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Updated : September 20th, 2023

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

The Unemployment Insurance (UI) in Kentucky is issued to those who have lost their jobs for no cause or no fault of the employee. The unemployment insurance helps such individuals by providing them financial assistance until they find another career opportunity.

This page will discuss how to file for unemployment benefits in Kentucky, eligibility criteria, and other factors you will need to know about Unemployment Insurance in Kentucky.

UI Benefit Amount in Kentucky

The Unemployment Insurance Benefits Calculator will assist you in figuring out the approximate UI Benefits amount that you may receive in the state of Kentucky.

UI Benefits Calculator
Calculate Your Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

Try the Kentucky unemployment calculator to estimate your weekly benefits.

Kentucky Unemployment Calculator

Eligibility To Apply for UI Benefits in Kentucky

To receive Kentucky unemployment benefits, you should meet three eligibility criteria- monetary benefits, job separation, and maintaining eligibility throughout the benefit period.

Monetary Eligibility

You must have sufficient wages in the base period. As per Kentucky’s laws, the first four of the five completed quarters are identified as the base period.

You must have worked for more than one year to be eligible for Unemployment Insurance and must have earned a minimum of $1500 during the base period to earn the monetary qualification.

The total wages earned during the base period will also influence how much maximum benefit amount and weekly benefit amount you may receive. The minimum weekly benefits claimants will receive in Kentucky is $39, and the maximum amount one may earn is $552.

The claimants are also mandated to serve the Waiting Week if they become eligible for Unemployment Insurance. The waiting week is the first benefit week, for which the claimants will request weekly benefits. You, however, will not receive a benefit amount during the waiting week.

Learn more about Kentucky eligibility requirements

Job Separation

You must prove to the Kentucky Career Center (KCC) that you did not lose your previous job due to your fault. The following are some of the reasons that will result in denial of qualification for UI benefits if:

  • You were fired from your previous employment due to misconduct
  • You resigned from your previous job due to a lack of interest in work
  • You quit the job from your previous organization with no attributable cause attached
  • You were involved in any illegal or illegitimate activities in your previous organizations
  • You were fired from your previous organization due to a prolonged medical illness that will affect your prospects of employment in the future as well

The reason you provide to the department for your job separation will be verified by the concerned officials. The department will also consult your previous employers to verify if the reason for the job separation given by you is supported by your previous employer.

Kentucky Unemployment Eligibility Calculator

Maintaining Eligibility

You will gain eligibility for UI benefits once you establish your monetary eligibility and your eligibility for job-separation criteria. You must, however, follow all the rules and regulations to remain eligible for UI benefits throughout the benefit period.

To maintain the eligibility for unemployment benefits in Kentucky, you must meet the following expectations:

  • You must be able to work throughout the benefit period. You must not be facing any medical challenges to work during the benefit period
  • You must be available to work at all times. You must not be on a break or vacation when you apply for benefits
  • You must be looking actively for employment opportunities throughout the benefit period
  • You must not reject any job opportunities offered to you at any point during the benefit period
  • You must explain in detail your work search efforts while completing your online eligibility review
  • You must have contacted a minimum of three prospective employers each week

Learn about Kentucky job search requirements

How to apply for Kentucky unemployment benefits

1. Complete Your Initial Application

To apply for Kentucky unemployment benefits, you will need your Social Security Number, date of birth, and personal contact information. You will also need to provide information about your employers in the last 18 months, such as company name, mailing address, phone number, start date and end date, and the reason for termination of each employer (not just your most recent one).

If you worked in other states or for the government or military, you may need to provide other information. If you’re ready with this information, apply on the Kentucky Electronic Workplace for Employment Services (KEWES) website, or by calling the Kentucky unemployment phone number.

How To Apply For UI Benefits in Kentucky?

