina
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Kansas

Kansas Unemployment Questions

What is the State Extended Benefits Program?
The State Extended Benefits Program is designed to provide additional benefits to unemployed Kansans during periods of high unemployment. The program becomes effective once the state’s average seasonally adjusted unemployment rate reaches 6.5 percent or higher for three consecutive months. Under the program, individuals who exhaust their regular unemployment benefits and, in this case, any benefits through the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program, may qualify for up to 13 additional weeks of benefits.

Am I eligible for state extended benefits?
To be eligible for state extended benefits, you must meet the following criteria:
o Exhausted regular state unemployment insurance benefits
o Exhausted original EUC benefits
o Exhausted Tier II EUC benefits
o If your Tier II EUC benefits exhausted after Nov. 22, 2009, you must also have exhausted Tier III EUC benefits prior to receiving state extended benefits
o Not eligible for a new state unemployment insurance claim in any state or in Canada
o Currently unemployed or working less than full time

What are extended benefits and the Emergency Unemployment Compensation 08
(EUC08) program? Extended benefits are additional unemployment insurance benefits that are available to unemployed workers when they have exhausted their regular UI benefits. Extended benefits programs are enacted during periods of high unemployment. The EUC08 extended benefits program is a federally funded emergency program providing much needed help for many Kansans and their families while they continue to look for work. Effective July 6, 2008, the President approved up to 13 weeks of EUC08 benefits to unemployed workers. On Nov. 21, 2008, the President signed an extension into law, adding up to seven additional weeks of extended benefits for Kansas workers. This brings the total maximum EUC08 benefit to 20 weeks in Kansas. The first week for which the extension benefits could be paid was the week beginning November 23, 2008.

Who can apply for EUC08 extended benefits?
The EUC08 program extends UI benefits to those who have exhausted their regular UI benefits. If eligible, applicants could receive up to 20 additional weeks of UI benefits. Eligible workers include those who:
o Have filed a valid unemployment (UI) claim and their most recent benefit year ended on or after May 1, 2007
o Have exhausted all regular UI benefits
o Have no rights to regular unemployment compensation
o Have had:(1) earnings from covered employment equal to or greater than 1.5 times the wages earned during the highest wage quarter, (2) 40 times the weekly benefit amount or (3) 20 weeks of full-time insured employment or the equivalent in insured wages in the base period of the most recent entitled claim
o Are fully or partially unemployed on or after July 6, 2008
o Are legally authorized to work in the United States
o Meet all regular unemployment eligibility criteria such as being ready, willing and able to work

Kansas unemployment benefits eligibility criteria

You are not eligible for unemployment benefits if you voluntarily quit your job without good cause, effective the day after your separation, and continuing until you become re-employed and have insured earnings of at least three times your weekly benefit amount.

You may still be eligible if you:
o Quit due to illness or injury upon the advice of a licensed and practicing health care provider.
o Quit temporary work to return to your regular full-time employer.
o Quit to enlist in the armed forces of the United States, but were rejected or delayed from entry.
o Quit due to working conditions hazardous to your physical, mental or moral well being.
o Quit due to unwelcome harassment by the employer or another employee.
o Quit to accept better work.
o Quit because the employer requested that you violate an ordinance or statute.
o Quit due to a violation of the work agreement.
o Quit due to a personal emergency.
o Quit due to the voluntary or involuntary transfer of your spouse from one job to another.
o Quit to enter training approved under the Federal Trade Act of 1974.
o Quit due to circumstances resulting from domestic violence.
For details concerning the 12 exceptions, you may obtain a copy of K.S.A. 44-706 (a) online at http://www.kslegislature.org

After completing a temporary job assignment, you may be disqualified if you fail to request an additional assignment on the next workday if required by the employment agreement.

Questions & Answers

  1. I’ve been on short term disability for severe anxiety attacks that started on May 29, 2013.The attacks are a direct result of my work environment. I applied for a different position within the company and was told I was not eligible to apply for the position while on disability I’ve since been to my doctor, seen a therapist and prescribed 40MG of CITALOPRAM (1) daily & LORAZEPAM 1MG for really bad days. I am a warehousemen working in a hostel and non-team oriented environment. I have a family and am more than willing to work but, can not mentally (then leads to physically) handle this kind of work environment. I want to know if I can claim unemployment while searching for a more suiting job to not only my abilities but, more importantly my mental and physical well being!

