Kentucky Unemployment Job Training

Decide what type of training best meets your needs.

  1. Explore occupations through the Occupational Explorer online at
  2. Access information on Kentucky schools and programs at
  3. Visit   for education, employment and economic development information.  Create a resume while you visit the site to ensure you are notified of job opportunities.
  4. Contact a Workforce Investment Act (WIA) career counselor at your local One-Stop Career Center for information on the Dislocated Worker Program.  To find the nearest One-Stop Career Center, link to   or call 1-877-US2-JOBS.
  5. Finally, before enrolling in a training institution, notify an unemployment insurance representative in the One-Stop Career Center to ensure that you can continue to receive unemployment benefits while enrolled in the program you have chosen.  Not every training program excuses you from the requirement that you are “seeking and available for work” in order to receive unemployment benefits.

Kentucky One-Stop Career Centers are intended to give job seekers and employers quick and easy access to necessary services. These services can now be found in one, convenient location. Centers are publicly funded and located throughout the state.

Comprehensive (full-service) Center Features:

  • Find a job – check local, state and national jobs through the internet and other sources
  • Computers, fax machines, and telephones for use in job related activities
  • List your job openings (employers)
  • Workforce Investment Act
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services / Services for the Blind
  • Adult Education/GED
  • Skills upgrade and educational opportunities
  • Training
  • Specialized assessments and tests for job seekers and employers
  • Career planning
  • Resume and Interviewing
  • Locating qualified job applicants for employers
  • Funding for on-the-job training and customized training
  • Space for job interviews, and in some cases, interviews via video conferencing
  • WARN and Rapid Response services
  • Specially trained Business Representatives available in some areas
  • Connections to other state, community and government services

  1. Need information about unemployed health insurance and what is the requirement on looking for jobs while on unemployment in Kentucky and can I work part time along with the unemployment?

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