You can apply for UI benefits in Kentucky through the online portal or by placing a phone call to KCC. Before applying for benefits, you must make sure that you hold the following documents:

To apply for benefits, you may opt for one of the following options:


The preferred mode to apply for benefits in Kentucky is by the online portal. You may log in to and apply on the Internet Claims System from Monday to Friday- 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and on Sunday- 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time.
You can also make use of the following services using the online portal:

  • File unemployment claim
  • Request bi-weekly continued unemployment claim (benefit payment)
  • Complete your eligibility review
  • Reset your PIN
  • Change payment method
  • Change mailing address
  • Change email address


If you are unable to submit your application online, you may reach the KCC call center by placing a call. Reach the KCC call center on 502-875-0442. If in the event you are unable to complete your bi-weekly continued unemployment claim, reach out to KCC Voice Response Unit on 877-369-5984 for assistance.

Note – If you face any trouble while applying for benefits or have any queries, you can visit the Kentucky unemployment office or call customer service for assistance.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits


2. Claim Determination

The Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance will review the information you provided and determine if you have a valid unemployment claim. They will also use the employment and wage information you provided at the time of your initial benefits application to determine your weekly benefit amount, which will be a minimum of $39 per week and a maximum of $626.

The unemployment office will need to see the entire scope of your employee history during the last 18 months as a claimant for unemployment insurance benefits, so do not pick and choose which workplaces you put down—otherwise in the unemployment insurance system, this may be considered among fraudulent claims. Before issuing Kentucky unemployment benefits, those looking into unemployment claims may contact previous employers to verify your claim, even if one of those previous employers was in a different part of the United States.

3. Receive Your Letter

You will receive a Monetary Determination in the mail, which will tell you your weekly benefit amount (WBA). Or, if it is determined you do not have a valid claim, the Monetary Determination will tell you that you do not fall into the category of claimants who have Kentucky unemployment eligibility.

Remember that in order to keep collecting jobless benefits, you will have to maintain some additional ongoing eligibility requirements, one of which is a work search requirement. This job search must include making at least one contact per week with a potential employer. A former worker looking to retain their jobless benefits by meeting this requirement may find help at their local Kentucky Career Center.

4. Start Requesting Benefit Payments

You will need to initiate your bi-weekly benefits request 13 days after your initial claim, and every two weeks after that. Note however, that if your employer filed a claim on your behalf (which are called E-claims) you should request your benefits weekly. Benefits may be requested Sunday through Friday.

The system is available from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Sundays. If you are exempt from work search requirements, you do have the option of calling 1-877-3MY-KYUI or 1-877-369-5984 to file your weekly claim.

5. Receive Your Benefit Payments

There are two ways the Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance (KOUI) issues your unemployment benefit payments: direct deposit and debit card. Note, however, that no matter which option you select, your very first unemployment benefit payment will be issued in paper check form. You can always change the method used to issue payments by logging on to the portal where you file claims. However, the default method is via debit card.

If you want to set up the direct deposit, you will need to input information like your bank account number and routing number. You do not need to provide a driver’s license number as you do in some states, which makes the direct deposit option more accessible for Kentucky residents.

Direct deposit is free, secure, and timely. Please note that UI customer service can help you set the direct deposit up over the phone and answer questions about troubleshooting it, but they cannot see your account and routing number for security reasons.

The other option is to receive payments on a UI debit card, which is the ReliaCard issued by U.S. Bank (this card is used in several states). This method replaces the paper check option.

The ReliaCard is not a credit card, but it is a debit card that can be used to make payments anywhere a VISA would be accepted, along with taking out cash from an ATM or through a bank teller. You need to file a claim for unemployment benefits on a bi-weekly basis to get paid, whether you’re getting direct deposit or using a ReliaCard.

The KOUI cannot guarantee back pay for weeks that you’ve missed, although there is the possibility of obtaining said funds by calling 502-564-2900 or emailing Your best bet for collecting weekly benefits is to make sure you are filing your bi-weekly claims on time in the portal.

You can expect that payments are made 2-3 days after filing your request for benefits. You can always request a change in the payment method when you file your benefit claim.

