Kentucky Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Kentucky unemployment benefits are only for those who are unemployed but actively seeking work. You are required to look for work the entire time you collect benefits without limiting your search to one source. Keep accurate records of your job search. The OET (Office of Employment and Training) performs random audits of unemployment accounts and may ask you present your job search records as proof of your search. If you cannot provide details of your job search, the OET can deny your benefits.

  1. My boss had to lay three of us off for a few weeks while he waits on the supply chain to catch up and we can go back to work. But he told us “2-4 Weeks” and couldn’t give us a definitive recall date since it depends on the supply chain. When I file a claim, since there isn’t a definitive recall as of yet, do I need to apply as a “No Recall” even though there is the expectation I will return to work there sometime in the next month?

    • Hi, Phil – Go ahead and follow the process for an employee expecting to be recalled. Your employer may be asked to confirm/certify that they plan to recall you to work within 12 weeks of your layoff.

  2. I just got laid off but I have a definite return date 12 weeks from that date to return to my job. May I leave town for time with family while collecting unemployment benefits?

    • Mary,

      I suggest you follow the normal process and consider applying. The questionnaire will help in the determination.

    • Contract workers cannot generally claim since employers don’t pay unemployment taxes into the system. Please check with your employer if they did.

  3. I just got laid off but I have a definite return date 3 weeks from now to return to my job do I have to do the job search since I am going back to my job

    • Cody,

      It looks like a seasonal job. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to ascertain eligibility.

  4. I was given a date to follow up at the unemployment office but have misplaced it. Will I be notified by email when to show up?

    • Debbie,

      You should receive both email and letter by mail. To be on a safer side, please call the Claims Center for clarification.

  5. I already have a account for the job search but it was like 10 years ago when i set it up i cannot set up a new account because of my ssn. What do i do.

  6. I am currently serving overseas in Japan, but will be separating soon and heading back to Kentucky. How do I find what kind of benefits I will be able to receive?

    • Please call the Unemployment Office to understand further about benefits available for you, in your state.

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