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Updated : July 10th, 2018

State: Kentucky (KY)
Phone Number:(877)369-5984. You can file a claim by calling (502) 875-0442.
Major Towns:Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Owensboro, Covington, Hopkinsville, Richmond, Florence and Georgetown
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Kentucky

Kentucky Unemployment Questions

Reasons You Might Be Ineligible For Unemployment

You may be an insured worker and still be ineligible or disqualified for benefits. Some of the common reasons you may be ineligible or disqualified are:

-- You are not able to work, are not available for full-time work or not actively seeking full-time work.
-- You have a medical reason to prevent you from accepting work.
-- You are an alien not permitted to work.
-- You have unreasonably limited the wages you will accept, the hours or days you will work, the locations where you will work or the jobs you will accept.
-- You are not looking for work as instructed.
-- You did not register for work with Office of Employment and Training, if required.
-- You are involved in a strike.
-- You are self-employed or the owner of your business (sole proprietor, partner, or Corporate officer).
-- You are attending school (without prior approval of the Office of Employment and Training)
-- You are a school employee between terms.
-- You are suspended for misconduct.
-- You refused suitable work.
-- You do not have adequate transportation.
-- You don’t have someone to care for your children while you work.
-- You were terminated for misconduct.
-- You quit your job for personal reasons or for reasons that were not considered “good cause” connected with the employment.
-- You did not report, telephone, or provide information to the local office when instructed.
-- You worked or earned wages in excess of the amount allowed to be considered “unemployed.”
-- You failed to participate in required services under the Kentucky Employment Network (KEN) Program.

NOTE: This is only a partial list of reasons you may be disqualified or ineligible.

Combining Wage Claims If You Work At Multiple States

If you worked in another state during the base period, you must file a combined wage or interstate claim. If you need help, ask your local office for assistance if you are filing a combined wage claim or interstate claim.

Federal Military And Civilian Employment Questions

If you served in the federal armed forces during your base period, wages earned during such service may be used in determining your eligibility for and the amount of your benefits. In addition to all regular eligibility and qualifying requirements, to be eligible to receive unemployment benefits based on military wages, you must have been discharged or released from military service under honorable conditions after completing your first full term of active service. You may be eligible for benefits if you were separated prior to completion of your first full term of service, but only if the reason for early separation is one approved by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Federal Civilian Wages - Common Questions

If you worked for the federal government in a non-military position, this service and all wages earned during your base period will be used to establish your benefit eligibility. Wages earned after your base period may be used in a subsequent claim if you are otherwise eligible. If you request a reconsideration, you must notify your local office within the time period for appeals noted on your determination explaining your benefit eligibility.

What if I become unemployed again?

If you become employed after filing your claim and are then subsequently separated from your employment (layoff, job ended, discharge, voluntary quit, etc.), you must file either an additional claim (if your new period of unemployment is within your original benefit year) or a new claim (if later) in order to re-qualify for UI benefits. You cannot simply resume claiming your weeks under your previous claim. Additional claims can be filed the same way (Internet or toll-free telephone) as a new claim.

Questions & Answers

      1. Your comment said “Please wait until the severance payout ends. You can apply towards the end of it.” What if it is a 1 time pay out that is equal to 6 weeks pay. When are you allowed to apply for benefits?

        1. Michelle,

          If the payout is a lump sum and there are no further payments in the pipeline, please go ahead and consider applying for UI benefits.

    1. I received 6 weeks severance paid out in regular bi weekly payroll payments. I qualified for unemployment before my severance expires. So I would at least try. Just be honest with your answers.

  1. After receiving 26 weeks of unemployment, I believe you can file an additional claim if you still have not found a full time job, right? If you are able to find contract or prn work, would you be ineligible to restart unemployment through an additional claim?

  2. I work as a teacher aid and I am off on summers. I also work for a Medicaid home and community-based waiver program, which is excludable income (irs notice 2014-7 § 131.) so in summer I collect when I am off from the teacher aid job. Kentucky unemployment is trying to say it is fraud that I didn’t turn in the income from the waiver program. but, the Irs states that I do not turn in those wages. Any thoughts on my situation?? Thanks, Misty

  3. I have filed for unemployment for ky. my job closed down this month but they are doing a base period from jan 1st 2018 to dec 2018. since i didnt start work there untill march my income for last year isnt what i actually been making. i have made almost the same amount this year since jan than i did all year last year. so my question is “how can i file for an exception to base my unemployment for the last 12 months of work rather than the 12 months of last year?

    1. Amanda,

      The alternate base period you’re probably talking about is only applicable in cases where there is not enough earning during the actual base period. Please call the Unemployment Office for more.

  4. Hello,

    I have a question regarding meeting the qualifications for drawing unemployment. I am currently working as a maintenance coordinator. I am on salary, and I work from 8am to 5pm. I was approached by my boss yesterday, and he told me that I will have to start working from 7am to 4pm. This is not what I agreed to. I took an 8-5 job, because that is what works for me. I am a single parent, and I do not have anyone to watch my son in the mornings. I told my boss that I cannot work from 7-4, and he told me that I will have to. My question is, since they changed the times to something that does not work for me, and if they fire me because of this, would I be eligible for unemployment?