Things To Know After Filing An Application

You are obligated to be informed about various rules and regulations applied to the UI benefits program. Claimants will have to face the consequences of non-adherence with any rules brought to the notice of KCC.

You should also know about all the opportunities provided by the KCC to help claimants so that they become more competent in the job market.

How Much Money Will I Get?

This is the question that claimants want to know the answer to…and they should check the answer first with the Kentucky Unemployment Calculator before they get their Monetary Determination letter.

In Kentucky, the base period used to calculate your unemployment are the first four complete calendar quarters out of the last five complete quarters before you filed your initial claim. Your weekly benefit amount will be 1.1923% of your total base period wages. Keep in mind that you must have earned at least $1,500 in at least one of the four quarters, that the three quarters outside the highest earning must also total $1,500, and that the grand total of all four quarters must be at least 1.5 times that of your highest earning quarter.

Overpayments and Fraud

The issue of overpayments is taken very seriously in Kentucky by taking serious actions to collect overpaid funds.

Non-Fraud Overpayment

There are ways and means in which you may receive an overpayment without your knowledge. You are mandated to pay back the excessive amount received to the department as soon as they receive a letter from the KCC informing them about the overpayment.

Some of the common reasons resulting in the occurrence of non-fraud overpayments are:

  • Overturning of appeals by the court judgments concerning UI benefit amount. You would be mandated to repay the excessive amount received if the court decides against your appeal
  • You have given any wrong information or the omitted crucial information because of an oversight

You must repay if any excess amount is received but may not be subjected to the penalties for non-fraud overpayments.

If you receive a notice to repay the excessive amount, you may pay the amount by logging in to Or call 502-564-2387 to reach the Overpayments of Benefits department to come up with your repayment plans.


Kentucky unemployment fraud occurs when you intentionally deceive the KCC by either withholding or forging crucial information to get the UI benefits. The state considers overpayment fraud as an offense, and it may lead to the prosecution of the claimant in court.

Some of the common examples of fraud overpayments are:

  • Claimant fails to report weekly earnings
  • Claimant fails to report earnings from part-time employment
  • Claimant fails to report any income or expected income such as holiday pay, bonuses, severance pay, tips, commissions, military retirement pay, etc
  • Claimant forges the weekly work search reports
  • Claimant withholds, forges, or willfully misinforms information about the wages earned during the base period

    Benefits Extension

    The state offers extended unemployment benefits if there is an economic downturn or the unemployment rate is too high. Visit KCC to know more about benefits extension in Kentucky.

    Job Training Assistance

    The state of Kentucky provides ample job training opportunities to improve their skill set for better employment opportunities.

    Some of the training programs include:

    • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act WIOA
    • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
    • Federal Pell Grants

    Discover job training opportunities in KY

    Kentucky unemployment contact information

    If you have questions about your claim for Kentucky UI benefits, or require assistance with filing, you call the unemployment claims center.

    For help with finding a new job, including resume writing help and training programs, visit your local American Jobs Center.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to pay taxes on my benefits?

    Yes, you do have to pay taxes on unemployment benefits. However, you can elect to have the taxes taken out at the time benefits are issued, or pay them later when you file your taxes. If you choose to have taxes withheld, Kentucky will take 4% while the Federal Government will take 10%. Note that this may reduce the size of your WBA.

    Although circumstances will vary from person to person, there is a decent chance that if you collect unemployment benefits the full 26 weeks they’re available, or even for a significant portion thereof, your total income for the year might be such that you will get a tax refund anyway. That said, you might consider opting to pay the taxes later, instead of having them taken from your weekly benefit amount, which will only reduce it anyway.

    What if my claim is denied?

    If your claim for an unemployment insurance benefit is denied, or you disagree with the stated amount of unemployment compensation, you can file a Kentucky unemployment appeal within 30 days. A referee who specializes in reviewing appeals for UI benefits will contact you for a telehearing. You must submit all evidence for the hearing beforehand, and copies to any other parties who will attend, such as a former employer.

