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Kentucky Unemployment Extension

The Budget Control Act of 2011 wants across-the-board budget reductions to many federal programs, including the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. These reductions are generally known as “sequestration.” This means that payments of EUC for weeks that begin on or after March 31, 2013, must be reduced by 10.7 percent for each week of unemployment through September 2013.

You will be sent a revised EUC monetary determination providing you with the new remaining entitlement and new weekly benefit amount for your EUC claim. You will be notified if there are subsequent changes affecting your EUC entitlement.

The President has signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 that includes the EUC extension. The legislation authorizes up to 37 weeks of EUC benefits for individuals who have exhausted their regular benefits (which last up to 26 weeks). The new law did not increase or decrease the number of weeks available. If you had not received all of your EUC benefits before Dec. 29, 2012, then you may continue to claim EUC until you run out. If you run out of regular benefits after Dec. 29, 2012, and you still meet eligibility requirements, you may apply for and claim EUC benefits. If you have already received all of the EUC benefits for which you were eligible, the new legislation does not grant you additional weeks of benefits.

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  1. connie taylor says:

    Why can’t I get a straight answer on getting a status on an appeal I filed Oct 30, 2013 for ui extended benefits in my.

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    how to apply

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    food stamps request

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