    1. Chris,

      This is a tricky situation. Your eligibility depends on thorough scrutiny. Before making a decision on your employment, please call the Unemployment Office.

  5. I filed in February everything was approved and even got the breakdown for payments but still haven’t received any payments

    1. Geoffrey,

      Please chase the Claims Center for an update on payment status. Make sure to chase at regular intervals until payments normalise.

  6. My company is shutting down, I was just curious, my 6th month mark being employed with them is 5 days before we’re being laid off, will I be eligible for unployment

    1. Ash,

      To claim UI benefits, employment/earnings from the last 4-5 calendar quarters is considered. Please use the “Base Period” calculator.

    2. Hello.
      My appeal telephone hearing was this morning. The employer failed to phone in for participation.
      Is it likely that the decision will be in my favor without their participation?

    1. Michaela,

      Any type of income will have a bearing. Please call the Unemployment Office to report the withdrawal and to learn its impact on your weekly claim amount.

  7. What do I do if someone i know is abusing their unemployment? They have a full time and part time job. They are paid under the table, so they can continue collecting benefits.

  8. I am currently receiving UI benefits after retiring from the military. I have yet to receive any of my retirement or VA payments so answering the certification questions have been easy. Soon I will start receiving both. When I do, how do I answer the question about increases to an annuity or retirement. I presume I need to say yes to the retirement question and enter the amount received. What category is VA compensation? It is not an annuity nor a retirement.

    1. Chris,

      To get precise answers to all your questions regarding the additional payments, please speak to a member of the Claims Center. You may call them on the telephone line.

  9. I worked in Illinois for 6 weeks and left that job to work in Kentucky for 2018. Can I claim in Illinois or Kentucky, I live in Illinois and I am back home waiting on work.

  10. In the past I had been receiving my UI check but I made the mistake of forgetting to file a few times and I still haven’t received anything for quite a while now, I’m trying to get a hold of someone in the office but every time I get someone on the line it drops the call or the lines are busy. I have been calling 502-564-2900, is there another number that I could call?

    1. Ricky,

      If you can prove that you got fired due to involuntary reasons in case of a dispute, please consider applying until you find employment.

  11. My position is being eliminated due to headcount reduction. I will receive a severance package but have not been told what it will be. How will this effect applying for unemployment benefits?

    1. I went thru the basically the same thing, the severance package did not affect my unemployment. go ahead and file your claim immediately upon being laid off and report the severance package as severance pay . it will not affect your claim.

    1. Donald,

      You should be able to receive Unemployment Compensation without any hassles. Please call the Claims Center for details.

  12. I will be laid off for 6 weeks due to retooling at the Louisville Assembly plant. the dates will be June 18- Aug 7th , 2018. When can I apply for benefits? I also received benefits when they shutdown during christmas

    1. Marlene,

      Temporary off from work does not generally qualify. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

    2. Marlene:
      I do believe you CAN apply for unemployment when temporarily laid off. As long as you are able to work while being laid off, you did look for work and you have the funds in your UI to cover it.

  13. Hello and thank you for the opportunity to communicate. My last day of employment was April 18, 2018. Later I spoke to a representative at the unemployment office and she said she would follow up with me. I called back and was told they needed 10 weeks of employment from my previous employer and to fax it to 502-564-0065 with the contact person Ginny @ 1:21 today 5-14-2018. I faxed 19 pgs. and tried to call back to the 502-564-2900 and the line was busy most of the afternoon.Just wanted to make sure they received them all on their side and follow up with them.

    1. Lynne,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claims file. Please contact the Claims Center on the official phone numbers.

  14. When I try to log on to film a claim it says my pin is wrong. When I click forgot password, it says I’m not in the system. When I try to register as a new user it says I’m already in the system. The page that you point people to that you say allows you to reset your pin doesn’t give you that option!

    1. Jodi,

      Please call the Claims Center and look up for PIN reset option. If required, speak to a representative for further instructions.

  15. My daughter has been trying to file a claim for about 3 weeks now and keeps hitting a brick wall. The system says she has a pin number, but she doesn’t. When she calls, no one answers the phone. PLEASE HELP! She is in need of this unemployment insurance money. She needs someone to reset her pin number that she doesn’t have and see if someone is using her social.

    Thank you!

  16. I found out my department is being laid off 3/31. The way I’m understanding it, the base period would be 1/01/17 to 12/31/17. Issue is I was on unpaid maternity leave for 7 weeks during this time and it will affect my eligible amount. It was during my last quarter. Is there anything that can be done about this? I have worked with no gaps between jobs for 14 years.

  17. I am doing my student teaching this spring semester in order to graduate in May with my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I anticipate having a teaching position in July once I have my degree and apply for local schools. However, my current employer does not offer any suitable part time hours to accommodate my 7am-3:30pm school schedule. I have used all of my vacation hours to extent my employment, however I still have an excessive amount of absenteeism due to my obligations through my university. I am expected to be fired due to this attendance issue. Do I qualify for unemployment for the few months until my May graduation?

  18. I was given a date my position is being done away with after 16 years due to restructuring. If I apply for jobs within company and am offered one paying lower wages and don’t accept will that effect eligibility for unemployment?

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