    The decision of the referee will be communicated in writing, but if you still disagree, you may contact the UI Commission to review the evidence a second time, by notifying them within 30 days of the referee’s mailed decision. If you still disagree, it is time to take it to the District Court of the county in which you worked before filing for unemployment insurance benefits.

    More Kentucky Benefits

    Kentucky Disability

    If the nature of your unemployment is long-term due to injury or illness, you may be eligible for Kentucky disability benefits. These SSDI payments (Social Security Disability Payments) require recipients to apply and have their disability vetted by the DDS (Department of Disability Services) to determine that it does indeed prevent gainful employment.

    The application process for SSDI has long wait times and many claims require appeals, so it is often a good idea to solicit legal help for your claim. A disability lawyer cannot charge more than 25% of your disability back pay or $6,000 (whichever amount is lower), so hiring legal counsel may well be worth it.

    Kentucky Medicaid

    There is also Kentucky Medicaid for low-income individuals and those who are pregnant, disabled, or taking care of dependents. Whether or not your household can fall into the low-income category is determined by a table of gross wages before taxes. For example, a family of 5 can make no more than $41,284 per year. Thanks to the ACA Medicaid Expansion in Kentucky, low-income people without disabilities, dependents, or a pregnancy might also qualify for Medicaid.

    Questions & Answers

    1. I am 65 years old and receiving social security . I have also been working a part time job until i hit my maximum . This year work has slowed drastically. Can i draw unemployment ?

      • Hi, Bill – Collecting unemployment insurance does not prevent you from receiving Social Security retirement benefits or vice versa. Unemployment benefits do not count as wages under the Social Security Administration’s annual earnings limit. To qualify for unemployment, you’ll need to meet all other eligibility criteria, including showing that you are unemployed through no fault of your own.

    2. i received email and not sure if it is real or scam:

      The following link is provided in connection to your Kentucky Unemployment Insurance claim and requires your immediate action. Please click on the link to access important claim information. Failure to do so may result in delay or denial of benefits. Do not reply to this email. If you are unable to view the document(s) contained in this link, please contact us at 502-564-2900 or

      • Hi, Laima – if you’re unsure about whether the email is legitimate, you may try calling the number listed or sending a separate email to the address provided. Both the telephone number and the email address are legitimately connected with Kentucky Unemployment Benefits, though you are absolutely correct to be cautious about clicking a link if you’re unsure of its source.

    3. Hello- am needing a lien released with the unemployment office and is a $0 balance. I cannot call 502-564-4581 as it hangs up. Can you please give me an email or # to be able to contact someone so I can pay the $5 and get it released?

    4. are unemployment benefits paid a week or two behind after claiming weeks? say for instance you claimed last week of a month Jun but got a payment in the next month July….

      • Hi, Tami – Kentucky does have a one-week waiting period before benefits begin, which would put your payments at least one week behind your claims. For further information about your specific payments, you can reach out to someone in the Kentucky Career Center at (502) 564-2900 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

    5. I have an active claim in ky.never got the first payment . then I got a letter saying that my pin had fell into the wrong they wanted me to make up a new one.what do I do

      • Hi, Jeff – you should definitely reach out to someone with Kentucky unemployment benefits to discuss your next steps. If someone else is using the PIN assigned to you, that could constitute identity theft.

    6. I have qualified for UI and submitted 3 times now for payments and haven’t received a single one. It continues to say my claim is “in fact finding.” I have called every day, even let it ring for 5 hours one day, and no one answers. I have a phone appt in almost two weeks (first available) but I’m not sure what to do until then with no money coming in.

      • Dear Kristi,

        This site has languished and I am just now getting to your question. Can you please respond about whether you ever received benefits?



          • Hi Erin!
            I am currently having this same unfortunate issue. Of course, I can’t get ahold of anyone to answer any questions about how to resolve it. Was there every any resolution for you?

    7. Claim open since March 2021. Approved for 4200 of benefits. Still have yet to get a single payment, what’s the deal? Have been completing the eligibility form every 2 weeks yet nothing. Tons of unanswered emails. Can’t get a call back. What do I do?