  2. I may be able to pick up a part time job for less than 20 hours per week, can I still collect my current unemployment benefits? We are having trouble making our bills so any additional money will help. I am actively looking for and applying for jobs, but I’m 61 and I believe that has hindered my ability to land a full time job. Please let me know. Thank you.

    Connie Schumann

    • Hi Connie,

      You will have to report any part time earnings during your weekly claim. this earning may be deducted from your weekly benefits amount, but you can surely collect unemployment benefits and work part time.

  3. I was denied unemployment and told that when I become re-employed and earn 3 times weekly benefit amount I could become eligible. How does that work?

    • Hi Lori,
      It appears like you haven’t earned enough in your base period and hence were denied benefits. You will have to earn a minimum amount in order to receive unemployment compensation. In your case, your income each week needs to be thrice your weekly benefit amount. This weekly benefit amount is state specific.

  4. This is ridiculous. Whenever i try to file online it says “Not Eligible to File

    You do not have an active claim record. If you do not have an active claim, you cannot file a weekly claim until you have filed an unemployment insurance application to start a claim or reopen an existing claim.”

    I’ve already set up a profile and had a phone interview, why the hell can’t i file. This is poorly designed and unacceptable.

  5. I work for a small business and am planning to have foot surgery. The recovery time will be about 6 weeks. I will be giving my employer advance notice of 30 days, so he can find a temporary replacement for me. I am concerned that I will be fired for this. If I am fired, would I be eligible for unemployment after my recovery?

    • Hi Angie,

      Since you are giving a notice of about a month to your employer, even if you were to be fired, you may receive benefits. This will be after you recover. Your case is a complex one and the state holds the decision power in cases of fired and quit. Please consult the state unemployment office and treat this as a guidance.

  6. I have just accepted a promotion/transfer from the Leavenworth VA hosp to the Fayetteville Arkansas VA hosp. Is my husband eligible for KS unemployment and if so, what type of documents does he need to file? My official Govt transfer papers?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Your husband is most likely eligible to receive unemployment compensation. Please check if he meets all other eligibility requirements as well. You transfer papers are important.

    • Hi Kama,

      You cannot receive unemployment compensation while on a maternity leave as these benefits are for workers who have lost job through no fault of their own and are able and available to work. However, you can check if any short term disability insurance plan can help. Remember, these plans do not provide 100% income coverage.

  7. I was working full time as a daycare teacher but after 6 months they moved me to a sub, can I collect unemployment?

    • Hi Kristyn,

      Has your working hours reduced significantly? Do you have sufficient wages in the base period? There are many requirements set up to determine your eligibility.

  8. My boss has become increasingly rude and is always making remarks about women. I would like to quit. Would I be able to collect unemployment?

    • Hi Von Wetta,
      It is unfortunate that you are working under such conditions. Before quitting, warn your boss about his behavior and if this continues you can quit. But, the burden of proof is on you which means you will have to submit proof that your working environment was bad.

  9. I live in Missouri and was terminated from a job in Kansas and a Kansas Corporation. What state do I file unemployment in? I have lived in Missouri the entire time of employment in Kansas.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Apply for benefits in the state where you lost your job which in your case is Kansas.

  10. I am teacher(age 63) and on Friday found out that I will be non-renewed for 2013-2014. I am collecting KPERS. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

  11. I found out yesterday that in August my job will end. I plan to seek employment. If I don’t find a job, may I apply for unemployment benefits. I am 63 years old and will be eligible for full social security benefits at 66.

    • You can apply for unemployment benefits but before applying you will have to meet certain eligibility requirements both monetary as well as non-monetary.

      You can apply for unemployment benefits and social security benefits only if you qualify under each program. Both are unrelated programs that do not affect each other.

      Bear in mind that you have to be actively looking for, and willing to accept, a full-time job, as per your unemployment agreement. You can collect full retirement benefits at 66, but you can’t actually retire while you’re also accepting unemployment compensation.

  12. I have been in school for a couple months and am now seeking unemployment (temp job ended). Can I still collect? School does not interrupt a work week (attend on Saturday mornings and 3 hours on Friday mornings.)

  13. I have been out of work for eight days due to a non work related back injury. Im beeing treated by a Doctor and I a waiting for test results and possible surgery. Im a father of 4 and I can not afford to not work. What if anything can I do to claim unemployment for what have missed and will miss by during my illness.

  14. I was hired as a full time salaried employee in June of 2012. Today, my boss takes me aside and says she cannot afford to keep me full time, and that she doesnt feel as if my job requires 40 hrs a week, so she has told me that I have to be bumped to an hourly wage, and work no more than 25 hours per week. The hourly rate will be the same as the salary, just broken down into 25 hours a week..Is there any recourse I have in this situation?

