Kentucky Unemployment Eligibility

Updated : June 19th, 2019

To qualify for unemployment in Kentucky, applicants must meet the state’s eligibility requirements.

Non-Monetary Eligibility

  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • You must be willing, physically able to work and be actively seeking employment
  • You must register for work when you file your claim
  • You must not be fired for misconduct or resign without an acceptable reason
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen or a resident alien authorized to work in the U.S.

Those who are employed on a part-time basis but desire full-time employment may also be qualified to receive unemployment benefits if they meet income requirements as determined by the state of Kentucky.

Monetary Eligibility

Another requirement for Kentucky unemployment benefits is the salary you made as an employee during your base period. Your base period is the first four of the past five calendar quarters before your application date. To collect unemployment,

Eligibility Questions

Can I draw UI if I am fired?

Assuming you have sufficient wage credits to establish a claim, you may be qualified to receive benefits if you were discharged for reasons other than misconduct or dishonesty in connection with the work and there are no other eligibility issues present.

Those fired due to excessive absences, insubordination or tardiness are considered to have engaged in misconduct and are ineligible for benefits.

How can a person draw UI from me when they were fired from another employer?

If you are the most recent ten (10) week employer on the claim and the worker left your employment under non-disqualifying conditions or you failed to file a timely protest to the initial claim for benefits, then you may be charged for the benefits.

Can a person draw UI if they quit?

Assuming the claimant has sufficient wage credits to establish a claim, he or she may be qualified to receive benefits if they voluntarily left their employment with good cause attributable to the employment and there are no other eligibility issues present.

In Kentucky, if you quit your job, you must have done so for just cause. When you apply to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (OET), it will verify that you quit your job and request information proving the situation falls under the just cause requirement.

What happens if I am laid off?

In a tough economic climate, many employers have to make tough choices about their staff, including who is necessary to the company and who to let go. If laid off from a Kentucky state employer, you can collect unemployment benefits from the state’s Department of Labor. However, if there is any question as to whether you were laid off or fired, you may have to show proof of the reason for your job separation.

If I fire an employee for absenteeism is he or she eligible for UI benefits?

If an employee’s absences amount to misconduct connected with the work, they will be disqualified. Generally, good cause for missing work is not misconduct. Simple numbers of days or percentages of lost time cannot show a worker is guilty of misconduct.

Am I eligible for Worker’s Compensation?

If you missed at least seven weeks of earnings due to injury in any quarter during your base period and were eligible for Workers’ Compensation (whether or not you drew it), you may be able to use wages earned before your injury to qualify for unemployment benefits. To qualify, you must file your claim within the first four weeks that you are unemployed following the period covered by Workers’ Compensation. Contact your nearest Unemployment Insurance office for more information.

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  1. My employer filed a Performance Improvement Plan based on false allegations. I was able to prove them false with documentation and the company revised the complaints. I was again able to prove the revised complaints false using documentation too, but the employer is still somehow moving forward with the PIP despite filing it twice with false allegations and having to retract them.

    Additionally, the employer has made vague accusations about inappropriate behavior, but has produced no examples of it, or documentation to speak to it when asked. I consider this fraudulent, as twice the company has presented false allegations and not done their due diligence in researching the accusations. I feel this may also be defamatory. I do not feel safe in returning to work with people who were willing to falsify documents against me, and an HR dept that allowed it to happen. If I quit, will I be eligible for UI, since the employer is acting upon known false accusations?

    1. Chris,

      Firstly, please tread carefully. Before deciding to resign, please gather supporting documents (in case of a dispute after you file) and call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

    1. William,

      Unemployment Insurance benefits are only extended to claimants who’re on the payrolls of a company. Please check with your employer if they pay Unemployment Taxes into the system and file accordingly.

    1. Your new found employment will have an effect. Please call the Claims Center and let them know about your part-time employment.

  2. If I am collecting UI for a full time salary laid off, could I still accept part-time job and collect UI while searching for full time?

  3. What if you are working part time for a church and receive a W2 from that job. Would you still be able to draw UI benefits from you main job when business closes. (Unemployment benefits are available)

    1. It is not the church that would be provide unemployment benefits but a public sector job. Just wondering how the pay received from the church would affect the unemployment benefits since the church is tax exempt.

  4. I’m working part time and my vehicle broke down and don’t have the money to get it fixed and have no way to get to work. Am I eligble for unemployment if fired?

  5. Is a hostile work environment considered a just cause? I am considering quitting my job due to an individual who shows aggression towards me. He has even “play threatened” me by showing me his knife and opening up the blade.

    1. Katherine,

      Yes, it is a just caused. Please be safe and if you’re quitting, make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute (after you apply for UI).

  6. I have a full time salaried job and a part time W-2 income job that pays me by the hour. Can I collect unemployment if the part time job ends due to no fault of my own. Thanks

  7. I’ve been constantly harassed at my job by a new boss on my shift, and nothing’s been done to fix it (by my employer). If I quit because of that, would I be eligible for unemployment?

    1. Chad,

      Depends on the level of harassment. Before you make a decision, call the Unemployment Office in your state to discuss.

  8. Was fird after i was tod that my absence was excused by the phoneline we call to miss, a week latr hr fired me. Said it didnt matter what the erc said, i was negative upt,

  9. I lost my job back in March 2017 for medical reasons. I have been actively putting in applications to work places and have not received any call backs. I’ve filled out multiple times for jobs as well. I’ve been homeless since June 2017 due to not having a job and unable to find employment. Am I eligible for unemployment insurance?

    1. Shelby,

      I can understand your situation. Unfortunately, UI benefits are only extended to those who lose their job due to “involuntary” reasons. Please call the Unemployment Office for further discussion.

  10. If I have worked a part time job on top of my primary full time job and I loose my primary job due to no fault will I still be eligible for Unemployment benefits?

    1. Jay,

      You should be. Please make sure to confirm with the Unemployment Office in your state before applying. Let me know about your part-time income.

  11. I was let go because i missed work due to a on the job injury. The doc said I could do sit down work only but i couldn’t even walk or drive. Because of this they pointed me out and gave me points from months back of when i missed work. Will i get benifits?

  12. I have been working as a therapist for the last 4 months but was fired because a background check. There was an allegation of risk of harm through DCBS this spring. I started at my current job in July and the claim had not been substantiated. The claim was substantiated after I started this job. I was fired because of the substantiated claim. Am I eligible for unemployment?

    1. Joshua,

      You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

    1. Lisa,

      Please use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website. You may also call the Unemployment Office to find out about your eligibility.

    2. Hi,
      I was recently fired. My employer stated due to performance issues. Which I dispute. I was hired for a different role and 12 months later made to do different work with little training. I was not made aware they had issues with my performance and suddenly they claimed I wasn’t doing my job and other staff have picked up my slack and cost the company significant financial strain! They made up several lies about my work. Can I apply for unemployment and fight my ex employer?

      1. Mary,

        You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons. If you think it was not your fault, you can file an appeal if denied.

  13. I was let go because employer felt someone else would close month faster. I worked extra hours and tried my best to meet the new demands

    1. Tammy,

      Unfortunately, personal reasons are not considered. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  14. If you are a college student enrolled doing online classes and working 40 hours a week- once laid off are unemployment benefits available? I have been told that because of being enrolled at local university that benefits are not available. Is there any truth if student is available to work anytime?
    Thank you

    1. Sarah,

      If you’re going to seek full-time employment in the future, I am guessing you should be able to claim UI benefits. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

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