      • I was claiming benefits like normal then in May I would request my benefits like always and the check amount was $0 even though I still have$8000 in my account I finally got a appointment for next week

      • Desmond,

        We understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the pendency. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior to the website).

    8. I qualified for unemployment and money is in my account. I have submitted claim since June 26, 2021. No payments have been deposited in my bank account. I finally got a phone appointment. Spoke with a representative and she had to forward my information to a claims associate and said could take up to 4 weeks. It’s been 5 weeks and nothing resolved. I need assistance and the money that has been approved. I’ve tried to schedule an in person appointment and no appointments available at my center. Please help.

      • Tori,

        There will be a delay due to the pendency. Please continue to follow up regularly or consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might need an appointment, please check the official website.

    9. What kind of card do they use now to get your benefits if you don’t have bank account? Is it still Bank of America or has it changed? My brother in law was mailed a card that is supposed to be used for his unemployment but it is a NetSpend they do that?

    10. I work and live in Alabama but the company’s home office is in Kentucky. I was told that I would have to file through Kentucky instead of Alabama, is this true?

      • Michael,

        That is correct. Please consider filing from the state where your employment was based since your employer would have paid taxes into Kentucky.

    11. I called in my 1st unemployment this past Sunday. When will I receive my 1st payment? My waiting week should end today if i’m correct. I will have to call in my 2nd claim tomorrow. Weeks ago I received my debit card and the amount I would be getting each week. Just curious, After the waiting week is over when the will the 1st payment be on the debit card?

      • I have a quick question before I post my story. Does anyone know how to reset our orginal email address Because I can sign in my ss# and my 8 digit pin but since my phone broke and I can no longer access Orginal email so the code they send to that email, so I can get into the portal ,I Ve been stuck
        Does anyone know how to update that?

        • i did the same thing as the previous poster just said, and my first deposit was for 0.00. what can i do? i am frustrated and there is no one help.

        • Hi Jeff. I was just following since I’m new to this. So there is a waiting week? I made my first call this past Wednesday, the 22nd. So I shouldn’t see anything until this Wednesday, the 29th, at the earliest? Thank you!

          • Jamie,

            You should have your payment anytime after the “Waiting Week”. If you don’t see the monies, please follow up/check the status online.

    12. My son was born and lived in Georgia most of his life. About a year ago he started getting notices from Kentucky about unemployment. I think one turned it down but he never has lived or applied for unemployment. The notices has his name and address on it. It seems like someone has his information and trying to commit FRAUD. I know it is not him doing that. I am wondering who we should contact in this situation.

    13. I can’t even sign up it’s telling me I have a password and an eight digit number that I have no idea that I have.

    14. How am I able to verify unemployment, conducting an out of state inquiry for an individual. I have tried every phone number possible.

    15. I moved out of Kentucky May 1, 2021. I filed for unemployment on May 18, and to date my claim is still “under fact finding” and I have yet to receive any sort of payment. I’ve filed my claim requests as instructed, but am having great difficulties surviving without income. Since I now live 2000 miles away, I cannot take a trip to the office to request assistance. I’ve been calling every number every day at least 25 times a day, starting at 8am and continuing periodically throughout the day. The only response I can get is “all of our agents are assisting other callers. please try your call again later. thank you. goodbye.” Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    16. If you retire from one job then get another job only to be put off for a medical reason and can’t return until you get medically cleared which is going to take awhile. Are you eligible for unemployment?

      • I’ve been back to work for 12 months now lay off for 2 weeks filed just fine I’m told I have a over payment of $300. Is this going to hold up my deposit… I need to contact a tear 3 employee for help and get someone on the phone that’s tear 1 and can’t help..

    17. I have claimed two checks now still no payment. I have received a letter saying that I got approved. When I log into to my account its says to claim my check on a certain date. But it will say that my claim is in fact finding. If I got approved and I am requesting my checks shouldnt I be getting a payment I dont understand.