  15. If you resign from your job to move to another town because of significant other, can you receive unemployment benefits while job searching in new town?

  16. i have been at my current job for 7 years. I am 62. I have asked for accommodation as I have diffuculty going up and dow stairs At first they were willing to accommodate. Now they are asking my doctor to dtermine if I can perform ALL my job duties If they let me go am I eigible for unemployment if my doctor says I cannot go up and down stairs.

  17. I have been at same job for 7 years i am no longer able to perform all my duties can i file for benefits

  18. I quit my job after 10 years on 11/12/2012. Is there a waiting period of 6 weeks as I have been told? Should I go ahead and start the paperwork now-go see someone at Work Force and talk to them?

  19. I lost my job 11-16-2012 and have been searching for a job, but have found that harder than expected. I have a family to support and can’t afford to be idle or without any income coming in. I have been problems getting the page to open up to complete the unemployment form application.

  20. My husband was in the Army based at Ft. Riley for the past 5 years and has recently gotten out. We moved to Arizona (his home) in August and I have been unable to find work. I am a recent graduate of KSU and I am also pregnant. Do I qualify for any assistance from Kansas or possibly Arizona for relocating?

  21. I have been trying to contat you please return my call i need to talk to someone about wek of 11-10-12. I have gain employment but I need to file for the last week of unemplyment which ended 11-10-12. I spent the entire week in interviews with Empire Today and now work for them.

    Please reply.


    Gary J Cooney

  22. I signed up for unemployment in december and kept getting denied. Ineed a letter stating that i never recieved any kind of benefits for the State of Missouri, where I currently reside. If you could please call or email me so that I can figure out how to fix this situation I would really appreciate it. My phone number is 913-498-3780.Thank you.

  23. I worked for a company for 9 years left for a better job job. Got fired i WAS THERE FOR 6 MONTHS. Can i collect unemployment.

    • Yes, you could possibly collect unemployment if you get fired from a job; however, the reason must be that the position required you to do something additional that was not mentioned in the interview or scope of work.

  24. I was injured on the job by a client of the agency I work for. I have been working with workers comp. to get my back fixed, but they have been dragging their feet and yet to be seen my a specialist for my pain, it’s been 70 days now. WC doctor sent me back to work with restrictions and I tried to do the work, but unable ( I cannot take pain medication). I notified the employer I am in too much pain to complete the restricted work so they sent me home. They now want me to resign and if I don’t, they will not pay me for my vacation time I have left and said they will fire me due to violating the Center’s attendance policies and will oppose unemployment compensation. I retired from SRS and took this job part time to transport severely emotionally disturbed clients for them, so that I could pay my health insurance. I was attacked and hurt at no fault of my own. Can they keep me from receiving UE benefits when I can work again?

  25. My weekly hours are being cut, and my hourly salary by 25 percent. I feel this is being done to get me to quit. I am second in seniority second only to my boss. I have almost 17 years in. Do I have a chance to receive benefits? My employer has fought everyone that has tried to file that has ever left our office. Thanks for your help.

    • If you quit your job to marry and move with your husband to another state, you may not be qualified to collect unemployment benefits from Ohio’s unemployment agency.

      • I know for a fact that if you work less than 24 hours per week, you may apply for unemployment benefits. If you are scheduled for more than 24 hours, then apparently your boss has a GREAT attorney. And, if you quit, you do not qualify for benefits. If they fire you, then you can apply, but usually, you will not receive benefits. You should check into the 25% reduction on your pay. Call the unemployment office, they should be able to help you.

  26. Can you please tell me if I have worked soley in the state of Kansas for the last 5+ years if I file for unemployment in Kansas or my resident state of Missouri?

  27. If I had to quit my job to move because my husband finally got a job in Wichita, KS. Where do I apply for unemployment or what is the policy Thanks

  28. I would like to know how is it that USD 501 employees who are laid off in the summer and not paid; unable to file for unemployment benefits? Isn’t that illegal and against our rights? Just asking because I am very confused on the whole denial of benefits for USD 501 employees.
    Thank you

  29. I just recently RESIGNED from a job, working for the KDOC of 9 yrs. Am I entitled to any type of unemployment benefits?

    • Generally if you quit you will not be eligible but still if you have considerable good cause quit then you should be eligible

    • You can directly logon with you social security number and check the status of being able or not…..

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