    18. I need a payoff of a notice of recoupment lien filed in Hopkins County.

      Is there anyone to answer the phone? I’ve tried every number on the websites.

      • Sandra,

        The phone lines will perhaps be busy for long. Please see if you can help yourself online (department’s website).

        • Jeff,
          Do you know how to request back pay? I received part of my back pay a few months ago but am still owed. I spoke with someone about 3 weeks ago who said I would need to call back and request my back pay after I requested another payment. (I just recently got my unemployment straightened out again after the new pin requirement and had to request a payment) I requested my payment and it was approved and sent. Now I cannot get through the phone lines and I have tried emailing as well as tried to get a appointment. No luck! Is there another way to request back-pay? Thanks in advance!

    19. -Please contact me I have been trying to get my unemployment since 2-9-21. I filed a claim and it said processing and got all information needed but when it came time to request my check it said the claim had expired. I have done this 4 times each time getting another reference number to show I have filed the claim and it still keeps kicking back and says the claim had expired. I got a letter in the mail saying I was getting the unemployment and what i would be getting but can’t never request it. I can’t get ahold of the unemployment office since the release Beshear stating you can get an appointment to go into the office it never has availability. I never received my 8 digit pin number in the mail and called the number to get help and it just says to enter the pin number to get help. I need my unemployment all my bills behind.

    20. Filed May 14,2020. Still in wait Q. Have not worked. Was working part time. Drawing SS. Need help with this, please!

    21. Whats it going to take to get unemployment to answer the phone. I started my claim back Oct4th,2020. Their was for of us at my work. My work sent all the paperwork in. The crazy thing is they actually have been paying 1 out of the 4 of us, but us other 3 cant get any answers or replys out of them. It would be nice to get some help. Both my water and electricity is over 1000$ each.

    22. How do I speak to a person at the UI Ky office??? I have been on their call waiting list for over 8 months!!!!!!!????? Why??? I constantly call them. They do call with a recording apologizing for the delay. Never a real person though. Is there a secret telephone number I can use?? I am a Vet and they helped me to get my unemployment checks but I have not received the Stimulus increased payment from July 26thto September 5th

    23. I filed my claim 08/30/2020. I’ve not received a cent. I lost my federal job due to illness. I have proof. Also lost my self employment. I need help! How come I worked for the dept of defense and I can’t get help?
      606-240-7668 ,David Strunk ,Bell Co Ky.

    24. I look on my UI benefits payments say $0.00 what do I do to start getting payments Also they have my previous last name not my current one on the account.ive tryin calling & emailing but can’t get in touch with anyone

    25. Does anyone know if you downloading your 1099 G what the protected password would be to download it so you can file taxes?

    26. Ms. Wash. I am having problems with my unemployment claims I have been in a queue since September. I am told to file my claim for benefits but then it tells me that I am under investigation. It is hard to contact anyone since I don’t have the internet. I have to find someone to let me use their or the library if it is open. Due to COVID I am careful where I go and who I am around due COVID. I know that the system is overwhelmed and the claims are numerous I would just like for some answers to my claim.

    27. I cannot request my bi-weekly checks because it says I have an eligibility review. I have repeatedly followed instructions but do cannot reach the page after accessing my claim I originally filed. The page does not exist that is displayed in the example. Where do I fill out an online eligibility review on a preexisting claim?

      • i havent been able to request my payments since jan11th that was my last day i recieved payment 2021 i was told to refile because my benfit year had expired and i did and i got a new letter stating how much i would get but no payment on the website it showed a new balance and told me to requesr payments but it wont update and 4 days ago it went back to my old account so i tried to refile again and now it says they are diffulcties with my claim and still cant request payment or refile or change payment method nothing does anyone know what that means that they ate diffuclties with my claim and does anyone know what i need to do its says to contact them but ok really that just isnt going to happen before the deadline of march 13th to file new claim can someone plz help me with this thank you

    28. Seems the unemployment phone wait que and the voice mail call back does not work or there are too many messages? Could someone reach out to me today regarding my situation about non-payment can be resolved been waiting for weeks. Also tried to call in prior to 0700 and on time without success of reaching alive person. Very frustrating given our current situation.

      Plus all the 2020 unemployment physical appointments are booked out until 2021 so even if I could get to Frankfort I could not see someone to resolve this situation. A true Catch-22 situation.

    29. i filed my claim on 08/28/2020 and requested my check on 09/13/2020. i have not gotten any money yet. System tell me im under investigation. I have upload all my information 4 weeks ago. still no money. I have lost my car insurance. Cant make any payments, because of UI has a system that seems to fail the people. The phone system is a joke, i been in the que for 4 weeks with no call back, this same issue a few months back and it took two months for anything to be done. Im about to loss everything. People of Ky need help,

    30. Hi I received my eligibility letter. I called in my check and answered a question wrong now my account says under investigation. I haven’t got a denial letter so I’m assuming that’s why it’s under investigation. The call in number option 2 says I have been credited but no check has been deposited? I have tried and tried to get thru to help line it keeps putting me in cue and hanging up

    31. When I requested my unemployment payment each two weeks I failed to ever check that my job has been impacted by COVID-19 when it really has at least partially. How do I change this so that I may receive the $400 fema lost wages?

    32. anyone no who i would have to contact for fraud someone went into my claim and started another which stop the one i had going which means i have a waiting period i cannot afford that i live in ky i dont no why they would do that any suggestions

    33. I received a letter stating how much I was going to receive each month , but I have not gotten a check to go in the bank for three weeks . What do I need to do?

    34. I am an employer: We’re struggling to get people to come back to work while they’re getting the $600/week from the Feds. I’m wondering if KY allows people to work reduced hours and still be eligible for a lower level of unemployment pay from the state – but still eligible for the full $600 from the Feds.

    35. What box do you check when filing a claim and need to report severance pay but not listed as an option in drop down list

    36. Can i claim unemployment benefits cause I have three kids    i want take care of them even my company is not shut down,

    37. I have questions because I work freelance… I can’t get any answers whatsoever because no one will answer the phone or it’s busy for weeks! Very “professional” system KY has set up.

          • Sam,
            several friends of mine are getting zero benefits. they have money in the account and everything is going through ok but in the account history it shows zero dollars have been paid out. any help you could give would be appreciated. thanks

      • I filed a claim for unemployment on April 12 … And I still haven’t heard or received anything…it’s says under investigation…I need help or something…to get this issued solved…

        • Shaun,

          There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

        • I waited 6 hour to file my claim when they finally got through they hung up on me please help me !!!! M

        • I only got l check and I been waiting for 4 weeks now for another 1 done call in twice for underployment ant got anything and they still didn’t pay me for one week at first before I got my first check

    38. My office is being shut down due to the Corona Virus. Will I be eligible for unemployment while they are shut down ?

      • We are sorry to hear about your difficulties. There is a huge shortage of staff across all unemployment offices due to a massive surge in UI applications. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response. Your state has activated the ‘emergency funding’ program authorized by the federal government. We recommend you to apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official website.

    39. The company I work for is shutting down the week of 3/23/20 due to covid19. I get paid weekly will also receive a bonus check on day 3/27/20. They are telling we have to claim the bonus check which is payment from previous year profits. Question is do have have to claim it since it paid same time as previous week?

    40. Are they paying out unemployment benefits on a debit card now? Is this something new they came up with. I helped my nephew fill out his yesterday and didn’t see the new user because I was sitting off to the side but it only gave him two options after we got into it asking for bank info or debit card. Will they send him a debit card or will he need to open a checking account and re-enter form of payment. He is a chef for national hotel and as we all know they were all laid off because of the COVID-19 and I just don’t want his claim to be denied or his payments received late. Can anyone help with this question??

    41. I’m having trouble finding out if I can draw unemployment,can someone please help,I’ve log on the site but I’m getting no where

        • Sam I drew ui the year of 2020 due to covid,I went to work February 22 2021, worked until middle of April, I was standing on my feet for long hour and my legs swelled really bad. I was driving over 70 miles every day, they kept changing my hours of work until I was unable to work the shifts they gave me. So I called my employer and told them I quit. I got another job in July 14 2021 I worked 5.75 hours and my legs hurt so bad. I have blockages in both legs and need surgery. But when my surgery is over and ive recoup I plan on going back to work if at all possible. Plan on going to Vic Rehap to see if they can find me something for people with a disability. But in the mean time is there any way I can draw a hardship unemployment. I revived 2 letters from employment office stating I had 11,000 that could draw off of if eligible. They scheduled me an appointment for in person ui. Then canceled it and I don’t know why. Could some one please tell me something one way or another. Thank You and please

          • Dorothy,

            Please follow up with the Unemployment Office to find out the reason. If they deny, you can always ask for an adjudicator.

      • My company shut down at Christmas for 2 weeks I was told I could get unemployment for those weeks So I filed and got approved I was told what days to call in and make my claim So I did so Now the automated system is saying I got credit but no check was issued Why not?

        • Hi I filed on 6/5/2020 and still haven’t received a payment. I got a letter in the mail showing all my wages also

    42. I have been receiving my biweekly benifit for 10 weeks and I have maintained compliance, however 4 weeks ago my benifit ceased without notice, I was informed that my claim had expired however I had only drawn for 10 weeks.

    43. There is nowhere to list severance pay when I am filing for biweekly benefits There are several income options but nothing saying severance or resembling severance. How do I report it?
      I keep seeing on the internet that KENTUCKY doesn’t count severance against your UEI

    44. I have been let go from my present job. I am receiving a severance package from my employer for 24 weeks paid out biweekly. There is a portion of of my voluntary release and separation agreement that says I will not file or initiate any other complaints claims or charges. In the kentucky of kentucky is an employer permitted to negate a separation agreement for severance if you file unemployment benefits?

        • Good morning, for more than two months I have been claiming unemployment and they have not deposited anything for me yet, I need the money I cannot work for the covid 19, I have a two-month-old baby and I have no one to take care of him, I have no entry of money and I can no longer pay my bills. Please review my case. Thank you.

          • Tania,

            This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      • I filed for unemployment the PUA its been 10 weeks with no call or money…my phone number was being changed by someone other than me…the system has made me refile/claim still no call ..please help…

      • I received 6 weeks severance paid out in regular bi weekly payroll payments. I qualified for unemployment before my severance expires. So I would at least try. Just be honest with your answers.

        • Your comment said “Please wait until the severance payout ends. You can apply towards the end of it.” What if it is a 1 time pay out that is equal to 6 weeks pay. When are you allowed to apply for benefits?

          • Michelle,

            If the payout is a lump sum and there are no further payments in the pipeline, please go ahead and consider applying for UI benefits.

    45. After receiving 26 weeks of unemployment, I believe you can file an additional claim if you still have not found a full time job, right? If you are able to find contract or prn work, would you be ineligible to restart unemployment through an additional claim?

      • Krista,

        As much as I am aware, this situation does not help much. Please call the Unemployment Office for help.

    46. I work as a teacher aid and I am off on summers. I also work for a Medicaid home and community-based waiver program, which is excludable income (irs notice 2014-7 § 131.) so in summer I collect when I am off from the teacher aid job. Kentucky unemployment is trying to say it is fraud that I didn’t turn in the income from the waiver program. but, the Irs states that I do not turn in those wages. Any thoughts on my situation?? Thanks, Misty

      • Misty,
        Income from Medicaid Programs such as Michelle P. Waiver via the Consumer Directed Option is tax-exempt. That said, it’s something NOT widely known and specifics are often confusing among those who are aware. For example, I believe the tax exemption is only applicable for those residing in the same home or even parents…..which conversely efforts are being made to prevent.
        Unless you get a diligent and well-informed staff person, your best route would be getting clarification from Revenue (KY) or the IRS.
        Good Luck….

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